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Acquisition by Pakistani Owned Enterprises in UK

Chapter 1: Introduction

1.1 Background

In order to enhance market share and revenue, various elements are considers within UK. In this aspect, UK acquire Pakistani market in different types of businesses through they can merge it in the country. It will assist to enhance profits and revenue through organisation can easily achieve goals and objectives (Buckley and Strange, 2015). Britain has owned small businesses of Pakistan which growing very fast in all country. UK conducted market research program in which they can contribute income around £200 billion every year. Annual contribution of business make high profits through economy aspects. Currently they are owned £180 every year through forecasting for 2018. Co-op pharmacy chain in the UK considering with the largest private bank in Pakistan in which they are dealing more than 770 branches across the world. In London there are various Pharmacy company who deals with legal team and serve Pharmacy products and services (Khan and Khan, 2016). With the help of continuous diversification, they have successfully operates functions in Pharmacy line. When UK acquire Pakistan, they had integrates collection of industrial and provident society which make various liability and responsibility. In respect to merge with co-op pharmacy, UK will reach an annual growth about £3.4 billion with more than 32,600 people.

In starting time, Bestway's is the cement division of Pakistan which has manufacturer of cement industry. After this, CEO of the company started their operations with acquisition and growing of Pharmacy products in UK. This group has relaunched their products to gaining high revenue and profits (Ekpe, Mat and Ekpe, 2015). With the help of investment program, pharmacy products are supported by qualitative and standard of goods. After 12 months, the company take decision to merge with UK pharmacy. Bestway allow keep their products as a Co-op pharmacy name. It assists to make rebrand of the products and services through health can be improve and support to NHS as well (Dewi and Rachmawati, 2014). It involved transaction which involve pre-closing restructuring and collection of industries development. In respect to this, acquiring of the Co-up pharmacy us moving through diversification strategy. It assists to deal successfully with significant strength which advising for finance transaction. They are fully acquisition by UK market and this country has successfully owned pharmacy business. Their strategies is made to reduce debt and focus on delivery of plan and priorities. It will make strength very high which assist to committed in long term ownership (Godson, 2014). They are also looked forward to working with team in transition period.

In present case study is based on study of acquisition of Pakistan companies by UK. Pharmacy is managed in term of variety that determines to conduct study that aimed to state knowledge, experience and qualification which working for community pharmacies (Aftab, Samad and Husain, 2015). In this aspect, comparative cross measurement created on random sample such as 371 pharmacies in Pakistan. It done through conducting market survey and analysis of questionnaire through pilot testing. In respect to this, legal consideration are taken with understanding of qualified pharmacy products in developing nations. Accessibility and appropriate use of these products are problem to health care system within the nation. It can be managed effectively which are related to issues without contributing participation in medicine issues (Dewi and Rachmawati, 2014). In Pakistan customer demand, social acceptance and commercial pressure create maximization that generate high impact on regulatory framework due to lack of resources. Qualifications are very important element that describes regarding pharmacy products of the company. Community determine solution to analysis major areas of Pakistan. Overall qualification, knowledge and training of dispensers working with the country. Results are also highlighted which create more experience of pharmacies. Never Experience dispensers which can be reflect to the better knowledge within the nation (Atkinson and Storey, 2016). It can be link with developing ideas in nation to conduct research program at workplace.

Scenario assesses in this report to integrate with UK market. When UK acquire pharmacy company in more that 770 outlets, they have transferred purchasing through Bestway which working as a global business. It is the first company in which UK purchasing around £620 million from pharmacy industry (Nabi, Wei and Zhao, 2014). UK supplying with 1,25,000 retailers and caterers through they are runs with 4000 members. It makes great potential to grow the business organically and future acquisition. The company is allowing to started their brand with Co-operative Pharmacy brand and sale from October. In respect to this, various UK organisation merge to make high profits. Sainsbury, Tesco, Asda, Day Lewis and many more other businesses use pharmacy products of the company. It makes successfully operations for delivering good news for pharmacy sector (Xu, Gan and Hu, 2015). It will continue to make the best decisions through investing more money. Decisions are also acquired to keep principles and values that are very important to the market. In addition to this, proceeds also enable to the Co-operative to reduce debt and investment from the business. Hence, UK can focusses on strategic plan and their priorities. Now onwards, the company has acquired global turnover of £3.4 billion and international workforce from the help of 32,600 employees who are work in UK.

