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Help Desk Planning

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Report on Help Desk Planning

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In this report, the procedures regarding different functions of a Help-desk worker Oxfam charity organisation are depicted. It will help in getting better understanding of basic operations which are to be handled by this worker.

1. Procedural documentation

The Help-desk operator or worker of Oxfam has to perform following functions with their step by step description:

1. Logging help-desk calls and categorising appropriately

  • Receiving the issue.
  • Contacting respective authorities and centres (via email, phone or web portals)
  • Reference ticket is raised that leads to logging of call.
  • Categorisation of respective problem to concerned engineer.
  • Sending customer a notification.
  • Logging off or closing the ticket (Regas, 2015).

2. Responding help-desk calls

  • The help desk call is reported.
  • Worker has to ensure that these are authentic and valid which can be possible only when address verification is performed.
  • Logging procedure is initialised.
  • Screening and prioritising.
  • Assigning specific tasks for particular individuals to handle the problem.
  • Resolving concerned issue (Wong, 2010).
  • Close the program.

3. Assisting advanced users

  • Maintaining the set protocol.
  • Understanding procedures which are involved in network handling.
  • Making records of incidents and clarifying it with advanced users.
  • Understanding basic legal structure and rules.
  • Advanced users have a different set of skills and techniques which can be learnt and implemented in the day to day operations at Oxfam.
  • Evaluation of entire assistance journey must be done for understanding basic strengths and weaknesses of help worker themselves (Hiles and Hon, 2016).

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4. Training new staff members

  • New staff or existing users must be given an introductory meeting which is also referred as induction.
  • Orientation basics must be communicated effectively so that problem of unethical practises can be avoided.
  • Understanding and identifying needs of training and areas of improvements.
  • Testing the competencies and capabilities of individuals (Czegel, 2015).
  • Evaluating performances and matching them with set standards.
  • Providing a confirmation for efficiency in dealing.

5. Installing software

Since, Oxfam needs to upgrade its network system from a stand-alone to work-group computers there are certain steps that need to be followed for installing the new software.

  • Evaluating the need and quantity of computers that need to be implied in the structure.
  • Checking eligibility of organisation for particular product or software.
  • Verifying the organisation's eligibility and authenticity for discounted licenses (Regas, 2015).
  • Software like Microsoft, Adobe and Symantec has to be purchased from the authorised store or the official website. Funds or donations gathered by Oxfam has to be used for making the purchase.
  • Registering organisation's details at the store.
  • Running the installation program for entire work group network.
  • Checking the operability of software on each desktop (Wong, 2010).
  • Keeping a support contact at hand for any sort of future reference or technical issues.

6. Installing hardware

  • The set up begins with assembling desktop sequentially. All the components like mouse, keyboards, printers, modems, etc. are physically connected with each other in required manner.
  • Installation is accompanied by troubleshooting which is performed in the switch OFF mode.
  • Insert necessary hardware in the CPU according to their specification and allotted slots.
  • Computer case has to be closed once the installation is complete (Regas, 2015).
  • Entire hardware has to be securely and firmly attached with the computer processing unit so that no physical damage or risk of electrocution is felt.
  • Re-run the troubleshooting program for identifying any error or mistake which can occur due to inappropriate settlement.

7. Managing records

  • Classified documents are required for managing records at a help-desk.
  • The sheets are managed in different categories under different covers. Every incident is categorised and then reported in this sheet.
  • Retrieving procedure must be simple and limited in the number of steps.
  • Authorisation over these records has to be maintained so that illegitimate actions are not practised.
  • The help-desk worker has to maintain proper discipline while handling emails and electronic record systems (Wong, 2010).
  • Primary key has to be installed for safety of this records.


From this report, one can easily understand the basic function of a help-desk worker in the charity organisation. The computerised system that is to be implied in this institution shall function smoothly only when these processes are sequentially executed.


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