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A Complete Guide on Thematic Statement Writing  

How to Write a Thematic Statement? Definition, Tips, & Examples

24 Nov 2022


After hearing this term, many students get scared as they are unable to understand and draft it perfectly in the document. So, let’s read this blog further and know about it.

Although, it itis an important part of academic writing, mostly in literary work it is not at all an easy task. The literature students need to understand how to draft a thematic statement because it enables the students to test their understanding of the book, novel, or essay writing. But many students are still there who want to know about this thematic statement. If you are one of those, read this blog further and know about it effectively. So, grab a cup of your coffee and get in-depth knowledge about the thematic statement.

What Is a Thematic Statement?

The theme of the entire document is explained in a single or two sentences known as a thematic statement. It is the central idea of a literary work written in academic years. So, according to the definition of what is a thematic statement, it is the central message that the author wants to convey about the subject. This is not described in a word or two,it is a complete sentence that presents the whole idea for the topic.

Still, there are many students who get confused between theme and thematic ideas. But there is a major difference between them. The theme is the main message writers want to leave with the reader after reading. On the other hand, the thematic statement is complete or general that gives a brief explanation of the theme. For instance, the theme is developed in one or two words like love, anger, death, and many more. In comparison, the thematic statement would explain the themes in the form of a general statement.

So, now that you are clear with the definition, let’s know how to write a thematic statement.

How to Write a Thematic Statement? Know Here!

There are not so specific rules to write a thematic statementHowever, there are a few aspects necessary to understand before doing any creative writing.

Here are some of the tips that will help you to write the statement;

  • Read the Work Thoroughly- The first tip is to read the entire writing on which you have worked. This will help you to know the actual perspective of the topic by noting down all the characters, plot, or writing styles in a book. You have to check all the perceptions to get a better thematic statement.
  • Search for the Central Idea- Every story has a main plot that brings interest in reading. While reading the story written by you, get the main subject on which it is based. It will help you get the main theme on which you have to explain it in one or two sentences.
  • Focus on the Results- The third tip is to focus on the core. The thematic statement is to convey the message in one sentence. Therefore, instead of telling the reader what happens, discuss the results of the happening.
  • Capture All the Facets- Now, after reading the above tips, you must have understood how to highlight the theme of the subject. Now, it’s time to craft all the facts and information of the story to refine them into a complete sentence afterward.
  • No Specifics- You do not have to clearly mention what actually happened in the story. Instead, you have to describe it in a single sentence to tell why everything happened. So, it should make sense for all the happenings in a narrative.
  • No Moral Edict -Make sure you do not describe your theme as a moral edict. Rather describe it in the normal and real thoughts of the story. Also, make sure you do not covert the central idea into something else that does not make any sense.

Now, you must know very well about the thematic statement and write it in the paper. But let’s know it better with some interesting examples.

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Interesting Thematic Statement Examples for Different Aspects!

Many students have this approach to learning better with examples. They understand the meaning of a sentence by reading the examples that how it is used in the line. For them, here are some of the thematic statement examples for different aspects like love, death, identity, and fear to know what the statement looks like.

  • Examples for Love;
  • Love can be harmful if it is taken to the extreme.
  • Love can destroy a person and make a better person.
  • Examples for Death;
  • Death is one phase of life that whenever someone meets it, never comes back.
  • Dying is the most awful adventure one can follow.
  • Examples for Identity;
  • Accepting yourself will lead to the person accept you as well.
  • It takes faith in yourself to thrive in a harsh world.
  • Examples for Fear;
  • The biggest thing to fear is to be frighten yourself.
  • Fear is just nothing. It’s just a faith of time.

So, these are the theme statement examples that might help you to have a better understanding. Now, that you know how statements are framed with examples that you can write the statement easily. Now, let’s know what mistakes do you make while writing the thematic statement in the paper. So, let’s read this blog further and know about the errors.

Mistakes Students Often Do While Writing Thematic Statement!

According to the assignment helpermany students want to write the thematic statement but they usually make some mistakes while drafting it. Due to this, they are unable to score high and impress the professor. So, if you too don’t want to get low marks, it is the right time to get all the mistakes to rectify so that no one can question you for anything. Therefore, let’s focus on mistakes that you need to avoid.

It Is Not a Moral, Command or a Directive

Make sure you do not command the reader to behave. So, it is necessary to avoid should and ought in the thematic statement.

It Should Not Write Cliche

The theme you pick should reflect the complexity of life in the literary work. It should be something original according to the audience. Instead, you can use some words like, may, can, often, and many more.

It Should Not Refer Any Particular Name or Events

The thematic statement is a general line so it is necessary to avoid using some specific names and events.

So, these are the mistakes you have to take care of while drafting the statement in the document. However, if you are still facing issues in writing, read this blog further and get the solution.

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