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Expert or Google Bard for Assignment Writing?| IAH

Bard v/s Experts for Assignments: Make an Informed Decision

22 May 2023

12 minutes


Are you stuck with your assignments and thinking of using AI tools to finish them on time? If yes, you are in the right place. With Google Bard booming, it is becoming the center of attraction for many students. But there are many factors you should consider before you decide to rely on them. This blog gives you an insight into whether to prefer Google Bard or seek assignment help. It is necessary to stay cautious at each step and make an informed choice. After all, your assignments define your future. It should contain every element if you want to score an A+. But is working on AI tools beneficial? Do you want to know the answer to it? Jump to the next section, and you will get all your doubts clarified.  Contact Us for Personalized Assistance

What Do Your Assignments Miss Out If You Use Google Bard? 

Although Google Bard provides artificial intelligence assignment help, there are many things your assignment misses out on when you use it. You can look at them and assess the significance of each such pointer in assignment writing. 

  • Reliable Data 

Reliable data means that it is correct and has a real-life existence. Although Google Bard calculates the numbers according to the latest information, there are chances that the internet has unreliable figures. The information piled up can be incorrect and make your assignment less trustworthy. On the other hand, humans can find valid information by researching and diving deep into the topic. 

  • Critical Thinking Skills

There are many instances where you should apply your thinking skills to arrive at a conclusion. You do research and then make a final decision. What Google Bard does is it relies on the information available and crafts your document according to it. It means your write-up will lack valuable information. To save yourself from such a situation, seek assignment help. 

  • Creative Writing 

You have an innate talent to think outside the box, which no other AI tool possesses. You know the tactics to relate things and present a compelling document. On the other hand, Google Bard does not contain this feature. It simply crafts the available information without a touch of innovation.

  • Quality Writing

How you think and write is different from what Google Bard delivers. When you write anything, it has its own essence, which makes it unique. But with AI tools, you can not expect quality. In the end, your professor can tell whether the content has been written independently or not. Never take a risk with the quality, and seek assignment help to see your academic graph rise. 

  • Missing Human Touch

What does your professor expect from your assignments? Probably an exceptional topic and an excellent paper. It is only possible when you include your thoughts in the assignment. It makes your paper stand out, which is not possible with AI tools. Because in the last, your write-up exhibits an image of machine-generated content. Thus, taking university assignment help is a safer option here. 
So, these points can be lacking in your assignment when you consider Google Bard for academics. Do you want to know what the after-effects of using it can be? If yes, move ahead to the upcoming section for more detail. 

Pointers You Must Know Before Using Google Bard for Assignments 

It is essential to have knowledge in advance if you are using any of the artificial intelligence tools. An insight into them helps you make a rational decision which indicates how assignment help can be the best solution. 

  • Academic Plagiarism

Plagiarism is a common offence in the academic world. Intentional or unintentional, any kind of plagiarism is not acceptable. When you use Google Bard for writing assignments, there are many others like you taking advantage of it. Thus, it can increase the chances of academic penalties. 

  • Grading and Assessment

Plagiarised content can decrease your marks and drastically impacts your overall performance. Also, Turnitin now detects AI-generated content, which can affect your grades. Thus, you should stay aware and give preference to university assignment help. The experts ensure 100% original content. 

  • Repetition of Content

There are many students like you who use Google Bard to finish their assignments. It, in turn, creates an impression that your content is duplicated or repetitive. Hence, it is a factor you must consider before using AI tools for academic tasks. To gain more information, read "Why to take assignment writing help in the age of AI". 

  • Machine-Generated Text

It is obvious that AI tools never have a human touch in the text. They gather the information available on the internet and craft an assignment according to it. It gives an indication to the professor that the content is machine-generated and not authentic. To deliver 100% human-centric content, seek assignment help. 

  • Academic Integrity 

It is crucial to follow university guidelines if you are working on any assignments. When you use such tools, you know you are providing full justice and breaking the norm. Thus, it is wrong and affects academic integrity. 

  • Personalised Feedback 

AI tools recommend grammar and punctuation errors, and you tend to correct them without even looking at them. This means you start relying on such tools and do not give enough significance to brainstorming. It is the wrong practice and makes you dependent on AI tools. 
These are some pointers you should take care of while considering Google Bard for writing your assignments. Now that you know such pointers, read along the blog to find out why taking assignment help from experts can be the best solution. 

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Why Are Experts a Better Alternative Over Google Bard?

Now that you know the core areas where Google Bard lags, dive deep to understand how professionals can be a better choice for assignment writing. 

  • 100% Accurate Information 

Drafting correct information is one of the concerns of the students. This is where the assignment writers are hands-on. They provide genuine data by researching well. The professionals unravel the hidden aspects of any topic that make it interesting for anyone to read. 

  • The mixture of Quality and Quantity 

The professionals have the expertise and will satisfy you in both aspects, such as quality and quantity. The content delivered to you will be well-researched and well-written. There will be no scope for grammar, punctuation, or connectivity errors, even if assigned to them in abundance. 

  • Human-Generated Content

There is no doubt that there is no comparison between human-generated and AI-generated text. The professionals think practically and start planning. They think rationally and then take a decision. It, in turn, gives a new twist to your content and proves why taking assignment help is a better alternative. 

  • Abundance of Creativity 

Do professors grade you on the basis of the creative content you submit to them? If yes, there is no better option than seeking help from experts. They possess tonnes of creativity, which automatically rushes out with years of experience. University assignments help make the text attention-grabbing from start to finish. 

  • Detection of Errors

Google Bard will detect language errors at best but won’t focus enough on logical sequence and connectivity. This is a perk you can enjoy with experts. They read the whole document from the start and look for missing connectivity in the content. This means experts are better at the proofreading and editing stages. 

  • Better Research Skills

Google Bard will never generate content after researching. Instead, it delivers you a document that is not backed by proper research. This is where university assignment help comes into the picture. The experts understand the meaning of every topic first and then conduct the research accordingly. 
The above-mentioned pointers clearly indicate why seeking assignment help from a master of the industry is one of the best options. They ensure you submit an excellent document to the professor with zero errors. So does this arouse your curiosity and urge you to find a reliable service provider? If yes, move along; it will resolve your query. 

Expert or Google Bard for Assignment Writing

Instant Assignment Help- A Hub of Experienced Writers 

Now you know why experts are a better alternative to Google Bard, but the question is: who provides the best assignment help in the USA? The answer is Instant Assignment Help. We have more than 4500+ experts who draft your document, abiding by university rules. And more than 30,000 happy clients. These factors make us well-known. It is the reason we have a star rating of 4.8/5. 

Moreover, we provide proofreading and editing services too. It means we do not only restrict ourselves to writing your document, instead, we polish it. There is not a single reason why you should not seek university assignment help from us. Thus, wait no more and grab this golden chance. 

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