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Working With and Leading People-London School of Science and Technology

University: Barony College

  • Unit No: 5
  • Level: Ph.D./Doctorate
  • Pages: 12 / Words 2902
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: EDU3002
  • Downloads: 4142
Question :

This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • Process of recruit a new member of staff
  • The impact of legal laws in recruitting
Answer :
Organization Selected : N/A


Every business organization perform their operations in order to gain the success in the market. For this, they have to manage their overall resources such as human, raw material, financial resources and so on. It is the responsibility of the manager to motivate their employees so that their satisfaction level can be increased and they will be able to perform well. HR manager has to recruit and select the right candidate so that their overall growth can be improved (Weisz and Gray.2008). Along with this, they should provide the training to their staff members so that their core competencies can be enhanced. The present report is based on Avon international which perform their operations in United Kingdom. The company provide beauty and cosmetic products to their customers. Below mentioned report is based on Working and leading people which explains the recruitment and selection process of the organization. It also focuses on the legal and ethical factors that can affect the performance of the frim. Further it explains the skills that are needed in the leaders.

1.1 Prepare documentation to select and recruit a new member of staff

Avon organisation is hiring an area manager for their organization so for this they have to use a proper recruitment and selection procedure. Through this effective approach, they will be able to hire a right candidate for their firm. Along with they have to make a plan with proper job description and person specification.

Job description:

Job title: Area manager

Salary: 2000 Pound per year

Duties and responsibilities: To manage all the activities of the specific area

Location: Avon organisation

Person specification:

The person should be good communication skills.

Qualification should be done in business management studies.

There are some important documents that are necessary while hiring the candidates in the organization. Some of these are:

  • Offer later: This is a kind of written document that is provided to new candidates which includes salary, incentives and other information related to job.
  • Contact paper: This is a kind of document that is a deal between the employees and employers (2011.). So, if any misconduct had happened in future then employees will be liable to take any legal action against the company.

1.2 The impact of legal, regulatory and ethical considerations to the recruitment and selection process

When organization hire any new employee then they have to follow all the legal and regulatory laws while conducting the recruitment and selection procedures. Some of the laws are related to the equity pay, health and safey act and so on. It is the responsibility of HR manager to protect all the rights of an individual so that their overall satisfaction can be improved of the people who are working in the enterprise. Along with this there are some discrimination that are related to age, religion, disabilities and so on. If any kind of misconduct will happen with the worker in the company then their will be high turnover and absenteeism. From all these issues they will not be able to improve their growth and position in the market (Rossouw and Fonagy, 2012). So, at the time of selection, manager should not perform any kind of basiness because through this the demotivation can be increased among all the candidates. Avon organisation should follow all the ethical actions and legislative laws so that overall rights of the human can be protected at the workplace.Want to get Assignment Samples?Talk to our Experts!

1.3 Participation in selection process of the company

To gain the skilfulness and productivity of the company and its operations, it is the duty of the HR manager of Avon is to act or arise the necessary job profile. The main task of HR manager of the said organization is to create and assign the work for their employees. Another role of HR manager to be performed in the context of Avon , in regard to selection and recruitment is to invite an application from the candidates and then evaluate the candidates by screening and matching the necessary qualifications and capabilities that are required to be performed by a person. Another important role of HR manager is related to short-listing and then conducting an interview with selected individuals to render their provision of services to company.(Rose. O'Brien and Rose.2009.)In addition to this, they held a aptitude test for analysing their knowledge and written skills about the profile for which they have applied in their organization. In this mentioned procedure, the manager of the said organization critique various abilities of individuals such as communication solving of problems , positivity In attitudes for offering a job. In this context, manager of the said organization provides message to the candidates about their profile, salary, incentives and timing slots in the organization before providing offer letter to the hired candidates.

1.4 Own contribution in selection process

The selection process starts with to get rid of those candidates who doest not possess the required skills to do the tasks of the created job within the said organization. For an instance, for the work profile of salesperson, effective communication skills are needed. So, the role of HR manager of firm is to reject those candidates who are not good and effective in communication and not having appropriate skills needed to sell the products. HR manager of Avon can enhance and sparkle of their organization by providing effective training and development skills for offered work profile and also regulate their advancement through using different methods and techniques such as graphical rating method and critical incident approach. (Parker. Corden and Heaton.2011 ). Thus contribution has been done in selecting an appropriate applicant has been done in the context of Avon.

1.5 Demonstration of working in company as a leader for attaining goals

Working as a manager or leader in the organization namely Avon provides a great number of opportunities and cognitive content. Specially, during the process of behaving like a leader or manager in resolving various opposed and contradictory situations which can be either internal operating of a team or any other issues faced in Woking with a particular team or its member ,for this purpose, a leader should hold a proper scheme in which employees can report their issues and problems faced by them in aspect of the functions of the team or organization or it can be related to customers also. In addition to this, leaders by knowing the issues and the root behind those conflicts and also he should discuss it with the employees. (Murphy and et. al.2007.). For this purpose, the leader of the said company requires complete cooperation and coordination from its workers in such a way that members of firm must submit their issues according to the respective said framework and also try to not to affect the work by these conflicts. In addition to this, employees should also provide some suggestions regarding to resolving the issues and conflicts so that working environment of firm should be effective.

2.1 Skills and attributes that are needed for effective leader

Abilities and skills that are required for an effective leadership;

Positivity in Attitude: It is one of the most important factor which says that there should be positiveness In the mental attitude of leader of company. Also, they should be helpful to their employees.(Munnell and Sass.2009.).

Difficulty Resolution: This is an another skill which conveys that the leader should have an effective skill to solve the problems of their employees and team mates through which conflicts will not arise in the company.

Appropriate decision making: An efficient leader of the company is suppose to take good decisions that are for the betterment of the company. Leader should form decisions according to their skills and abilities which can contribute to overall development of the company.

Proper Time Administration: Being an international brand , Avon needs to ensure proper time management so that it can be able to manage their all operations on time which increases the efficiency of the company. Also, the time management is vital tool for the said firm because it enable the employees to complete their assigned works on time.(Moores., Fish and Duperouzel.2011).

Individual Motivation: In some cases, the leaders of an organization can also feel demoralised and demotivated. To get overcome of it the leaders should motivate themselves by using different approaches. This is the main factor which enhances the leadership In a business firm.

2.2 Difference between leadership and management

Management: Managing employees and machineries to maximise the combine efforts of them to increase productivity. It has a huge need of the money, mind and techniques. It has a main focus to maintain a work flow of employees to be successful in the market. It has a affair in all of the business activities of the organisation.

Leadership: It is a helping factor for the employees to increase their productivity in the organisation. Leadership helps to the employees to achieve the goals of the company, it has potential to make organisation successful (Kearley and Croft, 2010.). It helps to decide objectives and vision of the company to make efforts by the company members. It motivates to the employees to attain their shared goals in the pre decided time limits by th

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