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How to Write a College Application Essay for Top 10 Universities in the UK?

11 Oct 2022


Top 10 Universities in the UK Where College Application Essays Are Crucial!

Higher studies are always a matter of serious discussion among students. Those from the developing parts of the world, where the resources are not available, always dream of moving to a developed country like the UK. It is to get their hands on some quality education. While those who are privileged to be native residents of the country start searching for the best university for them. This is because the UK was greatly impacted by creating high standards for education across the globe. This is also why every student always wants to study at one of the top 10 universities in UK.

Enrolling in one of the top universities in the country means a lot for every student, be it from any region because the UK is the best country to study. In terms of education, the country has some of the finest institutions for enrolling. Did you know that more than 50 best colleges in the UK make their way into the top 100 universities globally? It might not be surprising considering the quality of education that the country is known for. However, with so many options available in the education sector, students often find it troublesome to make their choice. They are always concerned about two things - Which are the top 10 universities in UK? & How do you get admission to these reputed institutions? This blog will answer all these questions, so make sure you read it till the end.

List of Top 10 Universities in UK - Choose from These for Best Opportunities!

Choosing which university to go for is a tough decision as the options available are challenging tasks to decide. The education system has also become a corporate hassle, which means people are marketing their products and trying to ensure that more and more students join the theme. These campaigns often boast that theirs is the best university to study, and students often get confused. Well, those who aim to get enrolled in any of the top 10 universities in UK must have knowledge of which one is the best one.

If you are not aware of the latest UK university ranking 2022, here is the list of the top 10 ones, ranging from one to ten, along with their global rankings for reference -

University of Oxford

Global Rank: 1


University of Cambridge

Global Rank: 5 (tie)


Imperial College London


Global Rank: 12



Global Rank: 18


London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)


Global Rank: 27


University of Edinburgh

Global Rank: 30


King’s College London

Global Rank: 35


University of Manchester


Global Rank: 50


University of Warwick

Global Rank: 78


University of Glasgow

Global Rank: 86


As you can see, the universities mentioned in the list are all in the top 100 universities across the globe. It means even if you cannot make it to the best university as per the UK university ranking 2022, you will still be studying at one of the best names in the world if you are in the University of Glasgow, which stands in the 86th position. So look up the course you want to go for, find which one is the most suitable for you, and make sure you apply perfectly. One thing you must be aware of is that all these universities are tough to get in and require a solid application and a strong college application essay.

A college application essay is attached to the application form. Universities often use it to judge you on the basis of your experiences, your way of writing, and the accuracy with which you have written the essay. Don't know how to write one? Well, check out the next section to know more!

How to Write a College Application Essay for All of These? Follow the Steps

Now that you know which university you want to attend, you must consider the application process. Unlike any other university, getting admission to these top-class institutes is typical and requires a lot of effort and formalities. You need to maintain a GPA throughout your schooling, prepare for the entrance, and, more importantly, write a college application essay that proves that you deserve to be in the university. A college application essay is the foundation of your journey and decides whether you get your first day at the university of your dreams or not.

A college application essay's significance is clear to everyone who researches the process. Some of the universities have even shared it in their requirements. It is the best chance to create your impression from the very first day. College admission essay writing often seems as difficult to write documents, for which MBA assignment help is available to the students as they have never done it before. And the pressure of getting it right always makes it a typical task for students.

There have been cases in the past when even with all the qualifying grades and documents, students were denied admission due to the lack of crispness in their college admission essays. Thus, the fear among students is understandable.

So how do you ensure that your essay is perfect? How do you write a college admission essay that makes it doubly sure that you are getting into the university of your dreams? You might have heard of assignment writers in UK who help with essays and ensure perfection in every document. They follow a set pattern and process to make the essay complete and crisp, making it possible for them to bring the best results for the students who take their assistance. Well, we have those exact steps ready for you to understand and finish your essay. Take a look at the following steps for the best results.

Steps to College Application Essay Writing -

Choose a Relatable Essay Prompt

You must choose the prompt from the available options in the application. If you choose it based on toughness, you might not be able to justify the point of writing the essays as it is required to understand your approach and why you want to be in the university in the first place. A domain you can connect to or a domain related to your course that you want to opt for is the best prompt to choose and make it worthy.

Establish Points to Include

Creating an outline and framing the structure of the essay before writing is a good way to minimize the work. You know the prompt/topic you are going to write about. Start brainstorming and note down every single thing you can think of relating to the context of your prompt. After noting them down, choose the best sections to help you finish the essay perfectly and simply remove the left. This way, you have a structure to follow, making it easier to complete the task.

Prepare Your First Draft

Now, everything you write and fill in the structure you have prepared above should not be considered the final body of the essay. That will be the first draft, the initial product of what you have curated. So write everything you can think of in the language you are comfortable with. No worries if you make spelling or grammatical errors, as it is just a draft to give you an idea of what sort of essay can be created.

Start Nit-Picking Your Draft

Go through your first draft and analyze it from the first to the last alphabet. Make sure you remove all the mistakes in this step. Then, you can edit, proofread, cut short, or add a few lines to make the essay polished and crisp. Keep in mind that there is no need to be in a hurry. You can finish the task on your own and simply get over with it. If you have access to tools, feel free to use them.

Create the Final Document & Send

After the above step, organize the entire essay, check for structure or potential errors, and send it with your application. Sending the final draft is also a crucial step as now you have to create a summary for the same, which will give your reader a glance at what they may find in the essay. Creating an intriguing summary can be a great way to entice your reader to take a look at your essay. If the application has an option to attach a summary, well and good; if not, make sure you create the email well with which you are attaching the essay.

With the help of these steps, you can enroll in any of the top 10 universities in the UK. Finishing off with the essay part will give you a great edge over the competition, which is why it is always better to deliver a document that is crafted with perfection.

Top 10 Universities Seem a Bit Far? The Experts Can Take You a Step Closer!

After knowing the entire process of writing a college application essay to meet the requirements and enroll in the top 10 universities in the UK, you might be worried about finishing the essay on your own. It is often the concern of students, even though the steps to follow are right there. The time of admission is a tough one. Students have a lot on their plates, so they cannot focus on the type of essay they write. The passion that drives a student to opt for the best university is often overpowered by the stress that comes with the question, "What if I am not selected?".

If you are also facing the same issues, do not worry; with professional university assignment helpyou can finish the best essay and submit it with the application right on time! Simply reach out to our professional writers and get yourself the best possible assistance today!

This brings us to the end of the blog, hope you might have gotten the information you were looking for. The assignment writing service, UK is anytime available for any query you may ask. Always remember, something that seems tough to achieve has already been achieved by many; you, too, can do it! Good Luck!

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