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Words and Phrases That Can Make Your Essay More Fruitful

07 Dec 2022

9 minutes


You all must have written essays as a task for your school or college. Then you also may have experienced that writing an essay is not a simple task. It requires research and good writing skills to make it better. Well, there is one more thing that can make your essay fruitful.Words and phrases can also increase the quality of your document. Can you not believe this? If not! Then read out this complete blog to check this out.

How Words and Phrases Can Make Your Essay Effective?

To make your essay more effective, you should do many things, like takingcare of its structure or includinga good vocabulary. You can make your document more effective. But there are also many other reasons for using persuasive words and phrases to make your essay perfect.

1. Increases Quality of Content

If you add some extra ingredients while preparing a dish, it will taste better. Well, the same happens with essays. If you would add some good words and phrases to your document, it will improve the quality of the content.

2. Helps in Making Flow

Vocabulary is not only necessary for improving the quality of an essay. But, it also helps to make flow while writing your content. If you draft some creative lines or phrases in the content, it will create a smoothness in your writing. You can also get assignment help to get assistance in your writing tasks.

 3. Better Connectivity

The structure of an essay includes three major parts; an introduction, main body,and conclusion. You must strictly follow the format while drafting this write-up. You can create content connectivity by including a good vocabulary in your writing pattern.

4. Improves Writing Skills

You can enhance your writing skills inan essay by including some critical analysis words and phrases in your document. Because, it will help you to convey your message to the readers.

So, the above points conclude that it would be better to use words and phrases while writing essays. But it is also mandatory to know the common words and phrases that will help you to make your essay more impeccable.

Words and Phrases That Can Make Your Introduction Better

In the format of an essay, the introductory part has to be very impressive. Because if your introduction is engaging, there is a high chance of readability of your content. To make the introduction perfect, you can include the below-listed persuasive words and phrases that can make your essay more fruitful.

1. Firstly

If you think introducing any line is getting difficult. The best thing you can do is start off with the word “Firstly” and it will instantly connect with the rest of the paragraph of your content.

For example: Firstly, you should understand that...

Have you seen how amazing this line started the introduction? If yes, you would agree that the word “firstly” is the correct option to write your introduction.

 2. In view of

You can start your statement in an introduction by using phrases like; in view of, in light of and considering.

For example - In view of the experts in the UK, we can say that.....

This phrase can make your words more engaging for the readers.

 3. According to

Professional writers use this phrase in their essays to make them more relevant and user-friendly. It is a factual phrase you can use to provide some additional information to your content.

For Example - According to an expert, we can say that.

 4. It is well known

It is a general introductory phrase you can use in your write-ups to make them better.

For example- It is a well-known fact that you should know

You can use this phrase in any kind of document, also other than essays.

It would be great for your content if you put these critical analysis words and phrases in your introduction. But you will get more accurate results if you use words and phrases in your arguments in the essay. You can also take essay help online from professionals when you feel stuck.

Common Words and Phrases Included in an Essay for Better Explanation

Essays without the proper explanation are exactly like candy without sugar.Words and phrases impact strong support in the essay to convey your message. You could use some persuasive words and phrases to write your arguments clearly which are in the below-listed points.

 1. In order to

When you have to explain the information perfectly in the content, you can use this phrase to make it clear for the readers to understand that you are giving information after understanding the whole process.

For example -In order to live a happy life, you must take no stress.

 2. For a Better Understanding

Sometimes in the essay, you need to provide more information to the readers forin-depth knowledge of the topic. And it would be beneficial for you if you use this phrase in the content of your essay.

For Example - For a better understanding, the research says that.

3. To Put it Simply

When you have to simplify the context of any point in your essay. It would be better, if you use this as critical analysis words and phrases.It happens several times when we get stuck in the content where we need to simplify our lines to give a direct message to the readers and for better connectivity.

For example - To put it simply, he got shot in the head.

4. On the other hand

When drafting an essay you may require to write an opposing viewpoint to contrast the interpretation of the same point, or you may use this phrase. This phrase is also frequently used by essay writers.

For example - He was writing his assignment; on the other hand, her sister was playing badminton.


These above-mentioned words and phrases can help you a lot in making your essay more fruitful and help you to secure better grades in class. By using good vocabulary, you can surely increase the effectiveness of your document. You also need to put their use in the lines wisely so that it will make an impression on the professor of your college or the readers. It would be great if you use persuasive words and phrases in every essay. Because it will enhance your skills as an essay writer. But are you still facing difficulty in writing essays? If yes, then you can use our essay typer for writing an impeccable document.

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