Pharmacy forecast and predicts are very important for development in different domains that assist to make best decisions at workplace (Buckley and Strange, 2015). It can be lead to result in the best way for development of the country. Further, Bestway has various outcomes in which they can deal and achieve high revenue and profits. In this aspect, their plan need to consider in the following areas:

Population health management program

In order to make recommendation, the company can deal with health management system. In this aspect, Bestway need to determines program which make successful operations in UK market. Hence, they can easily achieve high market share and public welfare. Further, planning of management system can assist to make focus on welfare program for people (Khan and Khan, 2016). There are various trends take place that also make effective results on the performances of welfare program of the cited firm.

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Work force in pharmacy products and services

It is essential to manage workforce in pharmacy products and services which assist to take decisions regarding planning. Hence, it makes actionable strategic recommendation on pharmacy products (Ekpe, Mat and Ekpe, 2015). The company should acquire planning to manage workforce in systematic way. Thus, Bestway is able to demonstrate welfare program regarding business operations and workforce. In respect to this, products and services are develops as a professional for ascertain decisions and regulations. In this concept, program is set to determine profits and positive results.

Operations of health system

Health system operations also manage through developing ideas and opinion regarding business products and services. In this way, bestway company need to take action regarding operations (Dewi and Rachmawati, 2014). It will assist to make decisions on the basis of forecasting. Hence, they can make profitability and high satisfaction in customer requirement of pharmacy products. The organisation has the best option to deliver results and effective outcomes UK market so that loyalty also make in front of people.

Regulation requirement also considers in the best way

In order to develops plan, the organisation also need to enhance customer welfare through legal regulation and policy. They should manage product quality and performances which assist to make comparison with other companies. It will generate profitability and positive outcomes which can be taken through enhancing public welfare and satisfaction that can be taken for different patient (Atkinson and Storey, 2016). It creates various outcomes which make to develop plan and outcomes at workplace. In UK market there are various sources through the Bestway can implement new plan and products of pharmacy. Therefore, it makes high profitability and results that can be make for generating positive results.

Information technology on health sector

Information technology is also playing very important role through organisation can determines solution at workplace through plan can be manage. In this way, the enterprises can serve products ad services that are best in quality and standard. Hence, successful operations can be made that assist to enhance outcomes and profits (Nabi, Wei and Zhao, 2014). UK has the latest and advance technology which make successful business operations of pharmacy line. In this way, health sector enterprises can easily cooperate with plan that can make to generate positive results and outcomes. It also assists to make the better decisions as soon as possible through implementing latest and advance technology.

Management of medication cost

Another recommend can be develops to reduce and manage medication cost which need to be ascertain for developing ideas and operations. In this way, Bestway need to demonstrate plan according to market and scenario. It will make effective results that assist to manage for developing UK market in pharmacy (Xu, Gan and Hu, 2015). Pakistan has implements their operations with conducting market research program. Thus, UK has advantages to determine their strategies which assist to make effective results and operations for public welfare.

1.2 Rationale of the study

Merger and acquisition is considered as the foremast aspect behind success of the companies as it helps to secure their growth and development at national or international level. Business get chance to explore themselves in order to increase the customer base and meet the expectations of all related parties. The study under consideration shed light on effectiveness of integration of the businesses operating in Pakistan and are being acquired in UK. The main reason behind carrying out this study is understand that what kind of strategies are applied by corporation in order to implement the changes and how effectively firms cope up with the same. In addition to this, most of the businesses got failed in the merger and acquisition because of adoption of less suitable strategies. It is followed by implementation of less effective procedure in implementing the changes and conducting the analysis before acquisition.

