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Importance of Economics

Importance of Economics and Advantages of Pursuing this Course

11 May 2018

5 minutes


Advantages of Pursuing the Economics Course

In today’s world, economics has become more useful than any other branch of knowledge because its primary and direct concern is human welfare. It is concerned with the analysis of production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. Economics studies how society, government, organizations, households, and individuals make decisions in the face of scarcity. It explains to us how to measure the poverty, health, education, and development in numbers and what actions can be taken to improve the current situation of any city, state or country.

It is generally classified into two categories - Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. The former focuses on how individual consumers and producers make their decision and trade with one another, and how prices are affected by the supply and demand of goods. The latter analyzes the overall economy and issues affecting it, including government fiscal and monetary policy, unemployment, inflation, and economic growth.

Let’s understand the importance of economics in detail:

Deals with the shortage of raw material: In the situations of scarcity, economics provides us a mechanism to look at the possible consequences. It can help us understand how we, as a society, can get more of what we want and at what cost.

Eradicates poverty and promotes development: Many underdeveloped countries are facing various problems, such as poverty, overpopulation, unemployment, low per capita income, and low production. Economics proves very useful in solving these problems and uplifting nations afflicted with them.

Benefits producer and consumer: Economics is beneficial for the producers as it guides them how to link the four factors of production and minimize the cost. Consumers, on the other hand, can maintain the expenditure of various goods efficiently if they are familiar with the principles of economics. It will help them spend their income according to the law of Equi-Marginal utility to get maximum satisfaction.

As economics has a direct impact on everyone’s life, learning about its concepts can help you make financial decisions, shape public policy, and understand the major problems faced by the world today. It can also prepare you to be a good citizen and help you become a well-rounded thinker.

Moreover, studying economics can offer an opportunity to students to build models that give insight into the real world, and then analyze them on the basis of assumptions. If you are pursuing a degree in this field or planning for one, then you need to understand the significance of studying economics stated below:

  • Studying economics helps students understand the world we live in and its inner working.
  • They learn everything from what determines the price of goods and services to why the average standards of living varies so widely within and between countries.
  • Students acquire proficiency in quantitative methods and computing techniques and learn how to use them to deal with a range of problems.
  • It can equip students in various skills, including designing, communication, logical reasoning, and statistical and critical analysis.
  • Economics teaches students the basic tools to make business decisions and also give them concrete tools for analysis.
  • Many universities offer a large variety of modules in Economics course that allow students to study anything from public policy to environmental economics.
  • Unlike many other majors, the case-based learning emphasis on economics degree makes easy for students to see how the theory has real-life applications.

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