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Unit 3 Resourcing Services and Social Enterprise Level 4 City College


Resources are referred to as most important part within an organisation and can be mentioned as drivers for growth and performance of an enterprise. It is essential to identify that resources requires collaborative efforts are to be procured outside of an organisation from external stakeholders of a business (Barraket and Collyer, 2010). The identification of the resources helps in determination of stakeholders which carry potential and to fulfil requirement of enterprise in the best manner possible. However, social enterprises who are carrying out their operations in healthcare domain requires distinct resources which could be fulfilled by varied stakeholders. The crucial stakeholder of a business are clients, suppliers, agencies, investors and supporting organisation which help in carrying out of operations in the decent manner. This report focuses Prostate Cancer, UK, it is an organisation which is working to provide better technology for diagnostic and treatment of patients in healthcare sector. The aims and objectives of this project will be undertaken along with analysis of various sources of funds. The stakeholder analysis will be conducted so that evaluation of performance of enterprise can be carried out.


Outline of an organisation in the social care sector

The organisation which is undertaken in this assignment revolves around Prostate Cancer, UK. it is an healthcare organisation who is deriving its function to reduce number of people who are dying from prostate cancer in the country. The funds which have been raised through public funding and charity are employed in taking out radical improvements in diagnostic and prevention of illness of prostate cancer in the United Kingdom (Newth, 2016).

The reason for which this enterprise have received immense recognition is that prostate cancer have emerged to be one of the most common cancer in the United Kingdom. The awareness relates to this chronic illness is comparatively lower as it affects an individual in an extremely gradual manner. It is recognisable when prostate is big enough to affect urethra and there is any continuously feeling of using restrooms. This organisation was founded in the year 1996 by Professor Jonathan Waxman to overcome surgical treatment which has been encountered by men. The operations of this enterprise were merged with prostate action in the year 2012 to form Prostate Cancer, UK. It has been identified as one of the primary national organisation specifically formed to improve stature and level of treatment which has been offered to people with prostate cancer in the United Kingdom.

Description of aims and objectives for chosen organisation

The aim of an organisation referred to undertake intention of an enterprise which it is trying to fulfil with its action and activities. The aims of this organisation is, “To stop people dying from prostate cancer through radical development in this area.

The crucial reason for which such activities are carried out is that it has been projected that there will be a rise of 12% in people suffering from illness in the period 2015 to 2035. This illness have already claimed approximately 11,000 lives in the country which makes it one of the most sought treatment in the country. Therefore it is essential to consider ideal treatment for this chronic illness so that number of people dying from this chronic illness can be dealt with effectively.

Objectives which are undertaken defines the manner in which organisation carries out its efforts in order to achieve improved output. To accomplish its target this organisation has been successful in the raising and simultaneously investing approximately 37million euros in field of research so that new approaches to counter this illness could be identified. The combination of knowledge which has been raised through different sources assures determination of the manner in which this disease spreads and beginning from molecular level (Wilson, 2016). The plan which has been undertaken revolves around dealing with prostate cancer are as follows:

  • Better Diagnosis: the efforts are directed into creating a tool which identifying evolution of this disease at the initial stages. The people who are already suffering from this illness help in discovering difficulties which are faced by them so that area which are to be considered while treatment are discovered. The diagnosis largely focuses on the aggressive tumours which tend to disrupt ideal functioning of an individual.
  • Better Treatment: This organisation have been deriving its efforts into rendering a treatment which is customised so that they could be treated in the ideal manner. The treatments which will be created will be targeted and will not carry any side-effects upon individual.
  • Better Prevention: To successfully prevent people from falling victim of this illness it is essential to identify manner in which it develops and evolves. It is very important to identify whether this illness could be prevented by altering dietary habits or by possessing better environmental circumstances. The collaborative working with numerous agencies and government helps in understanding biology behind this cancer.
  • Better Support: The people who are already suffering from prostate cancer so that they are provided with moral support and informal knowledge which helps in leading a ideal life (Murta and Willetts, 2014). It is approach which aims to deliver care to the people.

