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Write an Effective Essay Conclusion

How to Write an Effective Conclusion for Essays in 3 Steps?

27 Feb 2020

10 minutes


Students of any academic level pursuing any course can relate to having one common task, which is essay writing. Yes! Though this is something everyone works on from a young age, yet many do not know how to put it effectively. And, this is when experts of reliable websites like Instant Assignment Help come into the picture. Other than providing the best online services to students across the globe, we brought you this blog: an ultimate guide to creating effective essay conclusions. So, without wasting any time, let us get started...

What Is a Conclusion and Its Purpose?

Let’s begin our journey of learning about effective conclusions for essay writing from what is a conclusion. This is because no doubt there are some students out there who do not have an idea on what it is. So, if you are one of them, then don’t worry; since we have your back.

essay conclusion

A conclusion is a section that provides a thoughtful ending to any piece of information. This is equal to 5% of the total word count of the essay. The main motive for writing a conclusion is to :

  • Restate the thesis.
  • Briefly summarize the evidence.
  • Finish the argument smoothly.
  • Convey a sense of closure.
  • Give a completeness to the essay.

Now that we know the purpose of a conclusion, let’s take a look at the ideal strategy for writing a perfect conclusion.

What Is an Ideal Strategy for Writing a Perfect Conclusion?

If a conclusion was only about the purposes as mentioned-above, then it wouldn’t be so tough, right? But, not having a proper strategy can be an obstacle in scoring high grades. Yes, every time you write a conclusion, along with meeting its purpose, you should also ensure that the right strategy is followed. If by any chance, you need to look into the strategy, then here it is:

  • So What - Make sure you answer ‘so what’ for every point you include in the conclusion.
  • Theme - This should return to the theme in the introduction to form a complete circle.
  • Summary - It should include a brief summary of the main points without repeating any.
  • Wrap - You should justify how the examples and evidences co-relate to the essay points.
  • Call to Action - Propose a question for further study, solution for any issue, etc.

These are some strategies that can help you draft a perfect conclusion. But, in case you are stuck with your essay, then contact our experts. Wondering if we can help you with it? You can take a look at our writers’ expertise in leadership essay writing, politics essay, and many more to know how well our writers can draft your essay.

What Are the Different Stages of Drafting a Perfect Conclusion?

Now, we shall look into the outline or stages of drafting a perfect conclusion in 3 simple steps.

Different Stages of Drafting a Perfect Conclusion

1. Topic Sentence

Here, you restate the main thesis statement in a new way. Remember not to repeat the one in the introduction. Give this a fresh look to not grab your reader’s attention. But, also to leave a positive impression on him.

2. Supporting Sentence

You can use 2-3 sentences or as per your word limit to pull together the key points in your essay. Here, you can summarize the main arguments of your essay in an easy format. Also, you can justify how different ideas are relating to the mentioned points in the essay.

3. Closing Sentence

The closing sentence of your conclusion defines the final words you want to share on the topic. This can be used to connect back to the introduction using any word or phrase. Also, this gives a sense of closure to your work.

These are the three main steps for drafting a perfect conclusion. Now, we shall take a look into the do’s and don’ts that you need to consider while writing an effective conclusion for your essay.

What Are Do’s and Don’ts of Conclusion Writing?

If you are wondering what are some points you need to consider while writing a conclusion for your essay to make it effective, then keep reading.



  • Include a brief summary of main points.
  • Repeating what you already stated.
  • Ask a provocative question.
  • Bringing up new thoughts or topics.
  • Use a quotation.
  • Apologizing for your view.
  • Use a call for action.
  • Trying to fit the leftover content.
  • Suggest results or consequences.
  • Focusing on minor points.
  • End with a positive note.
  • Making emotional or sentimental appeals.

These are some basic do’s and don’ts that you need to remember while essay writing to draft a perfect conclusion. Now, if by any chance, you wonder why students struggle with this, then you can find answers for your queries in the next section.

Why Do Students Take Experts’ Help with Essay Writing?

Now, as we discussed in the previous sections about the conclusion, drafting one is not that easy. This sometimes makes students wonder what is stopping them from scoring high grades. And, the answer to the same is:

1. Lack of time

The first common reason why students seek expert help is that they lack in time. Some times due to procrastination or sometimes due to poor time management skills, but students often find themselves rushing with their essay at the last minute. This leads them to complete their conclusion in a hurry without following proper rules or regulations. Thus, they end up scoring bad grades.

2. Lack of writing skills

Putting thoughts on paper is not everyone’s cup of tea. So, no wonder many students struggle with this. At such times instead of getting demotivated or stressing over it, students should reach out to experts. They should seek help from professional writers and concentrate on honing their skills for the next time.

3. Lack of subject knowledge

Essays are not always on easy or interesting topics. Sometimes they might be boring, lengthy or complex too. So, the student should have minimum subject knowledge or in the otherwise case, willing to conduct in-depth research on it. This will help him in collecting all the relevant data and gathering information to add value to his essay.

Though there are many more reasons, yet these three are the top ones. Wondering how our experts can make it easy for you? Read along...

What Are the Benefits of Taking Essay Writing Services from Us?

Now, here are the benefits you get on seeking help from us for your essay writing task.

  • 24*7 customer help service
  • High-quality work
  • Professional writers
  • Pocket-friendly prices
  • Unlimited free revisions
  • Hassle-free money-back guarantee
  • Secure payment modes
  • Authenticity guarantee
  • Amazing deals and discounts
  • Numerous freebies

These are the amazing features of our service that you can get with our essay help.

So, if you face any problem, do not waste any time and contact us now! Our expert writers will be available round-the-clock to help you via chat, call or mail.

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