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Effective Essay Writing Guide

Easy & Effective Essay Writing Guide: For Scholars Who Hate Writing Essays

30 Jul 2022


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Writing essays for the university gets on the nerves of most of the students, especially to those who don't have a flair for writing or lack knowledge of the subject. But the plethora of essay writing tasks that you get every now and then cannot be overlooked as they hold great importance in your overall scorecard. Thus, whether you like it or hate it, you have to do it without fail. We know that easier being said than done, but we can help you take an interest in the task. Thinking how? Well, our essay writing help experts have come up with an easy yet highly effective essay writing guide for scholars who hate working on their essays. So, fasten your seat belt and get ready to go on an expedition of making essay task exciting.

Highly Effective Guide for Students Who Hate Writing Essays

Connect the Topic with Something to Make It Interesting

When you start working on an essay, the first thing that you need to do is find interest in the topic. We know that it's not easy to feel excited about the work; however, you can do it if you connect the topic of your essay with something that interests you the most. It can be anything like a real-life character, a fictional or a cartoon character or anything from your day-to-day life. Once you do that successfully, you will be motivated to do the work.

Think of Unique & Quirky Ideas and Include Them

There are many situations when the topic of the essay given by the professor is too boring. When dealing with such a topic, students get bored and lose interest in the work. This must be the case with you too, but you can change it with little efforts. All you have to do is think of some unique and quirky ideas that can bring back your lost interest in the essay writing task. Brainstorm the ideas that intrigue you the most. When you put down such ideas on the paper, you no longer would hate doing it.

Gather Relevant Information & Have Clear Thoughts

To find interest in something, you first need to explore it deeply. Until you acquire sufficient knowledge of the topic of the essay, you would never be able to understand whether it intrigues you or not. Apart from this, you should always have clear thoughts about the work you are doing. Having unclear or vague thoughts about the topic of the essay would never let you explore your interest. So, before beginning the task and forming an opinion about it, you should learn about it in detail.

Adopt the Writing Style of Your Favorite Writer

Are you interested in the work of Sydney Sheldon? Or does the work of Marks Spencer motivate you? Well, whoever be your favorite write, try to develop a writing style like him. This will not only help you hone your writing skills but make the whole essay writing work less tormenting for you. By inculcating the writing style of your favorite author in your essay, you will get a chance to impress your professor. And once you start getting appreciation, you would regain the interest in the work.

Learn Creative Writing Technique & Use Them

Normal writing can be made interesting by implementing a few creative writing techniques in it. Do you know what creative writing techniques are? Well, creative writing techniques are used for emphasis and clarity. They help in conveying a vital message to the readers in a concise and comprehensive way. If you use them in your essay, you would learn different ways in which you can make your writing more effective. The use of metaphors, allegory, alliterations, hyperbole, epigraph, etc. can spark a different kind of interest in you to finish your essay before the deadline.

Pose Rhetorical Questions to the Readers

This tips doesn't only work for the readers in staying hooked to your writing but works for the person as well who is writing it to stay focused. So, what is a rhetorical question? Well, it is one that a writer asks without expecting the audience to answer - one that the writer will answer himself. If you include such questions in your work, then you are not only making it interesting for the readers but for yourself as well.

Keep the Distraction Aside, Gain Focus

Last but not least, stay away from the distractions. When you are surrounded by a lot of things that seem more interesting to us, then you will automatically lose interest in the essay writing task. Don't let this happen. For that, you need to cut all the distractions that are hindering you from accomplishing the task. Switch off your mobile phone, listen to some soothing music, lock your room, and clear the clutter from your table to keep that concentration intact.

So, this is how you scholars like you can stop hating the essay writing task and develop an interest in it. We know it's a hard nut to crack, so you can reach to us anytime you feel that you are incapable of doing the task. We have the best essay writing professionals on board who will leave no stone unturned in composing A+ grade worthy essays for you. Don't hesitate, just reach to us as we have solutions to all your queries.

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