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Owing to this, both corporation under consideration get the loss and their strategies related to starting operation together got failed. Furthermore, cultural barriers is considered as the most significant factors behind failure of the business. Although, management do apply necessary strategies to identify the barriers affecting the procedure of acquisition and do implement the same. It can be critically evaluated that lack of appropriate information makes this procedure highly typical and affect performance of the businesses to a great extent. However, countries like Pakistan has threat of failure in expansion under other countries due to several internal issues. This require companies to put extensive efforts to mitigating the risk and taking the initiative related to expansion over the glob.

In addition to this, merger and acquisition types of strategies are implemented with detail research and analysis. Along with that, cost structure is also focused by the business in order to ensure their higher rate of return and managing the necessary changed effectively. There are some factors which affect the business performance to a great extent just because of their non realistic assumption towards the potential country. It indicates that it is very important for business to carry out analysis of the country along with the firm in which it is going to be merged. This aspect proves to be effective to collect necessary information and provide the indication related to any kind of methods which can be applied to cope up with change. This kind of scenario create issue for business to deliver good quality of services to large number of buyers and at the same time business might not able to continue with its operation. For this purpose, it is important to shed light on appropriate strategies through which it becomes easy to ensure success of the merger and acquisition successful. However, increasing issue in the growth and development of business which are from different countries give rise to conduct research. Owing to this, current study is being conducted to assess the effectiveness of integration of Pakistani companies in UK by taking a specific case study of Bestway. This specific case has been considered to understand the success story of the business and at the same time which issues which were faced by the business.

1.3 Research aim and objectives

The research aim and objectives of the current study are constructed as follows which provide basis of the same. These are explained as follows-


To analyse the effectiveness of integration of Pakistani companies in UK: Case of Bestway acquisition of co-op pharmacy


  • To assess the scenario of integration of Pakistani companies in UK
  • To evaluate the success of Pakistani companies integrated in UK in past
  • To recommend the future strategies for Bestway

The above mentioned research objectives are important for the thesis as first of research assess the scenario of integration of Pakistani companies in UK. It would be appropriate to conduct the in-depth analysis by taking the suitable examples of the corporations in into consideration. Furthermore, second objective of the study highlighted that how Pakistani companies got success in integration procedure with UK. The last objective of the study reflects that future strategies of Bestway in order build competitive edge in the in the global marketplace along with higher rate of return.

1.4 Research questions

The research questions of the current study are formulated on the basis of research aim. It enables researcher to collect the appropriate information and conduct the entire study effectively so as to present the outcome in a most effective manner. These are stated as follows-

  • How Pakistani companies integrated in UK
  • How Pakistani companies has been successful in the past
  • What will be the future growth strategies for Bestway

1.5 Research framework

The research framework is considered as the another most important aspect of the thesis under which different kind of methods are employed by the researcher to produce the valid outcome. The research framework applied under the present study has been explained as follows-

Type of investigation- This is the considered as the most prominent aspect of the study under which researcher explains about the type of investigation selected. The type of investigation applied in the current thesis is based on qualitative which demand for in-depth investigation in order to accomplish the study effectively. It enables researcher to collect the valid information and use the same in order to present the outcome in an effectual manner (Bhattacharyya, 2009). The major reason behind using such kind of approach for investigation to assess the success of the Pakistani owned businesses in UK in the light of collection of primary or secondary or both kind of information. On the other hand, quantitative type of investigation has not been applied as demands to use stratification tools for analysis of the collected data. However, the nature of study pertains need of in-depth analysis. Owing to this, qualitative type of investigation has been selected for carrying out the same (Kumar, 2010).

Research approach- The another important element of research methodology is research approach. It indicates that what pattern of data collection is being adopted by the researcher. The thesis under consideration is based on deductive type of research approach wherein at first generalization is done for the collected data and then researcher moves to be specific one (Crowther and Lancaster, 2012). Owing to this, specific pattern of data collection is adopted by the scholar whereby it becomes easy to gather the information in a right manner. Apart from this, generalized scenario leads scholar to reach at the specific issues which are being faced during the past time at the end of Pakistani companies. Thus, selection inductive research proves to be the most effective for extracting valid outcome and reaching at the end results in a right manner. In addition to this, inductive research approach as not been used as specific information is not considered at first and issue of common businesses is highlighted.

