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9 Prominent Marketing Mediums You Should Use to Promote Your Startup

04 Jun 2018


Startups That Can Use These Marketing Platforms

Marketing is a process that is concerned with introducing and promoting products and services to the potential customers. It covers advertising, public relations, and sales. It is one of the crucial parts of the business as everything from sales to success depends on it. In the past, marketing generally used to deal only with the communication of the product to the consumers, but today, it is used for a variety of reasons. Through marketing, one can get a chance to be discovered and recognized by prospective customers and encourage their products and services.

There are many platforms through which one can market one’s business. Print, radio, television, direct mail, and telephone are some of the traditional mediums while the latest ones include email, social media, search engine marketing, and mobile marketing. It is critical for a business owner to understand the objectives of each marketing medium as each one has its benefits and costs.

On this note, let’s have a look at different mediums of marketing listed below:


print marketing

Newspapers, magazines, brochures, catalogs, printed telephone directories, and billboards all fall into the category of print media. While many of these media outlets have dwindled in market, newspapers, and magazines remain the prominent traditional print media and retain the high consumption rates in many parts of the world.


Television Marketing

Television is one of the most expensive marketing platforms because it can cost as much as $10,000-$25,000 just to product a small-market commercial. However, it remains the most influential media outlet due to its broad reach and more visual stimulation and creativity.


Radio marketing

Radio is one of the traditional forms of marketing media known as broadcast. This medium is quite useful in reaching a key demographic and can communicate promotional messages with a high degree of success. It is more affordable for local companies as the promotion cost is lower than other broadcast mediums.



Telemarketing remains a powerful form of marketing for contacting potential customers. Due to its push nature and the introduction of new technologies, including video conferencing calls, it is widely used by marketers to sell a product or services, conduct surveys, and gather information.

Direct Mail

direct marketing

It is a form of direct marketing in which physical promotional materials, such as flyers, letters, and catalogs are sent to prospective or existing customers. However, it is now widely dispersed and considered an inefficient form of marketing. But many marketers still use this form of marketing to improve their conversion rates.

Social Media Marketing

social media marketig

Social media marketing has evolved as a powerful marketing medium over the course of time, and almost every organization opts for this platform to showcase their business and to connect with the potential customers. A successful social media marketing campaign can attract enormous consumer interest, but it comes with considerable costs and loads of challenges.

Search Engine Marketing

search engine marketing

It is one of the most efficient forms of marketing that can help you grow your business in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Marketers use search engine marketing to improve their visibility on a search engine results page by utilizing paid and unpaid mechanisms, such as SEO techniques like keyword insertions, backlink building, and content optimization.

Mobile Marketing

mobile marketing

It is an emerging form of marketing that is concerned with the promotion of products or services for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Mobile marketing is growing popular each day due to increase in the number of consumers using their mobile to gain marketing information and perform other online activities.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Since the inception of online marketing, this form of marketing has played a vital part in marketing strategies. It utilizes ads, newsletters, and other content for generating consumer interest in products or services and maintaining a relationship with them. The conversion rate of email marketing can be measured with a high degree of accuracy because of the narrow window of consumer responses.

Now that you know some of the prominent mediums of marketing, you should use them to advertise your products and services. As a marketing student, you should learn about these platforms as it will help you expand your knowledge about the subject. In case you're finding it difficult to take out time for market research and writing academic documents, take marketing assignment help from our highly qualified writers.

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