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Critical Analysis of Political System

University: University College London

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Question :

This sample will tell you about the :-

  • Explain about the critical analysis.
  • Discuss about the pros and cons of critical analysis.
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Under this report, I will be critically analysing the Metro Newspaper's publication of Darren Hughes Report, where he mentioned about “Our outdated political system is to blame for what’s happening in Parliament”. Including this, I will also mention some of the pros and cons of what Darren Hughes has referenced. This essay is going to show the critical analysis on the opinion which was given by Darren Hughes on metro newspaper in relation to Britain's political system. This is where he has blamed that whatever is happening in parliament like delays on Brexit deal and more is because of the outdated political system (Sivarajah and et. al., 2017). Along with this, essay will also put light on different arguments like if the system is fir for the purpose or not and lastly, a solution will be made based on the critical analysis.



On Sep 5th, 2019, Darren Hughes who is the Chief Executive of Electoral Reform Society has blamed Britain's political system that it is old enough to bring change in social or political context. Basically, what he mentioned was that the political system that Britain has followed over the years is not fit for purpose like eviction of United Kingdom from European Union (EU) (Our outdated political system is to blame for what’s happening in Parliament, 2019).

Along with this, the issue that was raised by Darren Hughes is that United Kingdom is not having a single written constitution, whereas other democracies do work based on regulations and the rules that are enclosed within the codified) constitution. Another issue that was raised by him was that Article 50 was undertaken by Boris Johnson (Current Prime Minister of United Kingdom), where he planned to make no-deal Brexit (Reckless' Boris Johnson plans to pass law which puts a no-deal Brexit in 2020 firmly back on the table, 2019). But, this was not taken into consideration and forced by Parliament and MPs of United Kingdom to ask for extension.

This reason behind this was, it would directly end the membership of various EU bodies with UK that govern rules on everything from medicines to trade marks. This is something which needs time because various factors that are needed to be negotiated by United Kingdom with European Union will come to an end (Blumer, 2018). But, if it is thought in a different manner, then this would lead UK to avoid paying the divorce settlement agreed by Theresa May's government where agreed amount was around £33bn.

Here the major concern of Darren Hughes was in relation to the political system, where the majority of lawmakers remain unelected (House of Lords), where 92 individuals are holding the chair on the basis of hereditary (Our outdated political system is to blame for what’s happening in Parliament, 2019). Ask for assignment help from our experts!


Under this, what Darren Hughes has mentioned is somewhere, somehow right that the system should change because of different reasons like withdrawal of UK where referendum was placed on June 2016 but it has not reached to a conclusion yet. But, this is not totally right as well because, there are many nations that has developed their legal structure and constitution as well through looking at the structure that United Kingdom has. Some of the nations like India, Ireland, Jordan, Cyprus and Bahrain, has built their constitution based on Britain's code of conduct.

Along with this, growth rate of this nation is also growing at an average speed, which is a clear sign that the political system that United Kingdom is holding is working appropriately (House of Lords, 2019). But, looking at current situation where Brexit has been considered as one of the hottest topic in past couple of years, where there is no decision took place then this political system where House of Lords is passing bills is something, which needs proper reformation. Solution of this situation can be made captured through bringing amendments among rules and regulations, through working on a particular constitution which is developed on papers.

Through developing a Citizens’ Assembly and so on. Under this, if it is critically analysed then people of United Kingdom has also taken things for granted, which impacted negatively over different elements that are crucial for country like development and so on. Basically, government of United Kingdom has taken into consideration of full responsibility of their citizens which stopped learning of their own, where they totally relied upon number of policies that nation has built for their betterment and for improvising the living standards. This argument has taken into consideration is because if people will not become able to develop themselves as per the opportunities that United Kingdom is going to offer them in near future when the transactions of both the nations will reach to an end, then it is possible that economy of this nation would grow slow. This led them to reduce their focus over what exactly going on with the nations, and raised number of issues. Due to this, development got affected and impacted over the overall economical conditions of United Kingdom (Is Boris Johnson heading for another Brexit crisis?, 2020).

On the other hand, if it is talked about prime minister’s critics claim it masks the fact that if he wins the election Britain faces a tough and potentially humiliating trade negotiation with the EU. But if this would take place then there is a higher possibility that, UK would become able to reduce the chances of paying high agreed amount. This could be understood with information given by Michel Barnier (French politician serving as the European Commission's Head of Task Force for Relations with the United Kingdom) where he directly mentioned that European Union’s objective is to put a trade deal into action, because this will offer both the parties to perform the trade which is quota-free and tariff-free (only on goods). But, due to inefficient political structure and the system like 800 seats in House of Lords were not filled with right person, which impacted negatively upon the whole reputation of United Kingdom in front of the world. Therefore, based on the analysis it can easily be said that no the system, which was followed by parliament of United Kingdom was not fit for the purpose i.e. successful Brexit (Eviction of UK from EU). Need Assignment Samples?Talk to our Experts! 

If it is critically analysed than the information which is given above is correct because culture, which is followed by parliament is toxic (Väyrynen, 2018). This could be understood with a good example of Heidi Allen (Parliament's Member for the South Cambridgeshire constituency in the south of England). She basically said that, “While Parliament has been in purgatory, we have legislated for almost nothing, changed almost nothing and improved almost nothing,” where resulted into development of a bitter climate. Including this, John Bercow who is the Member of Parliament, has specifically pleaded and made different determination in relation to MPs on all sides to tackle the “toxic” political culture. Basically, this has happened due to Boris Johnson, who can be considered as the reason to face the fallout within the House of Commons performance. If it is critically analysed, then this can also be considered as one of the crucial reason why parliament is facing issue to regulate itself in today's uncertain environment created by Brexit (Brexit: All you need to know about the UK leaving the EU, 2020). Including this, it has also been analysed that to bring modifications within the whole political structure is not right because it is not that easy to develop a whole new political framework. What exactly can be done over here by parliament of UK is to take actions on the politicians who are spreading or producing the toxic culture in the parliament (Brexit: All you need to know about the UK leaving the EU, 2020). This would lead to develop a uniquely democratic nation in all over the world, at the centre in Westminster and Whitehall.


The solution that was given by Darren Hughes within the blog in relation to developing a citizen assembly and to modify the existing rules and regulations within the constitution would lead to find consensus on a way forward to prevent governments to take negative decisions in near future. This is somewhere right because, United Kingdom is a democratic country, which is ruled by it's people only where there is no biasses took place like on the basis of hereditary and so on. In present context, what exactly can be said over here is that “Danger is not that a particular class is unfit to govern. Every class is unfit to govern”. Therefore, change is required to be made in order to pull out favourable outcomes.

On the other hand, if it is talked about the paper then it consist of the information, which was taken just when the whole situation was uncertain. Therefore, reaching on a conclusion is not the right thing at this moment on any sector on any part as well.


Considering the above mentioned report, it is said that just before developing the citizen based assemblies, it is needed by parliament to remove or reduce the toxic impact of political culture followed by many of the politicians. And if the situations do not get onto the favourable condition, then the next step i.e. consideration of citizen assemblies can be taken to remove the negative impact of UK’s changing Democracy.

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