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River Thames Scheme reducing flood risk from Datchet to Teddington

University: Kensington College of Business

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This sample will let you know about-

  • What is River Thames Scheme?
  • What is Water Framework Directive?
  • Explain Thames Conservancy Act.
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River Thames Scheme is acknowledged to be a massive programme that has been developed to facilitate a decline in risk of flood in all communities lying between the pathways from Datchet to Teddington. The scheme is created to work upon facilitating the delivery of suggestions laid down within the Lower Thames Flood Risk Management Strategy. Such strategy was published during the month of November of 2009 post concerning business organisations, pool of residents and the various public bodies. RTS would protect over 15000 homes and companies along with infrastructure from floods. This scheme of government would render social, economical and environmental benefits to people (Lu and et. al., 2017). The following report will explore the scope of project along with the policies, procedures and legislation included as a part of RTS. Further, it consists of primary data collected by way of interview as well as survey. Besides this, effectualness of existent system and recommendations on the basis of study are provided.

Scope of project

The project is River Thames Scheme which is a strict course of action undertaken with a view to facilitate management of flood risk and reduce it to a large extent in communities covered under the plan. The scope of this project can be ascertained on the basis of the premise that as an effect of its implementation, several areas lying between Datchet and Teddington would be saved from flood risk. The cost of construction as well as operations of the River Thames Scheme (RTS) Capacity Improvements and Flood Channel (CI&FC) Project is £302 million. Out of the total amount, £220 million will be provided by government, certain proportion of funds would be secured while additional £45 million is needed prior to commencement of construction. For this purpose, even sources of funds such as corporations or beneficiaries are being looked upon. This project would begin in 2020 and last for a period of 5 years to ensure that all the regions covered within the scope of the project are saved from the risk of flood occurrence.Get Assignment Examples.Talk to our Experts!

The proposed project of RTS is being carried out by a number of entities together, encompassing The Environment Agency, Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead, Surrey County Council, Elmbridge Borough Council, Runnymede Borough Council, Spelthorne Borough Council, London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, Thames Water, the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), and Thames Regional Flood and Coastal Committee (RFCC). The scope of this project is quite extensive as a large number of activities are included as a part of River Thames Scheme. Also, the vision for this scheme is wide and not just covers the protection as well as management of floods (Byrne, 2017). Thus, the vision for this project is identified to be "PROTECTING our communities, SECURING our economy, ENHANCING our Thames. This implies the intent associated with the execution of project to save the covered regions from a number of risks and ensuring their well being as a whole.

The River Thames Scheme would be rendering flood relief to individuals, infrastructure and properties underlying between the path from Datchet to Teddington. In this regard, it is recognized that The River Thames lying in the mid way of Teddington and Datchet is one of the biggest as well as most at risk developed but undefended flood plain within the confines of England. With respect to this, it is not doubtful to state that an instance of a major flood occurring within the concerned region would result in causing extensive risk to human lives. This would mean imposing over a total of 15000 corporate as well as residential properties to risk (Hatts, 2016). This would imply disturbance being caused to several local communities. On a bigger scale, it would disrupt local and nation roads. This kind of flood would even disrupt the routes of railways and restrict the accessibility to globally significant infrastructural development like Heathrow Airport.

The assessment identified that the topics scoped into the Environmental Impact Assessment are air quality and climatic factors, landscape and visual amenity, cultural heritage, biodiversity, archaeology and built heritage, groundwater and Water Framework Directive, population, soils and geology, surface water, and Traffic and transport.

A Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) was executed as part of the development of Lower Thames Flood Risk Management Strategy. The concerned region consists of rich ecology and archaeology. Further, the river together with the surrounding gravel pits facilitate several recreation activities encompassing sailing as well as angling.

Desk based research on policies, processes and legislations involved

There are several policies, procedures and legislation involved within The River Thames Scheme. In this regard, some of the policies and laws pertaining to and facilitating the execution of this project are explained as underneath:-

EU Floods Directive:

The requirement of European Union (EU) Floods Directive (2007/60/EC) is that the Member States should examine whether all the water courses as well as coast lines are prone to risk of flood (Piper, 2014). Also, the aim is of mapping the magnitude of occurrence of flood and the extent to which assets and humans are posed to risk within the confines of these areas. Further, the requirement of this policy is to take initiatives through which the risk of flood can be reduced.

Water Framework Directive:

It is an EU Directive trans-versed into local law by the Water Environment Regulations 2003. The main aim of WFD is of delivering long run conservation of river, estuary, coastal area, groundwater and wetland for the purpose of achieving the most effective atmosphere for individuals as well as animals (Warner, 2012). The goals as well as milestones needed by the WFD are laid down within RBMPs that were upgraded by Environment Agency during the year 2016.

