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Generative AI Tools vs. Human Writing

Generative AI Tools: Is It a Better Option to Write Assignment?

20 Sep 2023


We want to start this blog by answering a simple question. What is the one invention of the present time which has created a sensation among people? If you ask this, the most common answer you will get is AI. It is one thing that has made many things easy in today's time, especially for students. Scholars who have to write many assignments during their course get fed up. So, they use Generative AI Tools to get out of this problemUsing it gives them many benefits, including saving time, finishing their work on time and reducing stress. But you must have heard this line: "Every coin has two sides." In the same way, using this tool also has some advantages and disadvantages. 

If you want to know this in brief, this blog will take you through all this, but before that, you must know what this tool is. 

What Is Generative AI Tools?

A generative AI tool is an artificial intelligence that helps people generate things like photos, writing, videos or music. The tool uses extensive data and then creates a product as output. It creates a buzz because it provides results in a few seconds, which saves people time and effort. Some of the examples of Generative AI tools are ChatGpt, Dall-E2, Wordtune and GitHub. There are several others which you can find on the internet. In this blog, we will discuss ChatGpt, as students mainly use this for writing their assignments. In the next part of this blog, we will discuss some of the advantages of using it. 

Pros of Using AI Tool for Writing an Assignment

By reading the above section, you have gained information about a Generative AI tool. Now is the time to understand what pros it provides to students. Writing is a big task as it demands energy and effort from writers. That is why many students prefer to avoid it and rely on AI tools like ChatGpt. So, are you curious to know its other advantages? If yes, then move further with this section.

It Saves Time

Everyone knows writing demands time, so to deliver a flawless document, students must spend a reasonable amount of time on their assignments. It makes them tired, so they use generative AI tools for writing their paper. The tool helps them save time, which they can spend on other things. So, those students who used to spend several hours on writing started saving their time by using it. 

Reduce Human Error

Humans are meant to make mistakes while writing, which is common. However, using an AI tool for writing your assignment or any other document reduces those errors. It can help people to complete their tasks flawlessly.

Generate Unique Ideas 

To write an assignment, scholars must generate good ideas, which is necessary. But being a newbie, sometimes creating innovative ideas and thoughts is challenging. Taking help from Generative AI tools can assist students to build good ideas. 

These are a few advantages of using AI tools for writing, but as you read above, it has some disadvantages, too. So, let's head towards our next section to understand its cons.

Cons of Using AI Tool for Writing an Assignment

As you have read in the above section, there are various advantages of using generative AI tools for writing. But now is the time to know some of its cons. Everyone knows AI is a tool, so it cannot put emotions into creating the document. Also, there are a bunch of other disadvantages of using it, which you will read here, so let's move further.

Chances of Plagiarism

The AI tool uses information available on the internet only. So, when different students use this tool to write on the same topic, they may use similar words. Due to this, there is a higher chance of plagiarism detection. It can affect their image and make them lose their grades. So, while using any Generative AI tools, keep this in mind. 

Lack of Creativity

Adding creativity to the content is the most critical factor, as it helps engage readers. AI tool lacks emotional intelligence, so they cannot add creative factors to their content. It relies heavily on existing data, so developing new content is challenging. 

Difficult to Understand

The writing piece created by AI tools is sometimes challenging, and one needs help understanding it. The tool chooses words and phrases which is complex, and it makes audiences confused. So, overall, using AI to write an assignment can be risky for students.

Wrong Output

The other disadvantage of using generative AI tools is inaccurate results. When students use it for writing assignments, it will create a well-structured and correct format, but the information can be wrong. The tool sometimes does not focus on a topic and provides different answers. 

Inaccurate Proofreading 

You have read in the pros section that this tool avoids human errors, which is true. But still, this tool needs to be corrected in the assignments. It can only be removed by humans, so the missing essence of proofreading is another factor that determines humans can write well.

By reading the above points, you must have understood a few cons of using generative AI tools. If there is still any issue, do not worry; we are moving towards the most crucial section of this blog. In the next part, you will read a comparison between human and generative AI tools writing

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Genarative AI Tool or Human Writing: A Comparison

Generative AI Tools

Human Writing

An AI tool can never understand emotions. Hence, it will create content without this. Therefore, readers may have difficulty connecting with the writing.

Human writers can understand emotions, so their writeups will let people connect with them.

The tool can't think; it can only use existing data. So, there will be a need for more creativity and unique ideas.

The human writers are blessed with the ability to think. They can think outside the box, create unique content, and apply creativity while writing. 

A machine does not have a sense of forming a story; readers feel connected with any writeup when it has some story essence. Thus, AI cannot form exciting content.

Storytelling is an art, and the humans are artists. We have heard different stories from our grandparents and parents since ancient times. They can convince the readers through their writing.

The above part shows why human writing is better than Generative AI tools. So, if you use it to make things easy, be aware.

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