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Business Communications

University: London School of Commerce

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This sample will let you know about:

  • What is business communications
  • Discuss the Role of effective communication
  • What are the Impact of different methods of communication



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Communication is the key of success in both academic and professional life. This is majorly pertaining to the fact that communication is the only way of sharing information and ideas with one another (Escobar-Rodríguez and Bonsón-Fernández, 2017). In context of business, communication is very necessary because of the reason that if communication will not be clear then objective of business will not be accomplished. Thus, the present journal will outline the communication skills and the role of communication in achieving business objectives within Unilever. Also, this will discuss about the different methods of communication within business.

Communication skills

The communication skills include the ability of the person to share information and facts and figures with another person. For the communication to be effective it is necessary for the sender to make the receiver understand the message in the same way as they want to pass. But for Unilever the communication needs to be very effective as if communication is not effective then here will be many problems. Thus, for this good communication skills need to be possessed by manager and other employees of Unilever. These skills involve following-

Effective listening- For communication to be effective the most important skill is of effectively listening. This is because if employees will not listen to the other person in proper manner then communication will not be proper. This is because if the message is not listened properly then it will not be addressed in the same manner as it is intended to be done (Sherrow, Lang and Corbett, 2016).

Speaking- This is also an important skill to be inherited among employees of Unilever because if they will not clearly speak then how the other person will understand it. Thus, for good communication skill the employee must know about how to speak in effective manner,

Observing- This is also a skill required in order to have good communication skills. This is majorly because of the reason that sometimes even the communication is not made just by speaking. Rather sometimes the communication is made by just observing it and then communicating in way of non- verbal communication. This is done just by expressing it or sometimes by giving a facial expression or even by the body language.

Other than these three skills there are also many different types of skills which needs to be possessed by the employees and managers of Unilever (Froud, Tischer and Williams, 2017). The major reason underlying this fact is that without communication not a single business activity is undertaken in successful manner. For instance, if top management is not able to effectively communicate the objectives with the lower level. Then how these people will be able to achieve the objectives of the business (Clokie and Fourie, 2016). Also, in another example, where employee of customer service department of Unilever is communicating with the consumer and the person is not able to understand the requirement of the consumer in clear manner. Then it is not at all possible for department to implement the requirements of consumer within product. Thus, this may result in loss for Unilever.

In the end it can be said that only communication is not necessary but along with this other skill like effective listening, clear speaking is also necessary for the communication to be proper and understandable. For get Assignment Writing Service Uk talk to our Experts.

Role of effective communication

For attaining success, it is very necessary for Unilever to have effective and fluent communication within all business structure. The business structure is defined as the stages in the business through which the decision and other information are being passed. There is a large hierarchical chain of employees which is being used in Unilever in order to accomplish the aims and objectives of the business. Thus, for working in such large chain it is necessary for Unilever to use effective communication. This is necessary as if at any stage of hierarchy, the message is misinterpreted or miscommunicated then this will not assist company in attaining the business objectives.

Thus, here the communication plays an effective role for the success of Unilever. Another major role of communication comes because the business operates in global business environment and deals with many different countries. Thus, here the communication is very necessary because this helps in effectively ascertaining the needs and requirements of other consumers of different countries. Also, another role of effective communication in overseas business of Unilever is that the offices are in remote areas and also there is multiple time zones and for this the communication need to be effectively managed. This is majorly pertaining to the fact that even if one single information is missed then the whole activity will be hampered and this will impact the overall achievement of goals of business (Lentz, 2018).

Another major role of effective communication in Unilever is that this increases stronger relation and coordination among employees of Unilever. This is usually because of the reason that if communication will be effective among employees then they will work with one another in coordination and harmony. Thus, this will help employees in fostering their performance and engagement with company objectives. Hence, it will result in proper accomplishment of objectives of business. Along with this another important role of effective communication is that this help Unilever in maintaining good relation with the clients and other suppliers of raw material (Mayfield and Mayfield, 2017). This is only possible because of good and effective communication with other parties outside the business trust the company. Also, because of this good communication the other parties trust Unilever and sometimes also provides them discounts and benefits of doing business in effective manner. Want to get dissertation topics in business? Talk to our experts.

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Impact of different methods of communication

From the above it can be seen that communication is very important and necessary for the profitable working of company. Thus, there are many different ways in which Unilever can communicate with its employees and other stakeholders. The major methods which Unilever uses in order to communicate with other employees and stakeholder are as follows-

Verbal communication- This is a type of communication where the message is passed on to the other person in form of saying. In simple words, verbal communication is the one in which information is being shared with other people by saying and speaking with another person. This is a very good method of communication because here all the explanation is provided with the message itself. This has a good impact over the operations of Unilever because if there is any confusion at time of communication it is solved at the same time. Thus, with help of this the confusion of employees is cleared at the same time and this does not impact the performance of the employees. For example, face to face or communication made over telephones and intercom within whole organization. Good verbal communication has a great impact over profitability of company because with good communication the coordination among employees will be good and they will produce good output. This will eventually result in increase in the profitability of company.

Written communication- This is another form of communication in which Unilever tries to communicate with each other in form of writing the messages. This is done with help of different mediums like formal written letter, emails, text messages and many other written sources (Oussii and Klibi, 2017). This method of communication effectively impacts over the working of company because if there will be miscommunication then it will lead to decrease in working efficiency. The impact of this communication is good over Unilever as these written messages can be kept as proof for future references. Another impact of this communication over working of Unilever is that this method of communication is more useful when message is to be transferred to a large number of people. Thus, here only written communication will be helpful.

Non- verbal communication- This is a type of communication wherein neither words are spoken or any written message is passed. Here the communication is made with the facial expressions and the body language of the people. This includes stud of facial expression at time of communication. Like for instance, a manager is instructing their subordinate and if after explanation they give a smile then manager can think that they have clearly understood the message. In the same manner if they give a confused expression then it might be possible that they have not understood the message in clear manner (Communication methods, 2020). The impact of this method of communication is very good as without saying a word or by written message the employees are able to understand each other. Thus, this increases their mutual understanding and they work in more coordinated manner.


In the end it can be summarised that business communication is very effective and efficient for the success of the business. It is so because without communication no information can be shared with one another and no business activity can be performed. Thus, the present study stated that there are many skills required for effective communication like active listening, proper observation, clear speaking and many others. Also, there are many different methods through which effective communication can be made like written, verbal and non- verbal communication.

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