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Reflective Essay | 2-Phase Plan

A Complete Plan to Know How to Write a Reflective Essay!

29 Jul 2022


In the personal and professional life, you experience so many things that you want to cherish, except for what you don’t like or was painful. When you grow up and look back, you will remember only those things that made you happy. What if you are told to pen-down all these memories and compile a book on the same? You may feel reluctant. But, if a professor asks you to write a reflective essay to interpret your personal stories or memories, then you will think about how to write a reflective essay.

This type of essay is a cause of confusion for students because they don’t know how to write it without going over-board on informal writing. To understand this, you first have to know what is reflective writing.

Let’s read the below write-up for the same.

What Is Reflective Writing?

When you have to describe an event, phenomena, or make-up a story on paper, it is called reflective writing. This is widely based on a particular event, so you have to follow a standard to explain it properly. If this is for academic papers, then you have to write your learning in light of the educational domain. If you are writing your personal story, then you have to rewind all the events that took place to make a complete tale.

A lot of times, students are unaware of how to write a personal reflective essay. The purpose of the teacher, who gave you this type of writing task is just to examine your stand and your response to deal with it. All this is not possible without a proper plan.

Instant Assignment Help offers you an excellent plan to deal with such type of essay. This plan covers everything from pre-writing to post-writing.

Let’s start the journey here!

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A Two-Phase Plan to Write Reflective Essay Impressively

First Phase:

  • Read Some Reflective Essay Examples: If you are a novice to reflective essay writing, then first read a few essays of the same type. These will give an insight into how a reflective essay should be written; and how deep information you can write. Try to find reliable examples so that you can put down proper support. You can check out the essay samples available on our website and know how to write.
  • Find the Best Essay Topic: This is the most cumbersome and perplexing task considered by many students for reflective essay writing. Most of the students end up wasting their major time in search of a topic. You can take reference from your past experiences, events, emotional moments, adventures, the incidents that happened with other people, or anybody’s life story as the reflective essay topic idea. You can also cook an excellent story to put down on the essay paper.
  • Collect Information: Once you have decided on the topic, the second most important thing you have to do is gather the information. The quantity of information totally depends on the type of topic you choose. If it is based on an event, then find answers to the below questions.
    1. What happened?
    2. Why It happened?
    3. How you feel about it?

Second Phase:

Use A Perfect Structure: The format of the essay matters a lot, so it should be a perfect one. There are two models you need to focus on. Let’s know them one-by-one to come up with the perfect structure.

  1. Gibbs Reflective Cycle:
    • Describe: Mention what happened in detail.
    • Feelings: How you feel about the same event, or what is your personal feeling regarding the phenomena.
    • Evaluate: Here, you have to evaluate to come closer to the solution. The evaluation can be about good or bad.
    • Analyse: You can comprehensively talk by compiling the external factors that affect the happening. Analyze how and what factors have been responsible for the same.
    • Conclude: Many students step back from writing such an essay because they don’t know how to write a conclusion. In this type of essay, you have to summarize what you have learned as a result.
    • Action: If you follow this structure, then you have to speculate what future action can be taken regarding the result.

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  1. 4Rs Model:
    • Reporting: Describe what the issue involved.
    • Relating: Create a connection between your experience and the incident.
    • Reasoning: Explain the factors of the issue with their importance.
    • Reconstructing: You can use your speculation power here as you can write what could happen and how you would handle it.

Create Outline: After you've decided on the structure, now create an outline for what you will write in the essay. This approach gives you a rough idea of how you can present thoughts with fewer mistakes. Your half of the tension regarding how to write a reflective essay will be reduced after creating an outline.

Develop the Story: This generally comes under the body of the essay. The first paragraph of the body should be how you feel about the topic or incident. You have to gradually move to develop an emotional bond with the reader. Talk about your experience associated with the subject of the essay. If you maintain consistency in the ideas of the story, then you can effortlessly develop them.

Improve the Quality: This is the last but the most important task to be done for an amazing reflective essay. If you don’t know how to write a good reflective essay, it means you don’t know the importance of proofreading because by using it, you can produce a good essay. Remove the mistakes like run-on sentences, grammar, spellings, poor or inappropriate words, and also the informal sentences to improve the quality.

This essay is more about showing your observational skills with personal ideas. So, writing it impressively needs a deep study of reflective writing, and for this, you will need to prepare an amazing plan. Without planning, you can’t write a flawless essay. So, follow the above plan for the best result on the paper.