Identify stakeholders and key relationships within your organisation

  • Shareholders: they are the one who constitute minimum one share of the company's stock. As they are the shareholders of an organisation and have some part of the firm's share so they can avail the profit of enterprise's success in the form of raised stock valuation. Along with this they have some rights for example: Shareholders can check the books and records in which all the information are incorporated so that they can have an idea of business growth.
  • Employees: Employees are considered as a valuable asset as they are the one who work for an organisation for providing better results to the company. As a result this, can increase the sales and profitability and market shares and value at the same time. Therefore, it is necessary that workers are provided with appropriate training through which they can help the organisation in achieving the set targets and goals under specific period of time.
  • Suppliers: They are considered as those who provides basic required substances to an organisation in term of raw materials which company can use for making a final product that can be delivered to the end customers.
  • Partners: Working in partnership always provides benefits to an organisation as it can be said as an arrangement under which two or more than that collaborate with each other with their mutual understanding in order to provide maximum benefits. If company faces any loss or profits both the partners have an equal share. Therefore, an agreement is signed between partners so as to receive compensation (Maher, 2015).
  • Community: Before launching a new business it is necessary to evaluate the environment so as to know whether the organisation will can gain maximum benefits or not. This assist the company in knowing the nature and demands of a particular area by which they can manufacture as per the demands and preferences.

A prostate cancer is growing at a rapid speed in United Kingdom because of which deaths are happening in large number. Therefore, for providing proper treatment company has adopted Organogram approach is a systematic approach that is helping them in having a good relation between shareholders as they are providing funds in buying the latest equipments for better treatments, employees are assisting them in operating the complicated machineries in an effective manner (Sherman, 2016). Other than suppliers are providing all the tools and technologies to respective organisation so that they can start the treatment as soon as possible. Therefore, all the factors that are mentioned above are playing some or the other role in providing better results.

Undertaken Market and needs for organisational products and services

Prostate Cancer is very common amongst male and it is increasing in United Kingdom day by day. Therefore, Prostate Cancer is a charitable trust that is running it operations in UK. They are providing treatments to people who are suffering form this disease. The initiative has been taken by this organisation because there are 47,151 cases under which 11,287 deaths have happened and 84% of them have survived this prostate cancer all these data are according to an article that was published 2015 in United Kingdom.

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The need of taking this step is to give excellent treatments because as per the survey it has been evaluated that 47,700 new cases of this disease have been registered in every single year which is approximately 130 each day. This is found mainly in males and it has raised to 26%. It is seen that mostly males whose age in 90 or above are affected by prostate cancer and it is very common in Black males. As a result the United Kingdom is ranked as the 17th highest in Europe. Therefore, early treatment can cure the disease on time.

There are many cases that have survived and as per the report more than 8 out of 10 i.e. 84% of men have diagnosed with this disease in England and have survived within 10 years or more. PSA testing detecting latent is helping the organisation in diagnosing this disease who are between 60-90 years of age. Therefore, since last 40 years the cancer survival have increased and now it is improving day by day. Organisation is asking for funds or grants because of the increase in the cases of prostate cancer which is gradually leading to deaths. For giving proper treatments it is necessary they buy suitable equipments and the need what organisation are asking for fits the market demand (Furneaux and Barraket, 2014).

Delivery Strategy

It has been examined that in order to provide services to consumers right on time it is must for an organisation to consider the best approach or strategy of delivery (Anderson and White, 2011). In this context, prostate cancer which is a charity firm has to grab funds through which they can apply delivery strategy where they can give treatment to their clients whenever it is needed. This can be done by taking proper steps through which care can be given to guests or patients at the right moment when it is needed and these are:

  • Strategy preparations and planning.
  • Both financial and commercialized principles.
  • Management of all risk factors.
  • Design of procedures of operations.
  • Procurement options development and assessment.
  • Measuring marketplace that what other health care centres are using.
  • Best facilitating approach.
  • Evaluation of strategy which has been chosen by organisation in order to better serve to patients that are suffering from prostate cancer.

On other hand, with the help of partnership map, delivery strategy can be properly made by Prostate Cancer UK. This also includes various steps which will directly aid in making schemes in order to better serve to patients who are suffering from Prostate Cancer. It is must for organisations to take initiatives and make vaccines or therapies so that proper treatments can be given in order to save as much as lives of human beings who are having this deadly cancer named as prostate (Carroll, Whelan and Richardson, 2010). These phases are given beneath:

  • Scoping and then identifying
  • Building as well as planning
  • Managing and locating resources
  • Implementing & then measuring it
  • Reviewing strategy which has been chosen
  • Sustaining or terminating

Partnership map can aid in selecting appropriate strategy of delivering treatments to clients or patients so that to cure them from prostate cancer right on time in order to save their life.

