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Historical Foul Practices of War That Ever Went Unnoticed by the Law

21 Apr 2023

5 minutes


Historical Foul Practices of War

Give humans a few years of existence, and they will not leave a single chance to show how civilized they are. So far, we have cured the issues that relate to homelessness, sexism, and classism, etc. It validates our need to go to the wars, and it's funny how battles are the only time a leader comes out in the open and addresses the people.

When we look at our leaders fighting the same problems we struggle with every day, we start to find authorization to our issues and omit our conscience. It's proven that through, and throughout our time on earth, we long to live with no jurisdiction above us. And, during a war, when it actually happens, we turn into the person we always wanted to become. Here are a few standard practices of war which never changed. Some people might prefer calling these ‘rituals.'

1. Genocide

It's the Patriots and the brainwashed nationalists who lead their team of brainwashed soldiers which creates more mess than drug cartels create in their life. There's no point in believing that the people in uniform are actually humans. They are on a mission to kill and nothing can divert them from proving their worth to the nation.

2. Firepower

There were times when emperors joined the war with their soldiers, and they fought with their swords and spears till we discovered guns. The whole concept of masculinity was just shattered by the wannabe men of war. The amount of muscle you require to fire a bullet is the amount that can absorb the recoil. You got that straight, and you are a fighter. Cooking rice was harder than that.

Guns, missiles, and bombs go through a significant development phase, costing thousands of millions of dollars to a government; the money which could have been used to employ people, but it wasn't.

3. Stealing and Robberies

As you sit in your house with your doors locked, you fear that the people on the street will knock on your door too. And, as they do, all that property which was once yours become theirs. If you had done it in regular days, you would have been imprisoned for life, or triple life sentences, and what not. But, during the war, the leaders are very much occupied in ways to win the war than to keep the public safe. Surprisingly, in World War 2, the number of deaths of the civilians exceeded the number of soldiers went to the war. Beautiful.

4. Wartime Violence

You might have been trying your way into the military for years and have been getting rejected, for you don't qualify because of physical or mental reasons. Not if there's a war going on. Be it murderer, thief or a robber; everyone gets to become a soldier when the system thinks it's appropriate.

It leads to vicious people joining the military on their operations. As long as there's no jurisdiction over an action, it cannot be considered as a crime. Military men know how to play with that fact.

Why does the jurisdiction sleep during a war? There are a lot of inhumane activities in which various soldiers and professors indulge themselves. While soldiers commit crimes in a foreign village, professors work under government supervision to create bombs that can kill more people than the previous one. When the war ends, these people are accredited as heroes, based on the importance of their work that helped a country win a battle. Such a shame.

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