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100+ Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Here are 100+ Compare and Contrast Essays Topics to Write

15 May 2024


Compare and contrast essays are assigned to scholars, whether they are in undergrad, postgrad or school. Writing them includes analysing two or more items and discussing what they have in common and different. 

The purpose of such essay topics is to discuss the similarities and differences between the two subjects. For instance, one topic is Joe Biden vs. Donald Trump, here both of them are subjects/items on which you will write similarities and differences. 

However, there are various challenges that students face while choosing a contrasting and comparing essay topic. They are unable to decide which topic is best for them. It makes them search for essay assignment help USA.

So this article talks about the ways to choose an effective topic to write an essay and over 100 best compare and contrast essay topics.

How to Choose the Best Contrast and Compare Essay Topics?

There are numerous benefits of selecting good compare and contrast essay topics for college students. First, writing will help you build your knowledge of the topic. It means you will learn a lot about the two subjects of the essay. Second, if you choose a topic you are interested in, you will research more deeply, which will help you write content rich in information and facts. Third, knowledge and research will help you in your subjects, enhancing your understanding and grades. Now, let us discuss the steps.

4 Steps of choosing an essay

Understand the Essay Requirements

If the task is assigned to you by the college or university, then it will have some requirements to be fulfilled. See, if it asks you to write an essay related to a particular niche, for instance, connected to science, business, sports, etc. Second, look if it asks for some specific similarities or differences between the two subjects or a word count to be matched.

Know the Target Audience

Understand the audience for whom you are writing an essay. It will help you decide the language and vocabulary of the content. Secondly, it will also help you to change the structure of the content to make them understand effectively. Moreover, if they enjoy what they study then they will read it till the end, hence retention of your writing will increase.

Check the Feasibility of the Research

Before deciding and writing the topic, check whether its research is feasible. It means whether the content is available online, books/journals/databases are written for it or not. If there is not much content available, then your word count will not match and your content quality will degrade.

Check Their Connectivity

Lastly, choose a topic in which the two subjects are quite connected to each other. If you choose two very distant subjects, like "startup growth in the UK" and "Importance of health", then you won't get much to write about differences and commonalities. Choose a topic which has enough similarities and differences to write. A good example of such would be discussed later. 

Few Basic Tips

Choose something which you are curious about as naturally you will research more deeply, getting you richer points. The content quality will be enhanced, making your essay stand out from the crowd.

Write something which is related to your subjects as you will already have something to write. Second, the research you will do for the compare and contrast essay topics high school will enhance your understanding of your subjects, give you more knowledge, and increase your grades.

 Still, If you are unable to decide on the topic as it is a tough job. You can get help by searching for Essay help.

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What Is an Example of Contrast and Compare in an Essay?

Contrast and compare mean differences and commonalities. A good example would be World War 1st vs World War 2nd, as they have a lot in common but also have many differences at the same time. Writing on them will also help you increase your knowledge and it is an interesting topic if you are a humanities student. A lot of research material is available on it, so you will have a lot of content to add. You can also write on business and marketing topics, but if your writing skills are poor, then search for marketing essay help

What Are 10 Examples of Compare and Contrast Words?

Here are the ten best examples of compare and contrast essay ideas from each category.

  • School vs. College
  • Joe Biden vs. Donald Trump
  • Using cash or digital payments- for the economy.
  • Black Soil vs Alluvial Soil
  • Mcdonalds vs. KFC
  • Captain America vs. Thor- the better character
  • Uber vs. Lyft- the better cab provider
  • British and American English
  • Jeff bezoz vs. Elon Musk
  • TOEFL vs. IELTS - distant features

100+ Best Compare and Contrast Essay Topics 

If you have understood the steps to choose the best essay topic for yourself. Now this is the time, we talk about the best 100 compare and contrast essay topics for middle school and university students. Ensure that you talk about both sides of the topic. Just talking about the commonalities and differences between the two subjects will not make your content beneficial for the reader.

