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How to Take Inspiration Without Plagiarizing?

Know How to Take Inspiration for Work Without Plagiarizing

20 Sep 2023


When writing a document, it is obvious that the student might not know everything on that topic. Thus, he will take references from one or many sources for sure. In such situations, the student might feel like copying the content or get unknowingly inspired by that information reflected in their work.

This often leads to plagiarism- be it intentional or unintentional. In either case, when the professor finds out that the document is plagiarized, he would surely grade poor scores to the student or might reject it depending on the severity of plagiarism.

Now the issue here is how a student can take reference from any source without plagiarizing it, right? So, read the below section to know more about it.

How to Take Reference and Not Plagiarize Content?

In this section, you can understand the steps you should follow to refer to any source for information but not plagiarize it in any means. So, let's get started!

Read, read and read

Always start the process with reading. Use multiple sources to read the topic from different perspectives. Go for books, articles, blogs, journals, and whatever you can find relevant and informative.

Understand the essence

Now, it's time to absorb the essence of the content. Yes, leave behind all the words you read in the content and just stick to the meaning and essence of that content so that you do not get caught up in those word webs.

Make a rough draft

Based on your reading and understanding, draft a rough piece. This should be helpful for you in putting down all your points and then analyzing if you got the right essence or not. Once you are clear with this step, you can move ahead.

Rephrase in own accent

This is where you rephrase the rough draft you prepared in the previous step. Again, you should carefully read the draft, own it and then rephrase it completely using adverbs, synonyms, and adjectives so that it sounds like your work.

Add a personal touch

The final step here is to add a personal touch to work. Since you know how you write, follow your writing style throughout the work and add your personal examples or evidence to the document so that it sounds more like you!

These are the five simple steps that you can use while referring to sources in a document but not plagiarizing anything. If you are wondering how to avoid plagiarism in all your documents, then read the below section for some professional tips from the experts of Instant Assignment Help.

How to Avoid Plagiarism in Academic Writing?

If you are fed up with plagiarism showing up somehow in your works and leading you to poor grades, then you might be looking for a way to get rid of it, right? If yes, then here's something that can come in handy or you; our professionals have shared a few proven tips here:

  1. Write from Scratch - This may sound simple but remember that even after writing from scratch, many students end up carrying the original content unknowingly into their work. So, make sure to write everything from scratch.
  2. Cite All Sources Properly -The often ignored mistake which makes the student pay really bad is not citing the sources they referred to. Professors are way more advanced than a student can think of; so, it's better not to try to fool them and genuinely cite all references.
  3. Go for a Plagiarism Check - The ideal tip is to go for a plagiarism check. Yes, though you may not have plagiarized anything, this is a recommended step to ensure no traces of unintentional plagiarism are left unattended. If you run the check and find any errors, then you can rectify them before submission and not get into any trouble.

These are three professional tips from the experts of Instant Assignment Help. If you are wondering how to run your document through a plagiarism check, the below section can help you!

How to Check If My Document Is Plagiarized?

If you are opting for a plagiarism check but are unaware of using a plagiarism checker, don't worry; we can help you!

  1. Go to our tools section.
  2. Click on plagiarism checker.
  3. Copy-paste the content or upload the document.
  4. Click on the “Check Plagiarism” button.
  5. Download the document.

Within a few minutes of clicking on the button, you get a document with all plagiarized sentences and phrases highlighted along with their percentage and sources so that you can verify and edit them properly. If you want a professionals' opinion on the same, our experts are available round-the-clock to hear your concerns and solve your queries. Contact Us!

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