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Is ChatGPT a Boom or a Bane?

Is ChatGPT Right for Assignments? A Comprehensive Guide

04 Feb 2023


"Can I use Chat GPT for university assignment submission?" This is a question every student wants to know the answer to. Such as how trustworthy ChatGPT is or AI-generated content. How can students use these tools for benefits that are not harmful even in the future? But, in this era of artificial intelligence ruling technology, is it possible to be productive and abandon robots simultaneously? It is what you will get clarification on in this blog.

Everything from innovation to evolution will be decoded here because it's high time to understand Chat GPT rather than following herd mentality like everyone else.

What Is ChatGPT and OpenAI?

If you are still unfamiliar with the term or a tool “OpenAI” or “ChatGPT”, then maybe students should start with that.

About Open AI

A nonprofit research organization called OpenAI seeks to advance and guide artificial intelligence (AI) in ways that benefit humanity. Elon Musk and Sam Altman founded the business in 2015, with its headquarters in San Francisco, California.

Elon Musk does not currently hold openAI shares. However, he once had stock in the business; which was sold to Microsoft in 2018. Therefore, the answer to whether Elon Musk owns OpenAI is no.

OpenAI has also disclosed partnerships with businesses like Microsoft, IBM, and AWS to incorporate their models into their cloud services and increase public accessibility.

About Chat GPT

OpenAI, an AI and research company developed Chat GPT. The business introduced it on November 30, 2022.

With the help of ChatGPT, an AI-powered natural language processing tool, you can communicate with a chatbot in a way comparable to that of a human being while also accomplishing much more. The language model of open-source Chat GPT can help you with tasks like writing emails, essays, and code and provide answers to your questions. The public can use ChatGPT for free because it is still in the research and feedback-gathering stages.

It unquestionably left a lasting impression. “ChatGPT is very impressive. The day of dangerously strong AI is not far off” said Elon Musk.

OpenAI's CEO, Sam Altman, reported on Twitter that Chat GPT had more than 1 million users in the first five days of its existence. Musk was informed that the average cost of each response was in the "single-digits cents," despite Altman's admission that it will eventually need to be profitable due to its "eye-watering" compute costs.

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How to Use ChatGPT for Generating Content?

Do you want to devote more time to creating content for websites? ChatGPT is here to simplify your life and revolutionize how you produce content.

An easy-to-use and effective AI tool is ChatGPT. Open source Chat GPT or Chat GPT can assist you in creating polished and expert content, whether you need to write an "About Us" page, a "Privacy Policy," or product descriptions for an e-commerce website. To start using Chat GPT, follow the below step:

  1. You must first create an account on the OpenAI website to use ChatGPT to publish content to websites.
  1. After creating an account, you can enter prompts to produce content. Write an "About Us" page for a software company, for instance, by entering the prompt "Write an "About Us" page for a software company."
  1. A rough draft of the content will then be produced by ChatGPT, which you can edit and polish as necessary.
  1. To generate content, you can also use prompts like "Write product descriptions for a clothing line" or "Create a "Privacy Policy" for an e-commerce website."

5 Different Chat GPT Uses

Chat GPT Is a tool that can be used for endless factors and ways. It can be used for emails, general content generation, and tricky things like HTML codes. So let’s look into the aspects that open source Chat GPT can be used for:

  1. Content Generation, Translation, and Summarisation

Chat GPT can be an advanced AI copywriter to assist in creating content like blog posts, emails, or articles. Chat GPT is so intelligent that it can also help you translate any language into other forms. Also, it can reduce your work by automatically summarising a long blog post or content into a few words.

  1. Answer Questions

Chat GPT is an excellent place to find answers to any potential question. It works great place as a search engine and provides correct solutions. It can also modify any question you have asked into a tone you want the answer into. For example, What is Chat GPT? (Answer creatively). With this prompt, you are sure to get a creative result.

  1. Write Tweets

Chat GPT can be used effectively to create a Twitter thread. If you want to make 10 tweets to give your audience healthy drink ideas, this tool can help you better. It is a part of the content generation process of this tool. For example, “Generate a Twitter thread for 10 tweens about healthy drinks ideas.” And it will get you the same in just a few seconds.

  1. Write HTML

Chat GPT can be an immense help when you are working on HTML format. It understands HTML and also can generate tables and codes if you want. It can create an HTML table with 4 rows and six columns, and it will do that for you. It can also generate a new code for you when the requirements are mentioned.

  1. Write and Debug Code

One of the significant issues that take humans hours to fix is HTML code. Chat GPT is also trained to create brand new code for your HTML format also it can find and fix errors in an existing one. Just have to prompt it with the code and ask the place where the issue is, along with a way to fix it.

While there are endless Chat GPT uses, a new one is rolled out daily. However, these are some of the most popular reasons people use artificial intelligence Chat GPT. But do you know how it can do so with so much ace? Let’s find out in the next section of the blog.

How were the Robots of ChatGPT Trained?

Using supervised learning and reinforcement learning, ChatGPT was improved upon GPT-3.5. Both strategies used human trainers to enhance the model's performance. For supervised learning, the trainers acted as both the user and the AI assistant in conversations given to the model. In addition, human trainers ranked the model's responses from an earlier conversation as the first step in the reinforcement step.

These rankings were used to produce "reward models," on which the model was further improved through several Proximal Policy Optimization iterations (PPO). Compared to trust region policy optimization algorithms, proximal policy optimization algorithms are more cost-effective because they perform more quickly while negating many computationally expensive operations. Microsoft's Azure supercomputing infrastructure was used to train the models in conjunction with them.