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for Middle School

  •  Who has more influence- YouTubers vs Movie stars?
  •  Call vs Chat. What is more engaging?
  •  Apple vs Mango
  •  Short vs Long hairs for boys
  •  Playing video games vs Playing Outside
  •  Male friend vs female friend
  •  Watching a movie on OTT vs in Cinema
  •  Earthquake vs drought
  •  Black Soil vs alluvial soil
  •  Reading fiction or non-fiction. What is more beneficial?
  •  Mountains vs Beach
  •  Who drives better man or woman?
  •  Democracy vs Dictatorship
  •  Dogs vs. Cats
  •  School vs. College

Famous Personalities: Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  • Joe Biden vs. Donald Trump
  • Narendra Modi vs. Rahul Gandhi
  • Harry Styles vs. Ed Sheeran
  • Dua Lipa vs. Adele
  • Better businessman- Steve Jobs or Bill Gates
  • Who is a better leader Nelson Mandela or Mahatma Gandhi?
  • The better philosopher- Socrates vs Plato?
  • Better Marvel Character- Benedict Cumberbatch or Tom Hiddleston
  • Tom Hardy or Jason Statham- who has more amazing actions finer action hero
  • The better actor Henry Cavill vs. Christian Bale
  • Who is a more effective president- Abraham Lincoln or Winston Churchill?
  • The difference between Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May
  • The better prime minister- Rishi Sunak vs. David Cameron
  • Who has a more promising football history- Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Lionel Messi?
  • The Films done by Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio 

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics IELTS

  • The difference between Major and Minor crime
  • What is the difference between news and reporting?
  • What is more beneficial- saving or spending?
  • The better act- Prevention or Cure.
  • What has more nutrients- traditional or modern diet?
  • Using cash or digital payments- for the economy.
  • Paying Full or in credit - pros and cons.
  • Video call or in-person meeting- the better.
  • Degree vs. no degree- pros and cons
  • TOEFL vs. IELTS - distant features 
  • Writing vs. Typing- differences
  • iOS vs. Android - the better OS
  • Essays and. Research paper differences
  • British and American English
  • Offline vs. Online Shopping- pros and cons for a consumer

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for University Students

  • Instagram vs. Facebook
  • Bachelor's vs Master's degree
  • Masters and PhD thesis- commonalities
  • Differences between Love and Lust
  • Astrology vs. Astronomy
  • The better professor- Male or Female?
  • Axis Party vs. Allies Party
  • World war 1st vs World War 2nd
  • Coco Cola vs. Pepsi- the better brand
  • Badminton vs. Squash- the better game
  • Online dating vs. Offline dating- Pros and cons
  • Introversion vs Extroversion
  • Difference between Management vs Engineering- subjects and salary.
  • YouTube Free lectures vs. Ed-tech Courses
  • Traditional Classes vs. Online Classes- pros and cons
  • Normal colleges vs. IVY-league colleges- differences and similarities
  • Freelancing and traditional employment- differences
  • AI vs. Human Intelligence - the better. 

Movies: Fun Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  • Marvel vs. DC?
  • Iron-man vs. Batman
  • Hollywood and Bollywood- differences and similarities
  • Cinema for Commercial vs. Art
  • Rom-com vs. Action movies
  • Crime-thriller vs. Horror- audience, movie list, U.S.Ps
  • Avengers vs. Justice League
  • Games of Thrones vs. Peaky Blinders.
  • Movies vs. Web-series
  • Who is the better character- Dumbledore or Gandalf?
  • Cinema before and after OTT.
  • Prime Video vs. Netflix
  • Who has acts better- Female or male actors?
  • Solo lead vs. Multi Cast Films
  • Captain America vs. Thor- the better character

Medical: Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  • Religious opinions on Modern vs traditional medical procedures
  • Medicines vs. Vaccines
  • Hard drugs vs. Soft drugs.differences
  • Operations vs. Therapy for cancer
  • Rest or Workout
  • Male surgeons vs. Female surgeons
  • Unites state health care vs. Indian healthcare
  • Depression vs. Stress
  • Bipolar Disorder vs. Epilepsy
  • Free Treatment vs Paid treatment
  • Government hospitals vs Private Hospitals
  • Difference between roles of Nurses and Doctors
  • Should vaccines be termed mandatory in a country?
  • Allopathy vs. Osteopathy 
  • Doctor of Medicine(M.D) or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

Business: Compare And Contrast Essay Topics

  • Uber vs. Lyft- the better cab provider
  • Startup vs. Business- the difference in management 
  • Amazon vs. Walmart
  • E-commerce vs. Offline Shopping
  • Microsoft vs. Google
  • Tesla vs. Established Car Companies
  • Mcdonalds vs. KFC
  • Paypal vs Stripe
  • Netflix vs. Disney+
  • Male vs Female a better entrepreneur
  • Data-driven decision-making vs. Emotionally driven decision-making
  • Offline store vs. Shopify Stores 
  • Jeff bezoz vs. Elon Musk
  • Netflix vs. Movie Theatre
  • Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing

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