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oxygen disappears from earth

These 5 Things Will Happen If Oxygen Disappears from Earth for 5 Seconds

26 Feb 2018


What is Oxygen Disappears from Earth?

They say you can't live without love, but we think oxygen is more important. When we talk about the basic necessities of life, people often enlist food, cloth, and shelter. But, they always forget to mention one crucial thing without which one cannot even think of the existence of living beings on our planet. And, that element is none other than the oxygen. The air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink contains oxygen in one form or another. Have you ever thought what makes our Earth different from Venus or Jupiter? It's this oxygen that makes life here going and growing. You might be aware of the conditions of our neighboring planets that are obscure, barren, and devoid of life because oxygen is absent there. Can you mull over a scenario where Earth lost all of its oxygen? This is something we must give some thought to. We have always taken oxygen for granted. But, this time our assignment help experts come up with some terrific scenarios that may occur on this planet if the entire oxygen from its atmosphere is lost. Isn't it surprising? Check out these scary facts of Earth without oxygen for 5 seconds.

1.) Oceans would disappear

If oxygen vanishes from the Earth, then the oceans here would start to disappear as the hydrogen from the water molecule becomes an unbound free gas. Being the lightest element, it will rise to the upper atmospheric strata and slowly bleed into space.  

2.) The buildings would fall down

In many types of research, it is proved that oxygen imparts strength to cement and acts as a crucial binder in structures made up of concrete. And, in the absence of it, the building would immediately start to fragment or crumble due to lack of rigidity.  

3.) The Earth's crust would collapse

It is a well-known fact that 45 percent of the Earth's crust is composed of oxygen presented in the different form. In the absence of which, the solid base beneath your feet would crumble, and everything starts to fall apart.  

4.) Your inner ear may explode

Disappearance of oxygen would drop the air pressure by 21%. Due to this, the pressure outside your ears reduces in comparison to what it is inside, causing a pressure imbalance. As a result of this unequal forces between your inner and outer ear region, you may have a painful sensation in there, and it may also explode.

5.) You would get sunburns

We all know that our Earth is protected from harmful rays coming from the Sun by a layer called ‘Ozone'. It is an atmospheric gas which comprises three oxygen atoms, that shields every plant and organism on our planet from harmful UV rays by absorbing them. These radiations can cause severe damages to human and animals such as sunburns, skin cancer, and DNA mutation.  

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