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Natural Environment sample

University: London Churchill College

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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Introduction To Environment.
  • Features of Natural Environment.
  • Global, Local and Indoor Pollution Issues.
  • Activities of Construction Industry which benefit Natural Environment.
  • Basic Methods Used To Protect Environment.
Answer :

Introduction To Environment

An Environment UK Facing Health Inequalities Issue consists of all living and non living things which happen naturally on our earth. It is also termed what surrounds a thing or item. It can be materialistic environment which encompasses the built environment as well as natural environment like air; water etc or it can be a human environment which includes peoples and their near surroundings. This is also referred as social environment and constitutes attributes like emotional and spiritual environment.

The environment is an aqueous vitalizing thing. The environment is stated as the aggregate biological and physical systems in which man and other creatures exist. An environmental study involves each affair which that influences living organisms. Various collaborating constituents of environment include chemistry, physics, geology, biology, sociology, health and economics and engineering. Optimistic and pragmatic approach is needed to make equivalence. Therefore, environmental science is definitely a multidisciplinary approach.

Features of Natural Environment

It is an environment which includes the combination of every living species. Natural environment is built up of all living and non living organisms. The natural environment can be differentiated by its components such as:

  • Complete ecological entity which works similar to natural arrangement without enormous human interference constituting of soil, micro-organisms, vegetation, atmosphere, rocks and natural phenomenon which happen within the range.
  • Global natural resources and physical phenomena that lack clear-cut shapes, includes such as water, air, climate at the same time electricity, energy, force, radiation, and magnetism, which does not occur from human exercise (Bracho, F., 2000).

Air Quality

The quality of air can be described as how much pollution exists in air or up to which extent pollution is happening so that forecasting is not possible. An increasing huge amount of population will be facing the severe adverse effects related to health. To measure the ill effects of air pollution an index is created to determine the quality of air and is called Air Quality Index.

Soil Quality

Soil quality refers to the dimensions of a particular type of soil to perform, inside specific natural or managed ecosystem limits, to assist animal and plant productivity and to conserve and promote air and water quality and substantiate human health and habitation. It is a detail of soil’s ability to administer ecosystem and social services through its limits to act under alternating conditions.

Water Quality

It is a term which defines the chemical, physical and biological characteristics’ of water. It is a check of condition of water required any biotic species or humans for their need. The most general norms used to judge quality of water are inter-related to health of humans, drinking water and safety of eco system.

Global, Local and Indoor Pollution Issues

Global Issues

Global Pollution is a form of pollution in which pollution is made by both natural and human made resources. Globally human made pollution is spread through pollutants which come from internal combustion, agriculture, construction, and super-sonic planes and mining. The emission of dangerous gases through automobiles is a leading reason for global pollution. Countries like India, China, Russia, U.S, and Japan are leading suppliers of pollution. Major pollution sources consists of chemical industries, coal based power plants, refineries, petrochemical plants and nuclear wastage, metal production and other heavy industries.

According to a survey an amount of 400 million metric tons waste is produced each year. Green house gases emission and global warming are also the output of global pollution. Global pollution also results in unnatural disturbance of climate and creation of storms which affect a number of people. Global pollution also creates hazardous effects on natural eco system which results in an uneven climate which is not suitable. Smoke also pollutes the air. It is the basis of air pollution. The smoke which is released from industries, automobiles and kitchens is the essence of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, methane etc. These are all poisonous gases. These result in lung-cancer, tuberculosis etc. which take a heavy toll of life.

Local Pollution Issues

Local Pollution is kind of pollution which affects the local people in the near surroundings where the pollution is made. The local industries and local energy supplies result in local pollution. As for an example; when we move in a car from one place to another poisonous gases are the outcome from the exhaust pipe resulting in pollution. Cutting and burning of woods also result in local air pollution.

