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Sales Planning & Operations Assignment

University: London School of Science & Technology

  • Unit No: 5
  • Level: Post Graduate/University
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In all sort of organisations, sales is referred to be a foremost consideration that in turn boost up their fiscal position in the market. It is hereby considered to be a crucial prospective of operating in the functional set of markets with a need base deliberation of positioning for a longer time period (Johnston and Marshall, 2013). It however requires a strategic context of planning a distinct set of workforce to commence this particular operation of sales. It is along with a simultaneous intercession of the marketing personnels to promote the sale of commodities and reach out to the expected level of profitability. An integrated plan of sales will not only assist the establishments to achieve higher rate of profits and revenues but will together aid them to conquer the entire marketplace with considerable market shares. The present report is based on a similar consideration of sales planning and operations in L'Oreal where it is supported by a conferred case script on it. L'Oreal is a well established professional brand of cosmetics that is presently running over 150 countries that covers around 5 distinct continents. Apart from this, they are dealing with more than 5 billion haircare and skin care products with some affluent sales strategies due to which it was raked at the highest position in the year 2015.



Personal selling is one of the most affluent practice to commence the sales operation in L'Oreal where they hereby tend to necessitate the sales personnels to make a face to face dealing with their prospective set of clients (Kerzner, 2013). It thereby postulates them to approach their clients with an oral consent of dealing among them. It is therefore with a prime consideration of the sales personnels in L'Oreal where they are required to begin with a cordial context of making sales as a mean of acknowledging the factual preferences of their customers. This also require the sales personnels to possess an effective interpersonal skills to fetch a liable interest of the customer to close the deal. Personal selling plays an important role in the marketing mix array of L'Oreal with an interlinked approach with that of its last element of promotion. With an analogous reference to it, below outlined are the role of personal selling-

  • Prospecting- It is foremost consideration of the appointed sales personnels in the cited entity where they are primarily required to address potential clients and users to whom they can directly refer to sell their commodities (Wood, Reiners and Srivastava, 2013).
  • Communicating- This necessitate the sales individuals of L'Oreal to interact with both their existing and newer set of customers in order to explicate their newer range of products to them.
  • Selling- This is yet another subsequent procedure in which they will hereby tend to close the sale of newer commodities by clearly interpreting their queries and answering the same.
  • Serving- This is mainly in regard to the customer service provision of the quoted firm where they are hereby required to render impelling services till delivery along with some after sale services (Jacobs and et. al., 2011).
  • Gathering data- This is basically in context to acquire timely feedback from the clients and users by together analysing the prevalent trends in the market and referring the same in their marketing plans.
  • Allocating- It is in regard to handle the shortage of products and services with a prior role of salesperson in L'Oreal to decide the allotment of their stocked resources.


This is especially to identify distinct stages of decision making procedure that incorporates with both business to business (B2B) and business to customer (B2C) transactions. In context to which, there exists total five major stages of the buyer decision making process as defied below-

  1. Recognising problem- It is referred to be a foremost step in the customer decision making procedure where the buyer is hereby required to configure an exact need of purchasing a particular product (Hoyer and Maclnnis, 2012).
  2. Searching information- It is yet another step in which the buyer after identifying a possible need of purchasing a product will then investigate its availability in the market. The marketing means of the cited firm will hereby support them to attract large number of customers to avail their offered products and services.
  3. Assessing alternatives- It is yet another respectable stage in which the prospective buyer will hereby look for some other alternatives of the product that they are tending to purchase. This reflects to evaluate distinct attributes like price of the commodities that are being offered by other companies who possess a similar nature of services (Leon, 2014).
  4. Taking buying decisions- In this stage, the buyer takes an ultimate decision of purchasing the product where this decision can discontinue due to two major components. It is where either the client has faced a pessimistic feedback from another set of buyer that triggers another element of acceptance to refer the feedback (Longnecker, 2011).
  5. Post purchase behaviour- It is yet another influential stage that will depict the satisfaction level of the users after buying the commodity. On whose basis, they further refer to provide their own feedback to others and take subsequent decisions of purchasing the product from a similar brand again.

However, on differentiating between corporate trading and customer commercialisation procedures, it is evident that B2C purchases are more emotional in nature as compared to the decision making trend in B2B. Apart from this, B2B purchasing are task oriented where they are likely to spend more funding rather than the B2C purchasing where the customers look for an economical range of products (Noonan, 2010). In addition to which, there exists distinct tools of communication in both these mediums where a B2C includes larger set of users who are mostly targeted by advertisements and other affiliated tools of promotional. Whereas, B2B is mainly based upon a conceptual procedure of personal selling that requires the salespersons of L'Oreal to build a direct interaction with their business clients. There exists a pivotal role of communication in both the procedures of B2B and B2C where the sales personnels are hereby required to make a fluent interaction with their business clients. Beside which, the B2C marketing is also required to use some potent strategies of promoting the products that gives a clear message to the consumers (Storbacka, Polsa and Sääksjärvi, 2011). In a similar way, the sales people of L'Oreal are hereby required to utilise some effluent tools of communication to transact with both their business clients and other affiliated consumers.