Thames Conservancy Act:

The Thames Conservancy Act (1932) is especially linked to River Thames and the EA is obligated to comply with it. The sole purpose of this law is preservation of River Thames for recreation and stipulating the methodologies in relation to regulation of pleasure traffic (Penning-Rowsell and et. al., 2014). The concerned project is required to keep navigation of River Thames which would be carried out by way of construction as well as operation.

Collection of primary data

Data collected based on the interview:

Andy Bennett / Facilities Manager at Littleton Sailing Club (an engineer himself by training):

Considering the interview, which was conducted it is interpreted that there were some of major concerns that may affect sailing club are, water levels and siliting up of the lake. Including this, another concern that came in front was directly linked with cross contamination with other species, that needs proper attention.;

Bernice, Marine Administrator at Shepperton Marina:

The basic information that came in front was that, marine administrative has more then 400 boats for the people, if any sort of disaster takes place due to imbalance within the natural environment (Jin and et. al., 2012). Along with this, Marina also gets flooded every year where Marine administrative gets the knowledge of water level considering floating pontoons. Along with this, considering this there are certain situations which delivers them appropriate information in relation to upcoming floods and so on.

Hanne Larsson, Environment Agency River Thames Scheme Team:

Based on the information, that has been pulled out in relation to refinements nearby River Thames are currently being made to the plan. Along with this, many of the models and design are also made to resist the Flood and so on. Away with this, it is also said that people are also not aware of the scheme that is going to get developed real soon in relation to flood management.

Email reply from Hanne Larsson, Environment Agency River Thames Scheme Team:

Considering the information that has been identified consist of EIA process which is specifically iterative in nature (Warner, 2012). On the other other hand, progress with the scheme needs appropriate environmental statements as well that needs appropriate confirmation as well, those schemes to be considered as part of the cumulative assessment and duly considered within relevant topic chapters. This is established practice for any Environmental Statement. Want to get Assignment help? Talk Our Expert Now!

Data collected based on the survey:

Section 1:

Analysis of question 1: Based on the information given by respondents, it can be easily be said that Flood risk with the score of 1, leisure aspects (sailing/fishing/riverside walks etc.) of waterways with score of 2, River/water bodies pollution carries the 3rd score, wildlife habitats/biodiversity holds the 4th position and lastly, Cultural Heritage/Landscape would get affected the most with considering 5 as the score. Therefore, it is said that Flood risks is something which majorly affects the Marina every year. This can be considered as the reason to have a strong flood management system in River Thames.

Analysis on question 2: Factors that contributes to flooding in the nearby areas (within 1-2 mile radius) are: heavy rainfall (1 as highest contribution), 2 score on rise in sea levels, 3rd on climate change, 4th over inadequate infrastructure (drainage and sewerage system), 5 score on lack of vegetation, 6th position is held by excess of concrete/bricks/man-made surfaces and lastly the lowest contribution is taking place at 7. Basically, Britain is dealing with heavy rainfall from decades, which impacted negatively upon River Thames and among other rivers as well.

Section 2:

Analysis done on question 1:



More than 3 times a week

At least once a week

At least once a month

1-2 times a year
















Other Boating














Riverside walks/jogging






Interaction with wildlife (feeding ducks/birdwatching)







These are the results that has been accumulated, which means modifications within the flood management system of River Thames would directly lead to reduce the security concerns of citizens of the country.

Analysis done on question 2: Basically, the level of concern about flooding from the River Thames/tributaries in this area is directly linked with carrying high risk.

Really high












Not concerned at all



Section 3:

Considering the questions that are being asked are directly linked with Britishers that were mostly got affected, because two-thirds of London's drinking water comes from the Thames, which would directly lead to enhance the performance level of flooding management. Including this, it is also said that there are more than 200 bridges crossing the river, which needs proper flood management in specified time frame. Really very high risk would lead Britishers to go through number of problems in specified time frame.

Analyse the effectiveness of the current practice/systems

The overall plan of River Thames Scheme has been determined as the large program which will minimise flood associated risk of all communities in between of Datchet and Teddington. The respective practice incorporated by the authority is highly effective as it will contribute in improvising flood responses. This will not only support community but at the same the respective initiative will contribute in managing wildlife in best effective manner. This will be effectively done by creating around 40 hectares space for wildlife habitat (Penning-Rowsell and et. al., 2014). This simply depicts that government, communities and residents area taking care of all associated living beings who gets affected by flood and its associated consequences. In addition to this, this flood management program will directly enhance awareness of community associated with the flood. This knowledge will cover overall topic information associated to the flood, its associated issues, how people can provide their level of support to individuals affected by flood, how recovery of flood affected people takes place and other associated information related to the same.