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Sources of funding for this organisation

Funding is referred to money which has been provided by an institution or government specifically to fulfil a predetermined objective. It is an very important segment as monetary assistance which has been availed by an institution helps in carrying out its research activities (Loosemore, 2016). Prostate cancer is an organisation which is known to conduct research on improvement and better treatment related to prostate cancer in the United Kingdom. For a charitable organisation such as Prostate Cancer UK, the various sources of funds are as follows:

  • Charities: This organisation being a charitable organisation relies heavily on the donations and charities which have been ascertained by it. The people are persuaded to donate for this organisation so that its well-fare operations are carried out in the right manner. It has been ascertained that there is a severe decline in the charity and community funds due to lesser disposable income which has been possessed by them. The other name which could be provided to charity is gift and earned income by an organisation.
  • NGO's: Non-governmental organisation can be defines as organisation which also depends on money which has been availed through fundraising events and charity. The approaches which are adopted by such institutions is humanitarian and healthcare and are known to collaborate efforts with other organisations so that better results in terms of community welfare are achieved (King, 2014). However, it has been ascertained that there is an severe decline in the funds which are availed through such institution as there has been increase in the competition of funds. The presence of n number of organisation make it difficult to reach their ideal level of funds as compared to before.
  • Profit organisations: These are stated to be organisation who are carrying out their operations in the market solely to attain defined level of profits. The government has enforced private organisation to take up matters which relates to community welfare (Noruzi, Westover and Rahimi, 2010). Another reason is that organisation which gives back a share of their profits to the society tend to create a long lasting impact upon its customer base therefore, results in higher sales. The private organisation which are carrying their operations for wealth maximisation emerges as a potential sources through which funds could be generated to carry out operations for this social enterprise.
  • Government Funding: The government funding for this enterprise have emerged to be one of biggest source of income. The major shift in the government has resulted in inclination towards strategic funding. The most recent initiate which has been undertaken by the government is Innovate, UK. This initiative attempts to provide financial assistance to organisation for the purpose of development of new technologies and medicines through research. The government has introduced a pilot scheme which focuses on reducing time for diagnosis for the prostate cancer. To achieve this purpose government has funded this charitable organisation by approximately 75 million euros (PM Theresa May in Cambridgeshire to boost men’s cancer health, 2018). The prime minister considering record survival rates of this country tend to overcome contrasting results which government is planning to improve with this strategic investment.

Out of the above mentioned sources of funds, it can be said that raising funds through campaigns and charities are one of the most preferred approaches (Munoz and et. al., 2014). This organisation is making promises to be more transparent when it comes to utilisation of funds and similar can be assessed from annual report which is published by this enterprise. The fundraising events which has been organised by this enterprise tend to generate huge amounts of funds which are further utilised in upliftment of the community (Evans, Hills, and Orme, 2011). The guidelines and best practices related to fundraising are taken into consideration along with maintaining privacy is referred to be paramount in this institution. The secondary sources of funds which are preferred by this institution is raising funds through governmental support which have lately become extremely difficult as there is an increased competition among social enterprise in the economy of United Kingdom.

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Evaluation of performance

Performance evaluation tools stands crucial for an organisation as it helps in fulfilment of its objectives in the right manner. It helps in determination whether an enterprise is able to perform its functions in the right manner (Evans and Syrett, 2017). The set of tools which have been employed by organisation in measurement of performance are as follows:

  • Key performance Indicators: these provide a manner a business to identify how well they are performing in relation with their targets established. For instance: In charitable organisation the stature of performance can be identified through metrics undertaken. The awareness programme which was initiated aimed to target approximately 100,000 people each year has been able to reach over 250,000 in the first year itself. The specialist nurse services which have been catered by this institution have been successful in catering approximately 11,648 people suffering from prostate cancer. These services have been able to successfully communicate information to 92% of the people and simultaneously able to uplift their stature of life.
  • Social return on investments: This performance evaluation tools is focused on undertaking social and environmental aspects with financial results (Scott, 2010). This holistic approach is also undertaken by this organisation as it aims to identify the changes which has been brought to the life of people with this expenditure. Prior to delivery of services, it has been identified that stature of health of people from 26% to 59% have been improved out of number of individual who have utilised these services.

Conclusion and Analysis

It can be concluded from the above report that presence of such institution in the country is crucial as it helps people in making aware about such chronic illness and at the same time dealing with the same. The political restructuring have definitely impacted the manner in which operations are carried out in the market. The government have now inclined in structural investment which tend to affect the manner in which funding was provided to organisations. The funding which has been availed through public services tend to assist this institution in delivering outcomes in an improved manner. On the economic front, this organisation will be successful through forming partnerships with other organisations as public funding doesn't emerge to a long term approach. The future of this organisation is very positive as it working on issues which has been spreading at an undefined rate in the market. On quality vs cost front, this organisation is aiming to provide qualitative services to people who are suffering from prostate cancer in the United Kingdom.

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