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World Environment Day 2023

What Is the Significance of the World Environment Day?

03 Jun 2023

14 minutes


What Is World Environment Day? Theme, History, Importance

You can see trending memes related to world environment day floating on your social media feeds. It is because the condition of the earth is changing rapidly from year to year. Issues such as climate change, increasing population, and deforestation have impacts all over the world. The problem related to the ozone hole has constantly been in the mind of people. Although, everyone is not solely educated on this topic. With the lack of knowledge, they even do not know the dangers of this. So students need to get enough learning about climate issues. They have been given writing tasks and essays on these topics for their knowledge expansion.

The environment is something that we are close to. Although, people are harming nature every day by doing unintended things. So, knowing the importance and all about world environment day can be valuable for them with the below section.

What Is World Environment Day and Why It Is Celebrated?

World environment day is celebrated every year on the 5th of June. This program is started by the United Nations to aware people. Also, they provide measures to raise climate change positive steps. Correct steps in the right direction can make bold changes and help to protect nature. It is the reason United Nations has started to celebrate this every year. Also, it is the largest global platform to raise awareness about the world's environment.

It is a program where United Nations provide individuals with an opportunity to show what they do to preserve the environment. Also, this is celebrated by more than 150 countries and the number of countries increasing every year. Apart from it, this is the prime vehicle of the UN to aware people around the globe. Encouraging people for protecting the climate and nature is one of the best programs.

Now, it has been many years since it all started with the first environment day celebrated on the 5th of June 1974. You can learn more to increase awareness and history from the below section about this day.

History of World Environment Day 2023

There has been rapid growth in climate change, wildlife crimes, global warming, population, and so on in the nineties. During this duration, people are often cutting forests in the shade of the development. But what will the drawback set for the future ones? It is impacting now such as heavy rains in winter, increasing temperatures every year, floods, and many more. With all this problem increasing, the United Nations at the Stockholm conference had some discussions during the 5-16 June 1972. It eventually outcomes in the first world environment day in 1973 on the theme of “Only One Earth”.

WED ( World Environment Day) is an example to share and encourage people to raise awareness. It has started to inspire people to create change and encourage others to do so. Also, This becomes more popular after two years. It has been growing since then and now becomes a global platform. Currently, more than 150 countries have come together to celebrate this program each year with a new theme. It has been done to enrich the attention of the people.

This event is hosted by various sponsors so that the UN people can implement long-term changes. It also encourages people to take part in habit changes. Also, this puts light on the perils every year faces and what to decrease in one year period. Apart from all of that, every year distinct country hosts this program. It has changed education as well. Know how its significance impacts the world.

Significance of the World Environment Day 2023

World environment day program has been completed in 50 years. It all started at the Stockholm conference held in 1972. Also, this started to achieve a better tomorrow for all in terms of climate and environment. The earth was facing issues like climate change, biodiversity, increase in carbon emission, and other similar problems. They can change this by taking the world by educating about the drawbacks and how to control it.

The first main thing that has been implemented by countries includes such subjects from schooling to colleges. Students have to study the facts that they should not harm nature unintentionally. Also, they have given projects to research and environment essay writing. All these give light on the importance of the program significance. It has been successfully implemented and has diversely affected many areas.

Today the planet faces multiple problems increasing, and world environment day has based on this. WED has the prime goal of sustainable development over the years and decades. So it can impact the lives of people. Now there are many shades that are left behind. You can also know about the theme and facts about world environment day 2023.

What Is the Theme for World Environment Day 2023?

"Beat Plastic Pollution" is the theme of world environment day 2023. Also, this is to aware people of the harmful impacts of its utilization. It also promotes people to take action against the matter. Plastic pollution affects health, the environment, and the economy, which should not ignore. It requires some restrictions to impact the use of plastic in the coming years. So world environment day is aware people every year of different issues to encourage them. It may result in positive action towards the harmful causes. Now another question that can come to your mind is about the host country for world environment day in 2023. You can read the below section to know the answer with the reasons.

Who Will Host the World Environment Day 2023?

World Environment Day will host in 2023 by Côte d'Ivoire in partnership with the Netherlands. They have shown their potential and campaign against plastic pollution since 2014. The country has banned the use of plastic bags and such packaging to avoid the use and cut down plastic utilization. It is a program that grows to millions of people around the world. Also, the hashtag for world environment day is the #BeatPlasticPollution. On the other hand, the previous year Sweden hosted the WED 2022.

These are the hosted countries for this year and the previous year. You can now read some interesting facts that give light on the effects and outcomes from the next section.

10 Facts About World Environment Day

There are many facts against pollution, which harm our nature year to year. In this case, we should avoid the things that affect nature. Learning about them is necessary for people to avoid that can be beneficial to take the factual details gateway. One of the best ways to protect the earth and the coming generation is to take action now. The next-gen may look more like big disasters if the natural resources have not been used correctly and to a limit.

1. Air Population Causing Death

Numerous people have been killed every hour only because of the air population. The research shows that around 1000 death caused is the air pollution. It shows the importance of education, which should develop for the people about the environment.

2. Trees Are Cutting Down Every Day

There are more than a trillion trees around the globe. But the irony is almost 30,000 trees are cutting down and used for different uses. Most of the paper utilizes to print newspapers and toilet paper. If only newspapers have to get recycled, then more than millions of trees can save from cutting down every year.

3. Available Water Uses

Everyone knows that the surface of the earth is 71% of water. Although, the drinkable water is only 1%. So, it shows how precious water is, and people should not waste it and try to save more and more water in the coming years.

4. Increasing Global Warming

Global warming is the prime concern among the world environment day individuals. They wanted to encourage people to decrease their green gas use and find alternatives for them. Also, provide the solution to plastic pollution so that people can be aware of that.

5. Marine Mammals in Danger

There are more than 75% of marine mammals are at high risk. They are causing accidental deaths due to plastic bags and other similar garbage. It causes the death of more than a million animals in the ocean. So it can be beneficial to ban plastic and provide alternatives for a solution to plastic pollution.

6. World Population

The population is increasing rapidly which can cause an end to the limited resources and cut the forests continuously. To make sustainable greenery and global warming, every people should plant at least three trees for the betterment of the earth.

7. Food Wastage

Wasting food is another common habit for many people. But it is one of the big causes for the 14% of carbon emissions. There is a need to understand and encourage people not to waste food. It can be a great initiative if people follow this appeal.

8. Plastic Bottles Decomposes

Plastic pollution is impacting too many harmful effects on people. It is because they take around a million years to decompose. The life cycle of the plastic bottle is too long and does not recycle easily. So it can be beneficial to reduce the use of this bottle.

9. Recycling 1 Ton of Paper

Recycling paper can make a big difference in the environment and save trees from cutting. Paper can recycle six times and is a positive effect on the climate. It can also be beneficial to reduce air pollution.

10. Fungi Beneficial for the Earth

Fungi are the most crucial part of the earth. It can be beneficial only if the forest does not bury. Composing the dead matter can benefit to longer lives of the down rocks. Even it helps to adsorb the different oils and reduce the radiation.

These are some interesting facts for world environment day 2023. It is roaming around as a solution to plastic pollution theme. So reading and encouraging to save the one earth can be crucial for people around the globe.


This blog is to help students and others who want to grab and share knowledge towards world environment day 2023. It can be fruitful for college scholars to enhance learning on climate-related subjects and issues. Also, they can develop learning to cast a better document without the perception. It can be easy for scholars to get the best scores and enhance the language on this topic. If they face a struggle to create the environment task, they can take assignment help from instantassignmenthelp.com experts to ace the grades.

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