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Table of Content

  1. Business Canvas Model

Business Canvas Model

The Organix

Key Partners Key Activities Value Proposition
  • Owner of the restaurant
  • Hotel and restaurant association
  • Restaurant equipment and food item's suppliers.
  • Investors and other stakeholders.
  • Distributors.
  • Delivering organic chocolates, shakes and other food items that does not harm people.
  • Develop customer good customer relations.
  • Offer good, healthy and organic food items on low cost.
  • No use of pesticides in the food items.
  • Provide a great place to the customers where they can spend their quality time and relax.

Key Resources

Customer Relationships Customer Segments
  • Skilled staff members.
  • Great place to establish restaurant.
  • Suppliers who may deliver organic items to prepare food.
  • Regular customer feedback.
  • Considering their opinion in food delivery system.
  • Fitness freak and young people are the main target customer of the restaurant.
Cost Structure Revenue Streams


  • Rent of the restaurant.
  • Salaries and compensation to the staff members.
  • Cost of preparing food items.
  • Income from sales of food items.
  • Food delivery charges.
  • Advertisement channels such as television, posters etc.
  • Social media such as Facebook.

A new restaurant The Organix is going to be established in UK. It is based on a innovative business idea as organic food and beverage items that are going to be offered by this restaurant to the customers. The food will be sold in the restaurant and delivery services are algo going to be provided to the customers. Main target market of this business concept is youngsters and fitness freak people who ignores fast food due to their concern to health. The location which is decided for this is Manchester, UK.

Key partners: These are the people who are considered as the key part of restaurant. In The Organix there are five different types of key partners. These are investors and other stakeholders, owner of the restaurant, hotel and restaurant association, equipment and food item's suppliers and distributors.

Key activities: The restaurant is mainly concerned with organic food and beverage items delivery. The Organix's main concern is to offer such food items to the customers that they are willing to have. Now a days people ignore fast food and soft drinks due to health issues but Organix is providing such food items that does not harm the health of customers.

Value proposition: Main Value proposition of The Organix is to deliver good quality and organic food and beverage items to the customers on low prices so that their requirement can be fulfilled and good relations can be established with them. Provide a great place to the visitors where they can relax and spend their quality time.

Customer relationships: It is very important for a new business to make good relations with customers by meeting their requirements. The Organix have also planned to establish such type of relation with its visitors by taking regular feedbacks and also considering their opinion to make changes in food items according to them.

Customer segment: Youngsters and fitness freak people are the main target segment of The Organix because people are becoming more concerned about their health. The food and beverage items that are delivered by the restaurant are made of organic items that will help them to maintain their health.

Key resources: As The Organix is a new restaurant hence, it requires various resources to operate the business successfully. These are new skilled employees, a place to establish restaurant, organic items to cook food etc.

Advertisement channels: It is essential for a new business venture to advertise about its products and services in order to aware customers about them. The Organix have chosen various media to make advertisements these are social media, television, poster etc.

Cost structure: While running the business various costs may take place and it is very important for The Organix to have sufficient monetary resources in order to bear all of them. These are salaries, rent, cost of organic items etc. It has been estimated that the cost for establishing the business would be around £150000. It is very important for the group to arrange funds.

Revenue stream: The revenue streams of The Organix are food delivery fees and income from sales of food and beverage items. Higher revenues can be generated by the restaurant if the food and drinks are based on customer's requirements.

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