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Understanding Self and Other's Reflection

University: Regent College London

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  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: TOP8013
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Question :

This assessment will provide the following questions:

  • Discuss the four skill attributes that you have learned from this module.
  • Explain why you should have this skill or attribute.
  • Discuss the contradictions related to this skill or attribute. 
Answer :


Understanding self and others is the main procedure which generally pointed the required skills of an individual which can be used in specific work area. The report has described different skills and abilities which are are addressed where I required to make improvement in their work so that I can manage and maintain all task. It will help in dealing with different condition. With the usage of different concepts, a person can create and develop self confidence and awareness in proper way (Armstrong, 2012). The main motive of this assignment is to describing the reflective journals which are mainly highlighted that is useful for enhancing knowledge among individual. Apart from this, it acts as the critical technique and methods in order to increasing skills and attitudes of individual behaviours. Along with this, SWOT analysis can be used for examining and analysing correct strength and weakness.

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Reflection on Team working skill

What is the core skill to develop?

As per the view of Bureau, (2013) Team working is all about able to operate smoothly and properly working with others smoothly and efficiently. In general it is the work done by two or more people with different skills and abilities by sharing knowledge and experience to achieve desired outcomes. I need to develop team working skills which help in building strong relations and effectively coordinate work for attaining goals and objectives in a proper manner.

Why is this core skill important?

Team working is very important for maintaining effective coordination and relation with other employees. It helps in proper distribution of work within team and help to attain desired goals. It also increases mutual understanding between the team members which is very essential for achieving desired goals of organisation. Within team all group members work together and helps in effective coordination and cooperation in prescribed manner.

Reflect on your current competence regarding this skill

Leaders have team working skills which helps followers or employees to deal with different type of individuals at workplace (Butler, G. and Hope, T. 2007). Team working skills helps individuals to gain knowledge of working and increases motivation for achieving desired goals and objectives within organisation. In context to team working skills I consider my self as a beginner. There are different test which helps me to identify abilities in the team which are likely to be leader. The outcomes or the results help me to properly determine my team work education within the workplace. I was challenged for increasing the target but couldn't lead to effective productivity.

As a team member my main motive is to set desired goals and conduct suitable task in appropriate manner to achieve goals.

  • Belbins test- For managing effective team, it is best test done by the company to which analyses the strength and weak point of each staff member.
  • Personality test- This test helps to maintain proper balance between all the team members and identify their behaviour towards work of every employee.
  • Johari window adjectives- Individuals habits, skills abilities and capability are helpful within the team working and can easily get desired goals and targets.
  • Feedback on presentation- The team working skill is used for analysing and examining the actual targets which they need to set after completion of all target members require taking effective response or feedback.

Can you identify any contradiction from your above analysis?

I have great attitude and am continuously help the team members to make them less diplomatic by this they can go higher. Leader are those people who are responsible for motivating and encouraging individuals or group members for achieving desired targets (Daft and Lane, 2007). They also focus on increasing skills and attributes for better functioning of each task. I can also use management attitude which assist in achieving desired targets. By doing this work, they can easily usage of advance technology and done innovation activities which help in achieving targets at work place.

How might this skill help me in the future?

Team working skill is useful for me in future time period so I can easily reaching with desired goals and objectives of an organisation. Such skill will demonstrate the internal quality of me due to this I can perform effective work along with team members in better manner by formulating mutual understanding between each other. With the assistance of this skill, I can perform work together with different members of groups in better manner. The skill of team working assist in work together and move towards right directions to their subordinates through which they can easily reach with target aim and objectives of an organisation.

Reflection on Public speaking skill

What is the core skills to develop?

As per the view of Sosik and Cameron, (2010) it refers to process of performing good speech or communicate information in front of live audiences. It is generally done before a large audience such as school, workplace, college and even in personal lives. I want to develop my public speaking skills because that is essential to present thoughts in front of anyone and to understand every functions in effective ways.

Why is this core skills important?

For each and every individual public speaking skills is important because it help in enhancing confidence of person to speak among large audience. All people said that if an individual speak properly in public then it will easily deal with any type of person and if a person listen effectively they will remove all barriers and errors which is faced by him. Public speaking helps a persons to be confident and behave effectively while taking to any another person in an organization. It is one of the most effective technique to develop understanding between a person and large audience. Public speaking also help individual to transferring correct information and message from one person to another in appropriate manner.

Reflect on your current competent regarding this skills?

This skill of a person help in evaluating the behaviour of an individual and analysis confidence level of people on large number. When a person speak in front of large audience then he/she will try to communicate in appropriate manner by using words which is understand by audience. By taking accounting of my capabilities and abilities for public speaking I found myself as a beginner. Through different analysis of doing public speaking quiz I got 7 points and on the basis of Johari windows test I am quiet, tender and anxious person, on this basis I am not a public speaker. One time during the presentation I feel nervous and turned away from audience. I am very hesitate type of person and my pace for taking is also very slow that made less time to deliver the presentation.

  • Belbins test:- On the basis of this test public speaking skills is a function in effective manner within an organisation. This test is conduct when company identify strength and weakness of a person.
  • Personality test:- This use to select the person whose behaviour is good towards the group member .
  • Johari window adjectives:- It help in describing every persons participation, capability, ability and adaptation.
  • Feedback on presentation:- This is useful when an individual gives presentation in front of large audience to get proper feedback.

Can you identify any contradiction from your above analysis?

