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How to Write an Effective Introduction of an Assignment?

09 Oct 2018


Importance of Effective Introduction

An assignment generally has three parts - introduction, main body, and conclusion. The introduction and conclusion should be around 20% of the overall assignment word count, whereas the main body should be approximately 80%. But, if you fail to write an effective introduction, then the other parts of the assignment might not be helpful enough to impress your professor. So, to get good grades in an assignment, it is necessary to write an impressive and useful introduction.

What is the Importance of Writing an Impressive Introduction?

An introduction is the first part of your assignment and by reading it, your professor can perceive the quality of the document. He can also understand if you have addressed the problem correctly or not. If he does not find the introduction relevant, then you may get bad grades in it. So, it is essential to write an introduction in a convincing way so that you can get good grades in your paper. Our Ph.D. certified writers have come up with some tips that will guide you to write a fantastic introduction.

5 Ways of Writing a Perfect Introduction:

Mentioned below are a few best ways to write an introduction. Let’s have a look at them:

1. It must give an overview of the assignment.
2. It should cover all the important areas.
3. It must be convincing.
4. It should be written after the main body and conclusion.
5. It should address the motto of writing an assignment

Let’s read about them in detail:

1. It must give an overview of the assignment

An introduction should have a proper connection with the topic that you are writing on. So, while writing it, you should introduce essential concepts that are relevant and suitable for your assignment.

2. It Should Cover all the Important Areas

An introduction is like a guideline, and that is why it should have all the important things that you will define in the main body of the assignment. By introducing the essential concepts, you can make it interesting and impressive.

3. It Must be Convincing

The tone of the introduction defines your attitude toward writing. A bad or informal sound can degrade the quality of your assignment. So, you should use compelling words to express your views in the introduction. The tone of the introduction must be expressive and convincing so that your professor can easily understand the motto of introduction.

4. It Should be Written After the Main Body and Conclusion

It is the best way to write an effective assignment, as when you write an introduction, in the end, you get a complete idea of what you should write in it.
So, you should first write the main body of the assignment, and it will help you build a strong overview of the introduction. Also, this step will make sure that you didn’t forget to include the important concepts in the assignment.

5. It Should Address the Motto of Writing an Assignment

An introduction should be written in such a way that it can explain the reason for writing an assignment. So, you should first address the most basic and main problem of the assignment, and you should explain it logically.

The introduction of the assignment should be impressive, and it must address the main reason for writing it. A professor can judge the quality of your document by reading its introduction, and that is why writing a perfect introduction is a must for getting good grades. These tips will help you compose a meaningful introduction, so you should consider following them before writing it.

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