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Types of plagiarism

The Best Way to Detect Different Types of Plagiarism in Academic Writing

24 Nov 2020


Hey guys!! Are you struggling with plagiarism fear? Did you find a way to overcome it? If you haven’t found it yet, then it can affect your academic career badly. Are you aware of what kind of content you are copying, and what does this action called? We can say that it is the sub-part of the main cause, i.e., plagiarism. However, these are also known as types of plagiarism in academic writing. 

In this blog, you will learn all the issues related to plagiarism that a student face. 

What Is Plagiarism? 

Plagiarism is the act of copying someone’s ideas, thoughts, and words in one’s document. Types of plagiarism vary in academics, and it all depends on the content that is copied. 

How Plagiarism Affects Your Academic Career?

Plagiarism is an infringement of academic rules & regulations. It is an offence where students get punished, suspended, and even exile from the institute. Plagiarism is not a violation in itself, but it is counted as a copyright breach act.

What Are the Reasons for Plagiarism?

There is always a reason behind every activity. It’s also evident that students face significant problems in their academic writing tasks; thus, they go for online assignment service providers. Let’s get insights into why students do not do assignments in their original form and choose the plagiarism path.

Here are the most common reasons behind why students choose plagiarism:

  1. Lack of knowledge
  2. Do not have good writing skills
  3. Not able to conduct pertinent research
  4. Desire to score good grades
  5. Disinterest in the subject
  6. Fear of Failure
  7. Procrastination
  8. Lack of self-confidence 
  9. Facing other significant difficulties

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What Are Different Types of Plagiarism in Academic Writing? 

1.Direct Plagiarism

Direct plagiarism is related to putting the same text, sentences, paragraphs in a document. It is an open offense of copyrighting ideas without informing the original author. In other words, if a writer copies or steals the same ideas of another writer, it is called direct plagiarism.  

2.Mosaic Plagiarism

Mosaic plagiarism is about copying the ideas and putting them in your own’s words. An author who conducts research on a particular topic and finds great content, then tries to use this idea by writing synonyms of each word. It is also a violation of academic ethics.

3.Accidental Plagiarism

Accidental plagiarism is something when a writer does not refer to the origin or source and includes the same sentences in his document. It is not being intentionally, but it is an infringement of the academic acts.

4.Auto or Self Plagiarism

Auto or self-plagiarism depicts the scenario where an author copies his own ideas from the previous or older project. Self-plagiarism is a punishable offence and can’t be denied. 

5.Complete Plagiarism

This type of plagiarism is called explicit stealing of other’s documents. If a writer or student pilfers someone’s write-up and submits it as his own, it denotes complete plagiarism.

How to Keep Away Plagiarism from Academic Writing?

When you plagiarize ideas from a source, it means you are not thinking around the subject. If you want to keep away from this action, then you need to resolve it ASAP. The mantra to escape from plagiarism is, catch causes, and make them your strength. It won’t be easy to overcome each problem, but you have to keep focused if you are passionate about resolving this issue.  

  1. Indulge to acquire better information
  2. Stop giving excuses
  3. Understand the subject and topic
  4. Recognize what you want to convey
  5. Use plagiarism checker tools to examine yourself
  6. Quote the verbatim and credit the owner
  7. Think around the title and put your own ideas

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