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4 Reasons Why Your College Major Doesn't Matter Anymore

Why academic qualifications are proving useless in getting a job?

College Major Doesnt Matter

Today, the world market is flooded with job opportunities that were not known fifty years back. A lot of these jobs are either remotely related or completely unrelated to our available college majors.

The required skill set for such jobs is not taught in college. Graduates are also concerned that their degree will limit them to one career path, one they are not sure whether they will like until they’ve tried it out. As a result, a lot of students don’t have a job offer in hand right after graduation.

Assignment writing experts have listed down the reasons for the redundancy of college majors these days:

Lack of relevance with work

It used to be important for people to have a degree in the past but now it is only a prerequisite in the workforce. While your job will most likely require a Bachelor’s degree, it probably won’t matter what field it is in. Today, college graduates are working in jobs that don’t even relate to their major.

Importance of soft skills

More and more industries are hiring people who will be able to learn quickly, adjust into the work environment and be flexible to take different projects. Most of the employers believe that critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving skills are more important than a candidate’s undergraduate field of study. Furthermore, employers are looking for people who have out of the box thinking and innovation skills, as many of the jobs today come with a lot of challenges.

Connections in industry

You can select a major that is related with a high-paying job in the real world, you might put all the efforts in your classes and graduate with a perfect GPA, but without a solid network of contacts, you’re still miles away from your dream job. If no one knows you, no one will care how bright you are. This is why people who truly want to be successful put a lot of effort into networking. You should start doing this right away by asking your professors, participating in internships, and volunteer activities, and even by reaching out to your parents’ contacts who fascinate you.

Experience matters

Most of the companies today are avoiding freshers. This is because they have to waste a lot of time and resources over training them. To save yourself from this, take advantage of the opportunities you have as an undergraduate to pursue job-oriented internships. Work in student organizations, and volunteer in college events. These achievements on your resume are more powerful than your major because they tell employers that you are motivated and passionate about your work.

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