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Science Myths

Popular Science Facts That Aren't True

27 Jul 2022

4 minutes


One of the most fascinating aspects of science is that it never stops to amaze you. Whenever you think you have hit a dead end, or there is nothing left to explore, a whole new horizon opens up itself out of nowhere leaving you astonished. But it is important to note that science is endless just like the universe, and there is no surety about any of the inference you have come up with.

In this blog, we bring you some of the most popular scientific facts that established themselves as gospel truths but have been debunked recently by the researchers.

Let’s have a look!

Goldfish has a 5 second memory

You must have read about this in a journal or a magazine that a goldfish has a memory that can only store last few seconds, but a team of marine researchers have recently proved that these little goldies have a memory that can last several months.

Sunflowers chase the Sun

It is believed that a fully bloomed sunflower follows the Sun. You’d be surprised to know that this is nothing more than a myth. A Sunflower always points towards the East. However, it’s the bud that follows the Sun in order to grow quickly.

Bulls get annoyed by red color

You would think wearing something red might irk a bull but you can’t be more wrong. It’s all because of the sport called ‘bullfighting’ where a matador tries to control a bull just with a red colored cape. It is interesting to note that the bull is not angered by the red color but due to ruffling of the cape.

Seasons are controlled by the Sun

Most of the people think that Earth’s proximity to the Sun is the sole reason why we experience climatic changes but actually, it’s due to the geometric alignment of our planet and the gravitational forces exerted by the Moon.

Drinking lots of water is healthy

Health experts and dietitians always suggest to follow the rule of consuming 8-10 glasses of water daily to stay healthy and hydrated but you’d be surprised to know that the intake of water depends upon your routine and ambient temperature. The water intake may vary from person to person from 1 glass a day to 32 glasses a day!

Don’t swim right after eating

Elderly often suggest to take a break for an hour or a half before swimming if you have just consumed food. Well, worry no more because you can take a dip whenever you want. There is a misconception that swimming just after eating can cause stomach cramps but it is false. Only if you are going through an intense training, you need to take a break and that too not more than about 15 minutes otherwise you are good to go anytime you feel like.

Hope you liked reading this blog.

Stay tuned as many more are on the way!

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