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Language Features Guide

What You Should Know About the Language Features? Importance and Effects

30 Dec 2023


“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that it goes to his heart” - Nelson Mandela

As the quote implicit that knowing a language can help you to understand and even you can impress people if you know the good language features. Language is the base of every communication even if you are writing or reading a document, report, book, or any paper.

If you want to be a good writer and reader, then knowing and understanding the language features become vital. Let’s read the below section and know about these features.

What Are Good Language Features?

Good Language Features

1. Active Listening

This is a skill that you can acquire and develop. In the journey of knowing the language features, you need to first understand how important it is to be an active listener. When you fully concentrate, discuss, or focus, you have to be active to not only listen but to understand also.

2. Adjective

It is a word that describes and modifies other words of a sentence or paragraph. You can make your writing more specific by placing adjectives. They can add color, meaning, and life to your sentences and properly describe the noun. Sometimes we use them in sentences without even knowing. Let’s understand them better with some examples

There are three different degrees of adjectives.

  • Positive: This type of adjectives only indicates the quality of a person, place, and thing.
    Example: My father is happy (‘Happy’ describes emotions)
  • Comparative: You can compare things and persons.
    Example: Aardvark pen is more beautiful than that of Eston.
  • Superlative: This type of adjective is used when two or more things are compared.
    Example: This is the most difficult book I have ever read.

3. Article

It is used before noun and noun equivalent adjectives. There are two types of articles namely definite and indefinite.

Definite: ‘The’

‘The’ is used before a singular noun and sometimes before a plural noun.

Example: Come here friends I found the book. (means specific book)

Example: Have you seen the tigers living at the Zoo.

Indefinite: ‘A’, ‘An’

‘An’ is used before the word that starts with a vowel whereas ‘A’ is used when the word starts with a consonant. Let’s understand this with examples.

Example: He wants a dog this Christmas. (means any Dog)

Example: Robert saw an elephant at the Zoo.

4. Adverb

It can modify the meaning of the verb, adverb, and adjective. People generally commit adverb mistake because it is not easy to find. You can find how, where, when in a manner the event happened through adverb.

Example: He runs quickly.

Example: She is extremely beautiful.

5. Alliteration

When a sentence has closely related words, it increases the chances of repetition and occurrence of the same word or letter, it is called alliteration.

It can be related to the same sound repetition also. let’s have a look at the example.

Example: Kooper’s kid’s keep kicking the Ball.

Example: Pahana picked a peck of pickled peppers.

6. Simile

When ‘as’ and ‘like’ are used in sentences, it is called a simile. It compares two different things.

Example: As black as coal.

Example: Hurts like a devil.

7. Apostrophe

It is a punctuation mark used to present a dramatic effect and show the importance of the idea shown in the sentence. You have to place an apostrophe for possession.

Example: Oh, trees, how beautiful you are.

Example: He said, “Your book is excellent, I gained good knowledge by reading it”.

8. Metaphor

It describes a person, place, and thing in a manner that is not true but relevant. You can make a comparison between two unlike things using metaphor.

Example: Laughter is the best medicine.

Example: He has heart of stone.

9. Hyperbole

When you want to exaggerate emphasize something, then some words are used. Read the below given example to understand better.

Example: There is enough food on the plate to feed the entire members of the party.

Example: He runs faster than the wind.

10. Personification

Attribution of human feelings and characteristics to non-human things. It applies the quality of one thing to another.

Example: The mouth of the cave yawned.

Example: Her alarm yells at her every morning.

11. Onomatopoeia

It imitates the natural sound of objects and things. You can make impressive and interesting sentences by using onomatopoeia.

Example: The stream flows in the forest.

Onomatopoeia- The gushing stream flows in the forest.

Example: Water plops into the pond.

Example: Are you ready to band on the drum in the music class?

12. Oxymoron

Words which have a different meaning or can be said they have contradicting meaning are called an oxymoron. Let’s understand it better with examples.

Example: I am not going to talk to him, I will tell to him.

Example: I hate people but love to go to parties.

13. Emotive Language

When emotions are elicited, it is called emotive language. This type of language is used to influence people by evoking emotions in them.

Example: An innocent boy has to go through facial surgery.

Example: A monster like a man killed a poor girl.

14. Pathetic Fallacy

This type of language feature is mostly used in art and literature. It is like giving human feelings to non-human things.

Example: The somber clouds darkened his mood.

Example: She wandered lonely as a cloud.

These are the features of a good language. If you know them very well then you can write an excellent paper and understand what is written in a paper of others.

Different people use the language features in their style and this creates their unique writing style. If you want to know about the best English authors writing style, then read further.

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5 Best English Authors and Their Writing Styles

  1. James Joyce: He was the most famous author in Ireland during the 19th century. His writing style was experimental and conscious. He used as many vocabulary words (30,030) in his work “Ulysses” as the complete Shakespeare canon 38 plays has.
  1. Ernest Hemingway: He is a Pulitzer Prize winner for his fiction writing style. He also focused on the minimalist style of writing. This style got famous because of terse sentences, this was his simple and direct writing.
  1. Charles Dickens: He had a very distinctive writing style. He used to write poetically and also included satire creatively in his works. Most of his works can be seen in episodic form. He also loved to plot unpredictable circumstances in his novels and books.
  1. Doris Lessing: She used to write very deep sentences. She wrote about social problems like caste, creed, race, sex, and many other social stigmas. Doris got under the skin of human situations with her piercing works.
  1. Willa Cather: She was born in Virginia in 1873. In most of her works, you can see that she wrote about the land and life experiences of people. She used to write simple lines and loved to write about stories of people so that more people can understand the different circumstances that appear in life.

You know now how the writing styles of different authors vary. You can also develop your writing style if you know language features.

Now, let’s know what are their effects on writing.

Language Features Effect on Writing

  1. Knowledge of language features helps to understand what the writer is saying.
  1. You can convey your message using different language techniques.
  1. If you are writing a rhyme, then knowledge of good language features can improve your writing and the rhyme will remain in the mind of the reader for a long.
  1. Alliteration helps in small sections' relation and better the flow. It also creates a harder and softer mood in the sentences.
  1. You can write a good fictional story with the help of onomatopoeia.
  1. You can write compelling, persuasive, and pretending lines with the knowledge of language features.

There are various effects of it on the writing. If you are a student and has to write papers like assignments, homework, essay, thesis, dissertation, or otherwise then knowing language features can help you.

Read below, how it is important for students like you.

Importance of Good Language Features for Students

  1. Students who want to make a career in writing can improve their writing style if they have knowledge of good language features.
  1. They can put creative elements in their documents.
  1. Can use proper grammar in assignment writing, if language features are clear.
  1. Students can write impressive lines on the paper.
  1. They can communicate better through their writing in papers.
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  1. Adverbs, adjectives, similes, articles, and other mistakes can get eliminated.

It can help you in many ways if you are a student.

Students sometimes can not write or convey the exact message in their academic papers. If you also face this issue then you can seek writing help.

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