Additionally, OpenAI keeps collecting information from ChatGPT users that could be used to develop and improve ChatGPT. For example, users can upvote or downvote the responses they receive from ChatGPT, and after doing so, they can add additional comments in a text field.

Can we Trust ChatGPT AI-Generated Content?

However, ChatGPT can be a helpful tool for sparking creativity and assisting students with writing assignments. For instance, a student could make an outline, brainstorm ideas, or write a rough draft using ChatGPT. But can it be trusted with the final assignment submission or other content? Let's explore the factors that limit students from using Chat GPT:

  1. Plagiarism

It may be considered plagiarism if AI-generated assignments are submitted without being correctly cited. And ChatGPT is a tool that does not provide a source for the information, so it is impossible to cite the data correctly.

  1. Lack of Originality

The instructor's expectations for original and creative thinking may need to be met by assignments produced by artificial intelligence. And also, people need to determine whether the data gathered is accurate.

  1. Poor Quality

The results produced by AI need to be more accurate and up to the standards required for academic work. As students, many think that the information is put together nicely, but probably it is not, which is something they need help identifying.

  1. Misuse of Technology

There may be rules prohibiting using AI-generated content in assignments at some universities. And, when we talk about the UK, students are punished when the use of AI is identified, which can lead them to regret it.

  1. Knowing Only Until 2021

If you ask ChatGPT to write an assignment, say about the marketing trends of 2023, it will do so with the proper date but with little to no knowledge, if not outright incorrect information. So when you can work on research papers like a thesis, dissertation, or even general assignments, consider using AI in them.

  1. Designed to be Impartial

ChatGPT will provide factual information with a neutral or slightly positive bias if you ask it to write an assignment denouncing a particular topic. When researching on Google, you can choose which side you want to be at.

  1. Cannot Provide Sources

If you write as a student, you'll likely want to link to and cite your sources in your assignment. ChatGPT gathers data from various sources but needs to disclose where it comes from. You need to know or cite the data to get your task rejected.

  1. Unable to Fact-Check Itself

Like how Google weighs information, ChatGPT was created to consider information. However, it indicates that while the tool typically retrieves factual data, even the programmers admit it isn't error-free. And, when it comes to AI, which students blindly trust, it is necessary to ask this question again.

  1. Can be Tracked

All AI models share a few traits in their programming and language that help search engines recognize assignment content produced by artificial intelligence. This method is referred to as cryptographic watermarking, which many plagiarism-checking tools can track by professors.

Why ChatGPT Is No Match For Human Interactions?

When it comes to academic content submission, students should think twice and seek a better help option. Hiring an expert for assignment writing service has several benefits, which are listed below:

  1. Quality

Expert help can provide high-quality work that meets academic standards and is customized to the specific needs of the assignment. It is an aspect that AI tools need to improve at. Human intelligence can benefit in ways that artificial intelligence can not even process.

  1. Originality

Experts can provide original ideas and thoughts, whereas AI tools may produce generic and unoriginal content. Some other students may already take the same content you have generated by the Chat GPT. It is still a confusing factor that needs to be more vital for risking your assignments.

  1. Personalization

Expert help can provide personalized attention and feedback, allowing for better understanding and improving the subject matter. At the same time, Chat GPT or any other AI tool gives a neutral answer for all parties.

  1. No Plagiarism Risk

Expert help can ensure the originality of the work and avoid plagiarism, a serious issue in academic settings. In addition, knowing the source will prevent the mention of references from causing assignment rejection.

  1. Reliable

Expert help can be relied upon to deliver work on time and meet specific requirements, whereas AI tools may only sometimes produce accurate and error-free work. You will have to do several checks on numerous software to test the reliability of the data it has made.

  1. Guidelines Maintained

A tool like Chat GPT can indeed have a lot of data to answer all your academic questions, but a human expert writer can do more than that. Their experience allows them to deliver the paper with all the guidelines of the university followed. Chat GPT Might need to be made aware of this.

When you hire a writer, they can provide higher quality, more personalized, original work and a reduced plagiarism risk compared to AI tools. Along with the complete inclusion of all the special instructions given by the university professor. 

So this is your chance to decide for yourself. You should trust Chat GPT or a human expert writer for your academic need, such as dissertation writing services. It is because when it comes to research for educational content, Google is trusted the most. But why does Google not have any Chat GPT alternative yet? Let’s find out.

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Why Google Do Not have an AI Content Generator?

Regarding AI-generated assignment content, not just Google but professors have strict action. Also, the current guidelines of Google say that AI-generated content will be detected by all means, which says it all and tells us why it has not rolled out a Chat GPT alternative.

Yet, Google is not taking action against Chat GPT; why is that so? What is the next action plan of Google for AI-generated content? Well, this is a fight between Google and Microsoft. And you should focus on your decision between trusting Chat GPT more or hiring a writer.

How Are Our Experts Leaving Behind AI, ChatGPT, & Google?

When it comes to academic assignments and helping students, the professionals at Instantassignmenthelp.com are very focused. They will never compromise on students' grades over some short-cut method. So while we know many are fighting to be Chat GPT alternatives, our expertise can always be maintained.

We have expert writers who are experienced and well-versed in university standards. Their human power and intelligence allow them to deliver exceptional assignments to students that no AI tool like ChatGPT can ever do. The quality, professionalism, and reliability of human written content are way beyond any artificial intelligence of a robot.

After having a quick roller-coaster between the traits of Chat GPT and our writers, you must have taken a final decision now because we are also excited to see where you are willing to put your trust. Into a tool that can provide general assignment content, give easy solutions, and provide a dissertation outline but breaks academic ethics. Or into a human willing to go out of the box to help you score an A+ in every assignment.

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