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21 Jul 2023



Have you ever noticed how different people behave in certain situations? Of course, you must have seen it, but do you ever wonder what the reason behind it is? Maybe yes or no. So the answer is that, as people are different from each other, their minds function differently. Also, if you are a psychology student, you must have heard about the six psychological effects. Many times, universities ask students to write papers on these topics. But if, for any reason, you are not aware of these, then do not worry. We have written this blog especially for psychology students to make them aware of these strong psychological effects. It will not only help with paper but also with understanding people's minds and behaviours. So, read this blog to the end to gain more knowledge about Psychological effects.

6 Psychological Effects That Decide Our Behaviour

There is always a reason why we behave the way we do in any situation. So as a psychology student, one should understand the behaviour of others. Sometimes our reaction depends on nature, the environment, and our surroundings. All these are directly or indirectly related to psychological effects. As, it decides people's actions in that situation. Well, learning about these six effects will not only help you with your psychology dissertation topics but also make you understand yourself better.

These six effects will also help you understand how our brain functions. So without any delay, let's start reading the blog to better understand all the effects.

1. The Paradox of Choice

Of the six psychological effects, this is the most relevant one. It says people are less happy and unsatisfied when they have more choices. In other words, when people have many options present, it becomes challenging for them to make a choice. Also, the thing they choose might not excite them, and they might think of much better aspects. Even if the ultimate decisions are correct, when there are many options, we feel less happy with what we choose. While many agree on this effect, many studies have conflicting evidence for them. Hence, let's understand this by taking an example: the decoy effect tells us that a person feels more confident in their choice with three options. So among the six psychological effects, this paradox has been criticised for not having enough scientific evidence.

2. The Anchoring Effect

Many psychology students have already read about these psychological effects. But there are also a few who have no idea what this holds. Another one is the anchoring effect. It says people rely on the first thing they are offered, even if that is not right or might not work in their favour. For example, when people go shopping, they happily buy an overpriced product when they see the discount. They do not even check for other options and just run to grab the deal. This effect happens to everyone in their daily lives, so knowing this will be useful for students. Through this, they will know the psychology of behavior among different people.

3. Pratfall Effect

The pratfall effect says that people who make mistakes regularly are more likeable than those who don’t. So one should make blunders without any hesitation, as people feel afraid to fall down. It was first studied by Elliot Aronson, a social psychologist, in 1966. He observed that people are considered superior when they constantly make mistakes. It allows them to be better humans, and people like them more. Knowing this effect can be useful for students writing their university Psychology dissertation. It will help them understand people's minds and help them write answers. Well, you can also check out this blog on our website. It will help you to write your dissertation and make you understand Psychology better.

4. The Spotlight Effect

Have you ever been in a situation where you made mistakes and kept thinking that everyone was watching you? This feeling of stress and anxiety makes people feel underconfident in many situations. So this Spotlight effect says that others do not pay attention to our activities as much as we do. When you constantly focus on everything and what people will think, you become more conscious. So being knowledge about this effect can make you less nervous in social situations. Why we behave the way we do is no one else's concern, so stop thinking about this.

5. Hard-to-Reach Effect

In normal life, people always run from things that are not easy to get. In short, harder-to-achieve things are more desirable for people than what is within reach. However, people always believe that the things they cannot easily get are more valuable and worthy. It is a certain psychology that everyone will go behind high status, and no one knows, what the real truth is. So let's understand this by an example: when you go to a shopping mall, you always like expensive things. Well, this is psychology that has been stuck in people's minds. So all the psychological effects you are reading about here have been felt by all of you daily. People make decisions according to their psychological phenomena.

6. The Pygmalion Effect

The first experiment of this effect was completed by Robert Rosenthal. It says that when there are high expectations, it increases performance. This motivates people to challenge themselves to achieve more. People also have expectations of other people and of themselves to reach their ultimate goal. Hence, if you want something, setting higher expectations can be useful for you.

Well, these are some Psychological effects that determine why we behave the way we do in any situationIf you are a psychology student, then knowing all these can be highly beneficial. You can use this to understand your subject better. So if you like reading this, you can check out our blog section to read more.

Still Need Help for Psychological Effects? Our Experts Are Here

Being a Psychology student, one has to understand many things, which is not easy. So these Psychological effects can assist you with your subject. Also, if you ever have to write a dissertation or any paper related to this topic, you can take help from this blog. Even after reading this, if you have any doubt, you can contact our experts to understand it. They can also make your writing task easier by assisting with different write-ups. So just sit back and reach out to us for any academic assistance.

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