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5 Applications for JAVA Programming

Five Applications of JAVA Programming Language

21 Jul 2023


The language was developed in 1995 by an American enterprise which runs by the name "Sun Microsystems." The release proved to be a success to the company as it brought them in demand list of significant application developers including Macintosh and Windows, as well as UNIX based systems. Later the company spread its approach to include Android mobile devices too. According to research performed by Oracle (the enterprise which acquired Sun Microsystems in 2010), there are currently more than 3 billion devices which run on JAVA. However, given below are the types of applications that employ JAVA to work:

1.Desktop Graphic User Interface

JAVA is responsible for creating several scripts used to develop a User Interface. For years, the language has produced different means of creating your own interfaces. They came out with platforms like Abstract Windowing Toolkit (AWT), which precedes Swing, and it preceded their latest GUI script called JAVA FX. While AMT was only a text-based script, Swing brought a touch of elite graphics to the dialogue box. With JAVA FX, they have crossed all the boundaries, as now the icons are interactive and 3D.

2.Applications in mobile phones

There are two common JAVA platforms used to create almost all the applications that run on a mobile device. JAVA ME and J2ME are a couple of cross-platform frameworks, which are used to develop nearly every application you find on Android devices. While scripting the information in JAVA, developers use Android Software Development Kit to make their application follow the regulations of Android.

3.Applications on the web

Several websites across the web employ Servlets, JSPs, or Struts. Two primary reasons that make JAVA a choice for the programmers and developers are, ease at programming and high at security. And because of these reasons, the government has started employing this language for many of its projects, be it health, social safety, or education.

4.Applications for enterprise

At some point in the time, JAVA released its enterprise edition by the name "JAVA Enterprise Edition (EE). It soon became popular and secured its place in what Oracle claims are 97% of all the enterprises. The reasons behind its acceptance were its improved performance and the possibility of computing fast. Soon it became the language of choice for businesses like Murex, and banks too. JAVA also provides two-way support, which creates an interface for the customer's side as well as the merchant's side too.

5.Applications for science

Due to its high computing capability and increased security, many software developers have started to use JAVA in most of the complex scientific applications. One can also choose it as an option if they only want to develop their core using JAVA, or interface as well. Sophisticated software like MATLAB uses JAVA for its user interface and core as well, for it’s script is one of the most reliable ones which is out there in the digital world.

You can practically build anything on JAVA. You can also develop games using the language. It entirely depends on your skill level, if you're going to create a racing or an arcade game. Both of them qualify to have the vintage Nintendo alike graphics on JAVA. Make it happen. Otherwise, there are a lot of companies out there ready to hire App and GUI developers, like you.

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