The sales team has a spectacular role in the marketing strategies of businesses where it directly tend to impact upon the buying behaviour of consumers. L'Oreal is hereby required to build an affluent sales and marketing teams that will substantially affect their profitability index. A significant accomplishment of sales performance is therefore referred to be a primary consideration of almost all sort of business corporations where the sales personnels are thus require to carry a well defined role that ultimately meet out their projected objectives. In context to which, below outlined are some credential roles of sales people in L'Oreal in association to their adopted strategies of marketing-

  • Segmentation of markets- It is a foremost approach in which, the sales and marketing individuals of the cited entity are hereby required to possess a considerable knowledge in context of their segmented market sets. According to which, they are then required to feature themselves while promoting their offered goods and services. This is for instance to state about a geographical segmentation of the marketplace where the salesperson are hereby required to represent as generalists (Wallace, 2013).
  • Building strategies- It is accordant to the above determined clause of market segmentation where the sales and marketing team of the quoted firm will resultantly build effective strategies of promotion. In context to which, the most common strategy includes a vital assumption of the realistic needs and demands of their targeted set of consumers.
  • Marketing plans- It is a subsequent obligation of the sales people of L'Oreal where they will hereby tend to build considerable plans of marketing that meets up with the above strategic agenda with a significant determination of consumer's factual preferences (Dai and Chao, 2013).
  • Appraising outcomes- It is the concluding role of sales people in L'Oreal where they will hereby tend to evaluate the above applied norms and standard of marketing in context to promote their newer range of products. It is however with a need base consideration of the marketeers to continually depict the altering trends of their marketplace in order to bring liable modifications in their offered set of commodities.



Sales strategy plays crucial role in the organization under which they adopts the strong strategy. It helps consumer to attracts towards the products and services and takes the decision to purchases the goods. As per this, L'Oreal requires to formulates the approach and methods for developing the sales strategy which is used by the manager of the company in appropriate manner (Kumar and Srivastava, 2014). Company effective develops the sales strategy which helps employees to provides the better services to their customers. It assists manager to easily attain the satisfaction level of the consumer and accomplishing the goals and objectives of the firm. It affects performance of the organization because clients are satisfied his services is provided by the employees. Accordingly, organization increases the market share in same industry and maintains the overall productivity. Moreover, company develops the sales strategy with the line of the objectives under which manager conducts the market research and survey. It helps to identify the needs and demand of the consumer as well (Grinyak, Mozharovskii and Degtyarev, 2011).


Manager of the L'Oreal requires to fulfils the vacant post in the sales team at the work place under which they conduct the recruitment and selection process. In this way, management prepare the job description which includes the qualification , knowledge, marketing skills. Manager appoints the new employees as per their qualification and knowledge which helps to managing the work based activities and attain the goals and objectives. In this way, it assists manager to easily fulfils the demand of the consumer and manage their day to day work which helps to maximizing the sales turn over of the company (Krush and et. al., 2013). Henceforth, recruitment and selection process is the important part of the every business accordingly company expand their business and increasing the profit margin.


In order to evaluate the role of the motivation, remuneration and training helps to developing the sales management. In this way, manager identify the training need of the employees accordingly they provides to them which helps to enhancing their performance and improves the knowledge (Li and et. al., 2014). It helps workers to perform in well manner and they are able to provides the best services to their customers and attain the goals and objectives. On the other hand, remuneration plays important role in the sales management under which company provides the proper remuneration to their employees. It generates the interest level of the workers towards the work and they able to attain the goals and objectives of the firm. Apart from this, company provides the rewards to their human resource as per their performance which helps to increasing the motivation level of them towards the task (Lyus, Rogers and Simms, 2008). Motivated employees are able to completing the task on time and increasing the sales of the L'Oreal.


Sales management is the crucial part of the L'Oreal under which manager organise the sales activities which helps to increasing the sales of the firm. In this way, management of the organization focuses on the outcomes under which they develops the effective sales activities at the work place. They measuring the sales budget and performance standards wherein employees perform in well manner or not and they able to attain the goals and objectives of the firm as well (Oliva and Watson, 2011). In this context, the effective activities helps employees to provides the better services and products to their customers and attain the satisfaction level of the consumer. Accordingly company increases the market share and maximizing the sales.


The data basses plays important part of every business under which company uses the ITC which helps to managing the information at the work place. In this way, L'Oreal effective uses the information because they maintains the data and employees are able to manage the sales management. Moreover, the data bases provides the various information related to the market trends consumer needs and preference accordingly company manage the sales and produces the products and services. It affects performance of the organization because clients and customer are satisfied his services is provided by the employees. Company increase the overall productivity and maximization the profits as well (Markgraf, 2014).



This is mainly in regard to activate the worldwide enlargement of L'Oreal in context to trade their cosmetic lines with a planned strategy of sales. With an analogous reference to which, viable opportunities have been analysed to use some vital implications of trade fairs and exhibitions in the extended arena of business by L'Oreal. This will support the undertaken company to increase their existent base of customers with larger groups where they will hereby referring to contact newer set of people as well. It is basically in context to take part in the cosmetic exhibitions and trade fairs of UK where they can easily expose their newer range of cosmetic products to the approaching individuals by together augmenting their client base. This is for instance to take part in Scottish Hair & Beauty event and In Cosmetics Global as a mean of enhancing their business prospective (Johnston and Marshall, 2013).

BMP6003 Menu Planning Level 7


The above report has explicated an essential role of planning and sales operation in the enterprises where it is always irrespective of their factual nature of goods and services. Sales and marketing are however referred as two correlated prospects of one another where they are largely dependent on each other. It is basically in context to the encouraging factors of marketing that in turn boost up the sale of commodities. The above report has thus delineated such considerable measures of L'Oreal where it is hereby bifurcated in four precise sections. It is with a foremost subdivision of marketing strategies to comprehend the role of personal selling in it. Another conceptual part has outlined the fundamental principles of selling procedures with a subsequent unit to apprehend the intended role of sales management. Lastly, on summarizing all preceding portions, the report has eventually depicted a sales plan for L'Oreal that is beneficial to maintain a long term affiliation with their operational set ups.

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