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five Incredible Technologies

Five Incredible Technologies from Fictions That Are on Their Way

21 Jul 2023


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Perhaps the greatest joy of fiction lies in its ability to transport us from our realistic world to a new imaginary one where anything can be made possible. You would be surprised to know that there have many scientific innovations and technological breakdowns that took inspiration from fictions. This means fictions can encourage us to dream of what may be plausible in the future. Here are some important innovations that have been inspired by fictions:

1. Deleting Memories

Biologists have always propagated the idea that our brain cannot delete or recall a piece of information automatically as it depends on how deeply inculcated it is. The more we see or experience something- it's more likely to find a permanent place in our brain. But at the same time, we have fictions that promote the idea of deleting a part of a fact or impression from the brain. Although it seemed impossible in the past, recently, researchers have invented certain drugs “PKMzeta inhibitors” that can block unwanted traumatic memories in patients by inhibiting PKMzeta production, which has the effect of severely limiting long-term memory.

2. Cloned Dinosaurs

We have so far read many fictions on dinosaurs. The famous “Jurassic Park” series inspired the researchers to change the evolutionary process. And now, there is something before us that is truly bizarre. A team of scientists from Yale and Harvard University has developed a dinosaur like organism from a chicken embryo. It is said that a similar variety of organism existed during the Jurassic era known to be the velociraptor.

3. Invisibility

Invisibility has been a famous concept for many science fictions and movies. Recently, a team of scientists at the Rochester University has discovered a technique that could make an object invisible to all. The research team says that we can see something when the light from it bounces back to the eyes. However, if any medium could eliminate the light waves from reaching the eyes, we won't be able to see it. The researchers propagated that invisibility can be possible by using a series of high power lenses that would refract the light waves from reaching our eyes.

4. Laser Guns

Laser guns are the best innovative idea given by a series of animated movies from the early twentieth century. Although we had never thought that it could be created in real, the US army surprised us last year by announcing that they have almost created the laser gun that can shoot anyone even from a distant location.

5. Artificial Germ Cells

You might have read stories on fictional creatures that are created by magical powers. But, do you know that we already made a creature using artificial egg and sperm? A team of researchers from Cambridge has developed this technique to create mice. The researchers hope that this technique will eliminate even the worst cases of infertility in the future.

These were some amazing inventions and discoveries that have been inspired by fictions. It shows that beyond fun and thrill, fictions can inspire us to achieve the remarkable.

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