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Know How to Write an Email with Instant Assignment Help!

5 Quick Steps on How to Write an Email!

13 Jul 2023


Many of you may have doubts about how to write an email? It is a common question. Though it will not impact your scores, it is necessary for you to create a well-defined email to your professor. It showcases your writing skills. Also, it exhibits how you can present the information in a short and crisp manner. Thus, you should write it which makes the meaning clear to the other person in one go. But how to write an email is a big question. But before talking about the solution, know what the reason is or what mistakes you make while drafting an email with Instant Assignment Help.

What Are the Common Mistakes You Can Make While Writing an Email? 

Writing an email is not a challenging task. But there are instances when you do not know how to write an email because you do not focus on the following elements. 

Unclear Content 

Just to leave a good impression on the reader, you can use fancy words and language that make the email unclear. It is one of the biggest mistakes you can make because the end goal is to convince you not to brag. 

Long Email 

No one likes to read long emails. It is a common mistake that you can make. Thus, always write email that is straight to the point and does not contain anything extra. Short and crisp content is an indication of a good email. 


Due to a lack of writing skills, repetition is a common issue you can face. It makes your text look unprofessional and leaves a negative impression on the third person. Thus, the recommendation will be to refer to an email writing sample before you start writing.

Incorrect Tone 

Tone defines how you are talking to the recipient. In case; you are drafting an email to your professor, you should show signs of respect and humility towards your educator. 

We hope you learned about the errors you can make while writing an email. But do you want to explore the correct way how to write an email? If yes, hop on to the next section. 

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How to Write a Professional Email? 

Are you struggling and finding ways on how to write an email? Read the following pointers to get your doubts solved.

Add a Subject Line 

A subject line is a short statement of up to 41 characters that provides the gist of your email to the person reading it. Thus, always add a subject line so that a reader gets an overview of the subject matter just by analysing the subject line. 

Include an Opener

The opener in writing email suggests that you should not talk about the issue directly. You owe some sense of respect to the other person for whom you are drafting the email. 

Example of email writing in case of opening sentence are 

  • I hope this email finds you well. 
  • I hope you are having a pleasant day! 

State the Purpose 

After you show gratitude to the acknowledged person, it is time to state the genuine reason for crafting the email. Start writing about the topic, problem, or query you have while writing email. 

Close the Email 

You can not abruptly end the email only by talking about the matter and closing it off. It is a wrong practice because you should state your expectations and end by adding a closing remark for the other person’s satisfaction. 

Here are some examples of how to write an email ending: 

  • Thank you for your patience and support! 
  • In case you have any queries, you can reach out to me 
  • I look forward to getting a positive response from your end. 

End Professionally 

Last but not least, you should show some respect to the recipient. You should not use words such as best wishes and cheers because you are probably writing an email to a professor. Instead, use best regards and sincerity. 

So, it is a step guide on how to write an email. But if you want to conquer this art, learn which skills you need to start working on.

Want to Draft an Exceptional Email? Command These Skills! 

Writing an email can definitely be improved. It is not that everyone is born with an innate talent to craft a meaningful email. It is always how deeply you get engrossed and are willing to improve your skills. Thus, here are some skills you should start working on to draft compelling emails.  

Writing Skills

Writing skills play a prominent role while writing an email. After all, a well-defined message tells how proficient you are with the language. Are you eager to know how to improve email writing skills? Then the best thing will be to try to write every day so that if you have to write a professional email to your professor, you can manage your work independently. 

Critical Thinking Skills

Referring to the example of email writing is a great choice, but that does not mean you should rely on such samples. Therefore, to write crisp and clear content for your emails, it is essential to apply critical thinking skills; otherwise, your professor will notice the copy-paste thing. 

These are some skills you should work on to write an email. Thus, start working on them if you want to write an effective emailOther than these three skills there are several parameters you should work on or notice. Thus, to know more about them, hop on to the next section. 

What Should You Check in an Email Before Pressing on the Send Button? 

 Many times, you send the email to your professor without taking an overview. It is a wrong practice as there can be several mistakes hidden. Thus, before you make up your mind, here are some crucial pointers you should consider for writing a formal email.

Writing Tone

The tone in email writing means how you are communicating your thoughts to another person. It is through tone that either a reader feels good or becomes offended. Thus, always set the right tone according to the intent of your email. You should strike a balance between being too formal and informal in your message.

Recipient Email Address 

When writing an email what should you check before pressing send? The recipient's email address. There are times when, in a hurry, you do not notice to whom you are sending and make a mistake. Thus, always ensure to check the address before hitting the send button. 

Grammatical Mistakes 

An email is a short piece of content, so making grammatical mistakes in it leaves a negative impression. It showcases your poor proofreading and editing skills. So, always look for such mistakes or use a grammar checker tool for best results.

Email Signature 

An email signature means adding more information about yourself so a professor can contact you immediately. There is no need to add extra information; details such as your name, the university you are studying at, and your contact number are enough for professional email writing.

So, these are some pointers you should consider before sending the final email to the concerned person. Overall, writing is an essential element of your write-up. If it is up to the mark, there is a surety of expecting a positive reply from the other person. But gaining this skill takes time, even when working on your academic papers. Thus, taking English homework help from the best in the UK is the best solution. 

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