The most tedious job of the reflective essay is a selection of topics. If you can’t find the perfect one, then the entire paper can get affected by this poor selection. A lot of times, you have to face an embarrassing moment in front of the professor because of a bad essay.

This blog offers you the best reflective essay topic ideas.

Read below to know what they are.

What Are the 10 Best Reflective Essay Topics?

  1. Meeting with a lost family member.
  2. Explain the experience of adopting a child.
  3. Describe the best-cherished childhood memory.
  4. Explain the best places you want to visit with your friends.
  5. Elaborate on the debate that left you shocking.
  6. Explain the incident that you will never forget in your life.
  7. What is the role of the family in your life.
  8. Describe the person who is ideal for you and his influence on your life.
  9. What are the qualities considered very important in a successful person.
  10. Elaborate on the places that you want to avoid visiting again in your life.

These are some of the top and excellent suggestions for reflective essay topics. Now it has become quite easy for you to choose one from the list.

But after all this still, the number of students who don’t know how to write a self-reflective essay is many. So, now we will understand why the majority of students can’t write a reflective essay in the below piece of information.

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Why It's Not Easy for Students to Write a Personal Reflective Essay?

  • Can’t Find the Right Topic: Most of the students get stuck while choosing a topic because they can’t understand what type of idea will be the perfect one. The topic should be good enough to express the views effectively; otherwise, you will have to look for essay writing help from professional writers.
  • Difficulty in Keeping Balance:A lot of students ask how to write a reflective essay for university because they can’t keep the balance between formal words or sentences and informal ones. This is the major concern of students who write such essays, and they fail to make mistakes.
  • Don’t Know How to Maintain Flow: Maintaining connectivity and consistency in reflective essays is not at all easy. Sometimes you go beyond the detail and write far away things from the main idea. This brings students closer to the poor marks in the essay. You have to follow a story throughout the paper, and to do the same, developing ideas is very important. But, a lot of students fail to accomplish it.
  • Can’t Relate with Practical Situation: You have to provide some real-life evidence in the reflective essay to support the ideas. But often you are not aware of how to write them properly, and that is why present them at the wrong place. Sometimes finding the examples itself is a difficult task for you. And that is why you keep on asking how to write a personal reflective essay.
  • Poor Observational Skill: In this type of essay, you have to write a lot of personal ideas and descriptions of incidents. For this, your observational skills must be excellent so that you can learn from your surroundings and use that in your paper. Many students take a back step to write a reflective essay because they are not good at developing observational skills, and that is why they seek help with essay writing.

For excellent marks, you have to find a way to get rid of all these problems in reflective essay writing. A lot of students get poor marks when they try to write themselves and face all the above difficulties. Many times they ask who can help them to come out from this problem of essay writing.

Considering the concerns of all the students, this piece of information presents you with a solution. You can seek online writing help from professional writers to get rid of the problems. To know which one is the best service, read below.

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‘Who Can Help Me’ to Get Highest Marks in Reflective Essay?

To get highest marks, you look for the solution to how to write a good reflective essay. But end up facing problems while writing it yourself. Instant Assignment Help is one of the prestigious sites and has been number one on the list of writing help providers for years now. We have professional writers from renowned universities who write your academic papers like essays, assignments, dissertations, thesis, and many others.

Not only this, but they listen to your problems also; if you want some specific things in the essay, then they write it accordingly. Apart from it, they offer you the below advantages if you seek help from them.

  • Free Turnitin Report: An original essay contributes majorly to get the highest marks, so our professional writers make sure they don’t copy others' work. You can check the originality of the content with the help of the free Turnitin report we provide along with the document.
  • Free Proofreading & Editing: We don’t charge for proofreading and editing. Our experienced writers offer you a polished document whose quality is un-matchable. You can ensure the highest marks because the essay will not have a single mistake.
  • Unlimited Revision: If you don’t like something in the essay written by our certified writers, then you can also ask them for the same, and they will make changes. They revise the essay until you get satisfied, that too for free.
  • Affordable Prices: When you will seek our help, you can notice the prices are light to the pocket. Even many exciting offers also here to increase your happiness. You can check our offer section on the page and know more details regarding the same.

Reflective essay writing has been a tedious job for a lot of students due to the mentioned reasons. But you will not have to worry as you can seek our help and stop wondering, ‘how to write a reflective essay.’

So, there is much to celebrate for!

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