Indoor Pollution Issues

Indoor Pollution basically occurs in home places or offices. The air inside a confined environment becomes stagnate and saturated with germs, chemicals, air pollutions, and other harmful components. As our bodies consume these elements by breathing, if one breathe harmful air then there are prospect that his body will not distill each adverse component which will result in sickness of the person. This is the reason for indoor air being stated as an issue.

Activities of Construction Industry which benefit Natural Environment

Construction industry can play a major role in providing benefit to natural environment by employing various techniques so as to reduce pollution. Planning and design should be properly carried out. Sustainable design should be "front loaded" .and it must be comparable with traditional design. Previously focus was carried on energy saving, an efficient solar design, day lighting and cooling naturally.

It is more of architecture than style. There is lesser cost and the construction is less complicated. The design is integrated and each attribute is considered as a whole. It also gives stress on minimizing consumption energy and also is helpful in promoting high standards of human health. The various other components of the design can be arranged in such way as energy saving architectural attribute, energy conserving building envelope and energy efficient and health conscious mechanized, electrical and plumbing system.

Basic Methods Used To Protect Environment

Everyone has some sort of impact on their surrounding ambience and natural environment-- in this era of industrialized world, which is an unavoidable truth. Yet, the extent to which people negatively affect their environment can completely be reduced by a number of ways. Whether it's about doing large efforts or simple ones, there are various things that anyone can do their part to aid and assist and conserve the health of the environment (Natural Environment White Paper discussion document. n.d).Get Best assignment help from us.

There is not a single culprit who can be made responsible for the single reason: environmental destruction. Since global climate alteration may be the environmental cause, it is certainly not the only concern mankind facing. There are ample causes to environmental destruction; there are numerous things that everyone can do at home to help mitigate this damage. Changes need not to be a major and much incremental process could add up to a major and real effect. Like for, Light bulbs are an easy switch. Small CFL bulbs stay longer and use less energy than previously used bulbs, so it will help in decreasing pollution and save energy (Natural Environment Research Council. 2013).

Solar energy

Solar energy is that source of energy which is used to generate electricity with help of sunlight. It is a costly approach, as the solar panels use to generate electricity were made of pure silicon and thus raised its cost. These silicon solar panels are not eliminated from market and now new type of copper, gallium; indium panels have taken their place which makes them cost effective. The source of generation is sun and thus this become a renewable source of energy, and will be very effective in future (Ding, K.C,. 2008).

Wind Power

Wind power is used to generate electricity, as wind can be converted into electricity with wind mills huge wind mills are placed in empty fields and when the heavy wind blows, huge fans of wind mills rotate which are connected to turbines and thus these turbines produce electricity. This is very costly as setting up windmills on empty lands requires huge capital. Thus this is costly and also do not generate more electrical units. Though this is renewable source but is not very much effective (7 ways to protect the environment. 2012).


This is the most common technique used to generate electricity where huge dams were built where rain water or the river water was stored and this water was left to flow down, this speedy water was used to run turbines which generated electricity. This is renewable and require a huge cost to set up as building dams require large capital and there is scarcity of water in many places so this is not much effective.

Biomass Energy

This is the energy source which can be used to generate electricity by two different ways first is the where dumped waste like dead leaves, wooden waste, organic waste, or any kind of dumped waste which is burnt and then the enormous amount of heat is generated this heat is further used to boil water which generate vacuum and this vacuum is used to run turbines and intern generate electricity (Haas, A., and et. al 2006).

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Nature and the natural resources a precious gift to us from the environment. We must utilize them sincerely and protect them. Controlling environmental pollution requires not only drafting of legislation but it also requires the capabilities of people to implement the legislation. Companies, are the most significant polluters, they must employ staff who can understand issues related to pollution while the government must keep a check to monitor pollution in the city and surroundings.

Pollution awareness campaigns must be carried out in order to generate awareness about environment and its safety. Ensured steps must be followed to view there is adequate managerial, technical, and financial capacity before planning, designing, and constructing new facilities which may affect watershed resources or before providing financial assistance to build. We should be aware we get benefitted from nature in many forms and we must always follow steps to protect and conserve it for a better tomorrow.

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