In order to execute functioning of River Thames Scheme, range of entities have placed their own level of contribution in order to make it more worthy. The main involved entities who are working together for developing this scheme are; London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, Spelthorne Borough Council, Environment Agency, Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, Runnymede Borough Council, Thames Water, Surrey County Council and Elmbridge Borough Council. Collaborative support of all these institution will directly enhance effectiveness of this program as they are having some part of specialization in their respective departments which ultimately contributes in the enhancement of project success.

On the basis of range of practices followed by the associated public bodies it can be said that these practices are highly important for respective scheme as it allows them in execute their overall planned activities in rightful manner (Jin and et. al., 2012). This can be well understood with the help of example. For instance: investigator have made use of survey as well as interview method for gathering maximum information on this proposed scheme that River Thames Scheme. It can be further said that this gathered information will directly provide knowledge to researcher about belief of respondents about this proposed scheme. It can be further said that these respondents have also expressed their part of recommendation to the investigator about the ways by which they can easily improvise their working pattern. In addition to these people can further improvise take related initiative towards the same in appropriate manner. Based on the performed practices associated with the River Thames Scheme, it can be said that overall plan is beneficial as after its incorporation, it would be easier for people belong to the specified region; to deal with the flood and its associated consequences. In addition to this, this will also provide support to the people by enhancing their awareness associated with flood and precautions that can be taken by them to resolve in lucrative manner. From the overall analysis, it can be said that the proposed plan can stop flood but it can; definitely provide guidance to the people through which they can deal with it and handle the situation in best possible manner. Take Management Assignment Help from professional experts!


From the overall information provided in the upper section, it has been determined that there is the core scope of improvement in the respective flood management plan. There are few main recommendation for improvising environmental impact ranking in terms of feasibility, time and cost are stated as below in effective manner.

Recommendation relating to Time: The time of construction which has been determined for this project is approximately 5 years but there can be numerous approaches which might reduce the estimated time.

  • It is recommended to use a mix of engineering tools and flexible work scheme so that it reduces the risk of getting caught up in the uncertainties and reduce the estimated time for completion.
  • The another approach is Fast tracking, which focuses on cutting the slack time which has been established in the project schedule and act more rapidly. Undertaking of crashing methods assure that project requirements are fulfilled in an appropriate manner (Lu and Nizzetto, 2017).
  • Extensive monitoring of the project will be an approach to cut down the costs and time completion for this project. This approach focuses on constant reviewing of the decisions taking during the project and assures that risk minimizing strategies have been implemented throughout.
  • Development of strategy and implementation team will be helpful in making quick decision making which might be a challenge in the initial years of project initiation.
  • Undertaking of Precautionary approach will be helpful in detecting the time delays during the project as it will be based on climate change.

Recommendations to improve feasibility of the project

  • The initial approach which can enhance the feasibility of this project is undertaking of flood plain management. These are the measures which reduces the damage caused by flood during the implementation of the project.
  • This scheme should contains appropriate prediction and warning system that may help in pre- planning for what needs to be done. This will also eliminate the risk of economic losses. If the programmers get pre- notification of uncertainty then it will be easy for them to protect resources and society more effectively.
  • Pre-stored inventories and shelters should be prepared by planners so at the time of mis -happening they will be in state of providing basic survival services and able came down the situation. Along with raising awareness regarding flood uncertainty it can promote all those activities that can eliminate the risk of occurring situation.
  • This scheme should involve the system of diversion canals through which excess water can be diverted to other water bodies; where there is less impact of flooding. Also, conduct a program to inspire all sectors of society to work together so that it will create strong flood-hazard community. Scheme should involve best evacuation plan which can help in evacuating the people smoothly to safest place.
  • It is further recommended to the proposed authority of River Thames Valley scheme is to develop some strategies as well as budget program which will help them out in reducing their over costing of the project. In addition to this, it can be further said that this initiative taken by project planner will provide support in utilising available amount in such a manner that will enhance effectiveness of the overall project. Along with this, it can be further said that formulation of good budget will help project manager in using right proportion finance for right activity. This will directly provide support in accomplishing project outcome and finishing its all associated activities in best manner.


On the basis of overall discussion made in the above section, it can be said that flood management is determined as most emerging topic worldwide. It has been further analysed that by incorporating several schemes or programmes towards natural disaster community can take effective initiative to save themselves in best possible manner. Along with this, it has also been identified that before executing these kind of programmes it is essential for public bodies, government and other associated people to adopt rightful strategies by which they can easily incorporate their proposed plan. Also, it can be said that usage of Interview method and survey method is helpful for individual in gathering maximum information associated to the same so that they can analyse overall data and take required step to implement their proposed plan in rightful manner.

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