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Master the Art of Essay Writing | Know the 21 Types of Academic Essays

30 Jul 2022


Every student dreams of getting an A+ in essays. But, only a few succeed with it. This is not because only those few students are capable of doing so. But, only those making efforts to improve their work. If you are also looking for help to get your dream grades, then seek essay writing services from Instant Assignment Help. Our experts will help you through this. But, before that, we shall take an insight into this.

What Is an Essay?

An essay is a piece of information that puts forward the writers’ opinion or gives his own argument. Though there is no certain definition for this, it is used for academic purpose and classified mainly into formal and informal types.

There are more types of essays rather than the formal and informal ones, which we shall look into in the section below.

What Are the 21 Types of Essays?

Here, we provided a list of 21 main types of academic essays that you can write to impress your professor and score the best grades you always wished for.

Analysis or analytical essay Application essay
Argumentative essay Persuasive essay
Case study essay Cause and effect essay
Classification essay Compare and contrast essay
Critical essay Deductive essay
Definition essay Descriptive essay
Exploratory essay Expository essay
Five paragraph essay Informal essay
Narrative essay Personal essay
Process essay Response essay
Scholarship essay Term paper essay

Now, let us look into each of them in detail.

1. Analysis or analytical essay

Analytical essays focus on providing facts and pieces of evidence to the analyzed information you provided in the essay.

Example: Write an analytical essay on any book of your choice.

2. Application essay

Applicant essays are the ones that are written by a student who is looking into pursuing any course from a particular university.

Example: Write an essay for pursuing a course from your college.

3. Argumentative essay or Persuasive essay

Argumentative essays are the one in which you put forward two arguments while persuading the reader that your point of view or the argument is the valid one.

Example: Write an argumentative essay on if homework should be assigned for primary kids or not.

4. Case study essay

A case study essay is a type of academic writing where you provide an insight into the results and findings of your case study.

Example: Write a case study essay on a company.

5. Cause and effect essay

Cause and effect essay is used to describe a situation, the reason behind it happening and the effects of the same.

Example: Write an essay on women at work.

6. Classification essay

Classification essays focus on organizing the things into different categories along with their examples.

Example: Write a classification essay on types of computers.

7. Compare and contrast essay

In a compare and contrast essay, we consider two subjects and try to find similarities or differences between them.

Example:Write a compare and contrast essay on apples and oranges.

8. Critical essay

Critical essays are based on analyzing and understanding the meaning of the content rather than making a judgement on the basis of it.

Example: write a critical essay on changes in information technology.

9. Deductive essay

Deductive essays are used to know subjects’ reasoning skills and knowledge on the subject.

Example: Write a deductive essay on why people blame others for their mistakes.

10. Definition essay

Definition essays are the one in which you define or explain any concept or something through your essay.

Example: Write a definition essay on sense of humour

11. Descriptive essay

In descriptive essays, a student is asked to describe a situation, experience, object, or such to the reader.

Example: Write a descriptive essay on your experience of the first day at high school/college.

12. Exploratory essay

The exploratory essay is a non-fiction work where you perform analysis, observe and examine an idea or experiment.

Example:Write an exploratory essay on how different religion parents can impact a child.

13. Expository essay

Expository essay is written in a way that it clearly explains the reader about something you explain, illustrate, clarify or explicate, investigate or evaluate something.

Example: Write an expository essay on any environmental issues.

14. Five paragraph essay

Five paragraph essay is a format of an essay that is structured into 5 paragraphs each with a specific purpose.

Example: Write a 5-paragraph essay on are we too dependent on computers.

15. Informal essay

Informal essays are the ones written to put your thoughts organized. They can be of any specific topic to reflect your thoughts or express different opinions.

Example: Write an informal essay on the best journey of your life.

16. Narrative essay

Narrative essay is an academic essay type in which you narrate a story or your point of view to the reader.

Example: Write a narrative essay on your favorite summer vacation.

17. Personal essay

Personal essays are the ones in which you can use different writing styles to discuss about an important person, event or time period of your life.

Example: Write a personal essay on your first solo trip.

18. Process essay

The process essay is an essay that explains about how-to or a step-by-step procedure about performing something.

Example: Write a process essay on how to bake a chocolate cake.

19. Response essay

A response essay is a piece of writing where you respond to a text that you have already read before.

Example: Write a response essay on the information you read.

20. Scholarship essay

In a scholarship essay, you make a case for yourself, and you try to prove to the committee that you have the ability to win.

Example: Write a scholarship essay on the person who inspired you the most.

21. Term paper essay

Term paper essay focuses on expressing viewpoints regarding any specific topic. This allows writers to put forward their opinions or views on the same.

Example: Write a term paper essay on gender discrimination at school.

These are the 21 types of essays that you have to work on throughout your academic career. You can also look into the 9 rules of essay writing to master this. But, if you face any struggle with this, you can seek our assistance for best assignment help. Are you wondering why choose us? Read the following section to know by yourself.

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