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St. Patrick's Day celebration

This Is How the Whole World Goes Irish on St. Patrick's Day

14 Mar 2019

8 minutes


Why St. Patrick's Day is Celebrated?

St. Patrick’s Day marks the death anniversary of the British origin Irish Saint Patrick. The day is celebrated on the 17th of March each year (if it is not on the holy week). The festival that began as a religious festival in the late 18th century became a part of the independence movement and in the late 20th century came to be recognized as a national festival of Ireland. The interesting part of the festival is it pays homage to a Saint of British roots and was first celebrated in the United States.

A lot of countries around the world are engaged in celebrating the Irish festival like their own. Celebration in Chicago is one of the most noted among other cities. With the town going green here is a sneak peek of how the city goes Irish on 17th March.

Chicago, The United States of America

The US claims to have more population of Irish ancestry than Ireland itself. Almost 12% of the population comes under this category. Also, it was in the US that the first celebrations of the day were made in the 18th century that was way before the day was recognized in Ireland itself.

In Chicago, the river goes green. Although it is just for a span of five hours, it does. If you’re in the area, then save the date and see the river change its hues to celebrate and acknowledge the Irish diaspora in the area. Also, enjoy the St. Patrick Day parade which starts at noon from Balbo and Columbus and heads up to Buckingham Fountain.From fun runs to interesting events, and from gatherings to munching, there is a lot happening in the city.

Our Tip: To add Irish flavor to your presence, do not forget to munch on some of the best and traditional Irish dishes here.

Other than Chicago, here are some other countries that you can pay a visit to make your Saint Patrick’s Day special.

1.Buenos Aires, Argentina

There is a lot happening in the town other than the parade. The 10 feet block in the Retiro district turns to a street party, with music, dance, fun and activities. The area has the fifth largest population of the Irish and they do celebrate their identity and culture like a pro.

2.Munich, Germany

During the St. Patrick’s Day celebration, the town will enjoy the parade in the nearing weekend. With so much going around the world for the day, Munich too has a lot to offer. The two day celebration this year will begin on 16th March with a number of green floats and performers the event is worth witnessing. The traditional St. Patrick’s Day Parade will commence from Münchner Freiheit and conclude at Odeonsplatz. One can enjoy the after parade party with loads of signature Irish dishes, music, dance and what not.

3.Cape Town, South Africa

This year, in Cape Town, another landmark goes green for celebrating the event. The Table Mountain would turn green to celebrate the culture and the strong identity of the Irish around the world. Table Mountain is the top tourist attraction of the city and has the magnificence of the city in the backdrop. With the festivity and celebrations in the air, the town has a lot more to offer other than turning its identity green. Enjoy special discounts, parades, music and dance in the city. Enjoy the colors and the livelihood and be a part of the celebrations in the city this Sunday.

4.Tokyo, Japan

The celebration started back in 1992 with the purpose of introducing the Irish to the Japanese. The Omotesando avenue sees the commencement of the parade that marches for almost two hours (Yeah, that’s 120 minutes of walking). Go green and enjoy with the celebrants. The banners, pipers, and cute leprechauns would be accompanying you in the celebration all the way. Who knows any of these leprechauns take you to the pot of gold in the end of the rainbow?

Also, do not forget to visit Yoyogi Park for the celebrations if you are in the city. Enjoy your say with traditional dishes, soothing music and loads of Guinness.

5.Auckland, New Zealand

The Sky Tower, the tallest building in the country will go green to celebrate the Irish diaspora in the country. This St. Patrick’s Day, if you are in the city, do not miss the things happening around. The parade that begins late in the day will be followed by a Fleadh. Enjoy traditional Irish music and dances in the city.

The Irish Society Carnival at Auckland will be held at the city’s one of the most beautiful locations, the Fowlds Park. Enjoy the food stalls, games, fun activities, and everything Irish on the day.

6.Sydney, Australia

Sydney is known to celebrate festivals like no other city. The Sydney Opera house turned green to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the celebrations. Other than this, the city turns to an Irish village for the day and you can enjoy the festival like an Irish. Enjoy traditional recipes, cultural music, and yeah, the famous Irish beer. The city is known to host the second biggest parade for the day and the participants make it a point to sport green. The Shamrock and hues of the festival make one feel like an Irish even when not in Ireland.

The List Goes on Endlessly...

These are just a few cities around the world that have been celebrating and acknowledging the Irish diaspora. You may be amazed to know that St. Patrick’s Day is one of the most celebrated national festivals. All the countries from both the hemispheres become a part of the celebration in their own ways and pay homage to St. Patrick.

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