I am a good speaker and know the way to transfer right data or information by taking superiority of communication in appropriate manner in an organisation. I realised that whenever I speak in public or among large audience I feel good that I deliver right and proper information or data. The main purpose for improving public speaking is that it help in make command on speaking which is use to transfer right information to the right person in right way.

How might this skills help me in the future?

The major drawback or issue is that I don't know how to write effective content which directly improve speaking skills. This skills is prove helpful for university assignment help and  me when I teach something to the large number of audience such as a teacher, professor or lecturer etc. so it is important for me to remove all barriers for completion of work in minimum time without creating any problems which may affect organization success (Salvatore and et. al., 2012).

Reflection on Time management

What is the core skill to develop?

As per the view of Wiklund Gustin and Wagner (2013) Time management skills is that method or techniques which allow people for organising and arranging positive outcomes in given time period. It is required for manage time is to set skills that will help in coordinating and managing entire life and in more productive manner.

Why is this core skill important? Why did I select this skill to reflect on?

Time management has different benefits which help a single person in order to achieving with huge opportunities in limited period of time and also minimising the tensions and make them capable for taking relevant decisions as per the organisation welfare. According to the view of Phillips (2002) practices of time management skills main aim is to manage and maintain time where they perform their functions and activities in better manner. The most successful person in the world can be accompanying to their reaching with greater time management activity on regular basis. For managing effective time, they are required for getting relevant results or outcomes in all time. For instance, time management skill help an individual for performing their task in given time period.

Reflect on your current competence regarding this skill. How did you assess your competence?

For identifying the skills and abilities in managing the time and variance analysis as I consider myself as a unique person. In this skill, questionnaire demonstrate that I gained score of 44 out of 50 which defines that I have full knowledge and understanding regarding management skills. Moreover, time management test determines the results for administration about questionnaire. Competencies outcomes indicates my plans and priority that are reliable for maintaining and managing stressful situations.

  • Belbins test - This test is required for managing time which is conducted by an organisation and it will assist in analysing positive strength and weakness of each and every employee effectively.
  • Personality test - Under time management skill, it is required for capable individual which need to identify another person personality according to schedule of time which are set by company (Maddux and Kleiman, 2012). It can be easy for achieving desired targets and goals effectively.
  • Johari window adjectives - It is useful in exploring and searching patience and calm person who can easily manage whole time and deal with complex issues or problems.
  • Feedback on presentation - Lastly, time management is considered as effective performance by a single person so this is required for another individual is to deliver accurate response and feedback towards developing schedule in given time period.

Can you identify any contradictions from your analysis above?

In order to understand and evaluate the end of managing time along with test skill, competency test, management questionnaire and I require to manage my time abilities so I can easily addressing the tool kit that are worthy presumptive. Along with this, I can not identify any type of contradiction by analysing all the above descriptions which are match between results and how I can see myself in this particular skill.

How might this skill help me in the future?

With the assistance of time management skill, I can easily reaching with personal and professional targets in future time period. Such skill help me in developing and formulating professional in limited time period against with large number of competitors and also gain huge opportunities.

Reflection on Assertiveness

What is the core skill to develop?

According to the view point of Wiklund Gustin and Wagner (2013) Assertive is the behaviour which include express a person rights, needs and thoughts and it provide opportunities to other individual. Assertive develop and build conflicts that assist in resolving various issues or problems.

Why is this core skill important? Why did I select this skill to reflect on?

Assertiveness can encourage the self esteem and also gain respect from other individual that can assist in analysing and learning the positive behaviour. The conflict resolution assist assertiveness in communication in order to reach with accurate results or outcomes (Gonzales and Hancock, 2011). Assertiveness defined to interact with various people in satisfying their needs in better manner. Moreover, conflict help an individual in specify topic without developing aggression.

Reflect on your current competence regarding this skill. How did you assess your competence?

It is required for assertiveness skill is to applied variance analysis where I can see myself as a higher level. According to the assertiveness, questionnaire test assist in developing effective time period. There are various which I required to conduct while analysing assertiveness.

  • Belbins tests - It is used for solving main arising issues and problems by examining conflicts among various group of members in the company.
  • Personality tests- This test can be used for recognise the behaviour or personality of an individual towards solving major issues in proper manner. For evaluating nature and personality of employees then identify the major problems.

Can you identify any contradictions from your analysis above?

For determining the relevant results and outcomes of the assertiveness form, Johari window test, jung personality tests and may nature so I can said that all the method are reasonably confiding. For instance, as per me I have personal idea in Johari window test which does not fully match with my peers point of view so I can easily recognise the skill in order to resolve issues and problems.

How might this skill help me in the future?

Assertiveness and conflict management is the beneficial skill which can be used for future time period as they will provide major advantages. This is helpful for protect myself and also take it at the end point in better manner.

Summary and action plan

In this, I can analyse my strength and weakness which help me in analysing whether it is used or not in any situation in better manner.

Strength - I am good in communication skill which assist in developing and creating proper understanding between managers and employees. Along with this, I need to resolve all major issues and problems that help in overcoming from any other circumstances so that they can easily develop and hold all adjusted things properly. I am ready to face major challenges and issues that may occurs while knowing job position at workplace.

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Weakness - An individual has certain weak points that must be remove by using different methods or techniques in better manner. Public speaking skill is weak where I need to develop and build confidence and existence on platform. Another is time management skill where I manage time in given time period.

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Personal Development Plan:

Area of development

Action taken

Time period

Public speaking skill

I need to attend seminars and conferences for improving communication skills.

3 month

Time management

I required to manage time and make accurate schedule and also give top priority to my essential work.

2 month


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