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Can Turnitin Detect ChatGPT?

Attention Students! Turnitin Rejects ChatGPT Assignments

09 Jan 2024


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Yes, you heard right, Turnitin detect ChatGPT which can lead to the rejection of your entire document. So, the need of the hour is that you must pay attention to producing authentic and quality content without the use of AI. With the evolution in the education sector and the developments of various technologies, AI tools like ChatGPT, paraphrasing, etc, are breaching the laws and violating the policies of the education sector. However, to maintain the decorum, many new technologies are evolving to limit such outbreaks.

Turnitin is one such leading tool that is rejecting ChatGPT assignments. The use of AI is growing at a high speed, and so are the technologies to suppress its usage. So, isn't it going to cause trouble to students? For sure, yes. The question Can Turnitin detect ChatGPT? is a growing concern for students. So, continue reading the blog and learn more about the subject.

Is Turnitin a New Troublemaker for Students? Know Why?

Yes, it is making students feel scared, as it has the potential to detect AI content. However, it can even falsely accuse you. There can be possible chances that the service might put a question mark on your genuine content. So, use ChatGPT if you want, but remain within its moral boundaries and try to avoid it to stay ethically right. 

Moreover, you can take our service to make your projects 100% AI-free. Do not let Turnitin scare you or ChatGPT to reject your work. Avail the benefits and make use of expert guidance. Moreover, to know more about the subject, read the further section to clarify the doubts and clear your understanding.

Understand What Turnitin Is?

Turnitin is an AI detection tool and is raising concerns for students, especially college ones, as it rejects their assignments. It is a software that scans the projects and works of students to check the plagiarism and citation errors. It is a leading software that has grown its popularity as it is causing harm to most of the student's favorite AI tools, i.e. ChatGPT. It can detect whether the text is AI-written or human-based.

Does Turnitin Detect ChatGPT? Yes, But to What Extent?

Earlier, Turnitin was used to detect citation mistakes and prevent plagiarism. Nowadays, it is also capable of detecting AI content. Yes, you heard it right. Turnitin detect ChatGPT assignments. It can find out with 97-98% accuracy. So, do not rely on them to expand your knowledge to write independently.

Why Say NO to ChatGPT? What Are the Consequences?

You must limit the use of ChatGPT if you are under its influence. The most frequently asked questions that Can Turnitin detect ChatGPT-4? or say, Is it OK to use it for assignments? So, you must understand that it is not the tactic you choose for your projects. Now, with the specially designed model of Turnitin, it can detect ChatGPT-4 also. So, stay safe from its consequences, as institutions are adopting the service, and as “Precautions are better than cure” say no to ChatGPT. Moreover, below are the consequences and the approach of Turnitin that you must take a look at.

How Can Turnitin Detect ChatGPT?

The service software takes the submissions and compares them with the enormous database available on the internet or in any other academic area. It looks at similar content and identifies citation mistakes, plagiarism, and robotic write-ups. It is expert in knowing whether your text comes from ChatGPT or your hands.

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Consequences of Using ChatGPT

AI chatbots make you prone to use them every time, whenever you write. There are more chances of biased data. One of the biggest consequences of using ChatGPT in your projects is that it can suspend you and put your project on hold. Moreover, you must use a plagiarism checker tool to prepare your work free from plagiarism, as Turnitin detect ChatGPT even if you paraphrase.

How to Submit AI-Free Work?

To submit a work that is AI-free, you must research well and should frame your own points and structures. Do not rely on technology to tell you what to write. Instead, you must present your findings and solutions in the paper. Conduct interviews or surveys and expand your reach of knowledge to be able to provide quality information. Moreover, you can any time take the help of our expert team to assist and provide guidance. So, do not wait for the tool to specify AI content, like Turnitin detect ChatGPT, instead get assistance to secure the work.

Human-Written Content vs AI Content

What a human can generate is not what an AI tool can provide. It is easy to detect whether your data is written by a robot or a means who created a robot.

AI Content

Human Written Content

Lack of emotions, that makes the work look more real

Writings infusing emotions and perceptions

Based on machine learning algorithms and inputs

Based on their own perspectives and opinions

Uses an exceptionally formal tone

Human content is formal and according to the tone demanded

Lacks customization that the user demands

Fulfill the needs of the writer

Do not understand context, irrelevant

Context is easy to understand and follows a direction

How Turnitin Detect ChatGPT Paraphrasing

Students are smart, and so is Turnitin. It is a myth that is spreading that you can trick this service by paraphrasing your AI-generated content. But to your knowledge, do not be in dilemma thinking, Can Turnitin detect ChatGPT if you paraphrase? Yes, it can and it is detecting. It gives a band score between 0-100% telling the amount of text born by an AI or is paraphrased. Now, the question of how Turnitin detect ChatGPT paraphrasing should not be your concern. But actually, how to avoid it and the consequences should be.

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FAQs Related to Turnitin You Should Know

As ChatGPT is used continuously by students for writing their assignments, the upgrade of Turnitin is causing trouble for them. Questions like How can Turnitin detect ChatGPT, is it accurate, etc, are answered below. So, resolve your issues and protect your assignments.

1. Can You Prevent Turnitin from Detecting Your Content?

It is not an ethical way, as you must avoid the use of ChatGPT. However, you can prevent your work by paraphrasing, using synonyms, and other related sentences to escape detection. Although it may not be the closest way, you can try. Moreover, to prevent it completely, you can take the help of our experts.

2. How Well Does Turnitin Detect ChatGPT?

The most common concern of students is to what extent the service can detect ChatGPT. You need to understand that it can detect your work accurately and specify up to 98% of AI from your projects. So, you must not wait for that 2% help but safeguard yourself from its consequences.

3. Can You Use ChatGPT in Your Assignments?

No, you can not use ChatGPT or any AI tool in your projects. With the advancement of technology, institutions are now using Turnitin or related software to prevent students from following such tactics and shortcuts. So, stop using them in your work.

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