Research philosophy- Research philosophy is based on set of assumption, belief and values of researcher regarding a particular topic or investigation. This reflects the understanding level and knowledge of scholar regarding study. There are different types of research philosophies such as interpretivism and positivism. The current thesis on analysis of effectiveness of integration of Pakistani businesses in UK, interpretivism research philosophy has been used (Daniel and Sam, 2011). The main reason behind using the same is to use the available knowledge of research on the fact presented for the investigation. The employed research philosophy reflects that particular truth has multiple facet associated with the same. At this juncture, interpretivism research philosophy will be applied for detail analysis of the study. Therefore, use of interpretivism research philosophy would be effective to interpret the collected information and apply the findings of the same to present the outcome in the direction of aim and objectives.

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Data collection- Data collection is the most important procedure in research framework of the study which shows that what kind of data will be collected in the study. There are basically two types of data such as primary and secondary and application of the same is based on requirement of the investigation. Owing to this, present thesis employs both primary and secondary data for offering the effective basis (Fiegen, 2010). The procedures used for collection of primary data are questionnaire, interview and observation etc. On the other hand, secondary data are collected from sources like journals, books and online articles. The Kumar, R., 2010main reason behind using both kind of data collection methods is to support the investigation with proper evidence. It would be effective to represent the outcome in an authentic and reliable manner. However, interview method will be used for gathering primary data and using the same to draw valid outcome for the thesis.

Sampling- Sampling is significant in case study is based on both primary and secondary data. As the current investigation is using both kind of data collection, hence appropriate sampling design will be selected. According to the nature of the study respondents of the study will managers of Bestway; selected case study of Pakistani business acquired in UK. It is because they must have idea regarding the issues which were faced by the business along with success story of the same (Jackson, 2010). However, the objective of study also shed light on future strategy of the firm. For this purpose, it is important to incorporate managers as the respondents of the study. The suitable sampling design applied for current thesis will be non-probabilistic. Accordingly, purposive sampling has been applied for gathering information from the targeted respondents. In addition to this, specific sampling as purposive one will be used as it defines the target population in accordance with requirement of the study and knowledge of the same for completion of its purpose. In this respect appropriate sampling size has also select through which population can be represented. Moreover, 10 as standard sample has been kept for selection of managers of Bestway.

Data analysis- Data analysis chapter of study is considered as the core portion where collected data are analysed in the light of research aim and objectives. The technique applied for data analysis in the current thesis will be qualitative. This is because such kind of investigation assists scholar to carry out in-depth analysis (Khan, 2011). This proves to be effective to accomplish the aim and objectives in an adequate manner with effective support of primary and secondary information. However, thematic analysis of the selected technique is applied under which information gathered from interview will be analysed. At this juncture, researcher ensures to consistency of findings from primary and secondary data. This proves to be effective to accomplishing the research aim and objectives in an effectual manner. Thus, selected method of data analysis is very effective accordingly to its aim. Apart from this, it will also be helpful for proposing the suggestions for the study effectively (Kuada, 2012).

1.6 Structure of the thesis

The structure of any study matters a lot as it indicate readers that what potential aspects will be covered in the study for producing valid outcome. It enables scholar the present the overview of the study that what each chapter will contain. Hence, structure of the current thesis has been presented as follows-

Chapter 1: Introduction-The chapter of introduction is considered as the most prominent in the study as it communicates about the purpose and scope of the study. It clarifies that why a particular study is being conducted and potential aim as well as objectives of the same is explained in a clear manner. It consists of rationale of the study, background, and research questions along with aim. In addition to this, detail background of the study is incorporated in the respective chapter only so as to highlight the general or specific information about the topic under investigation. Furthermore, brief explantation of the research framework is also added in the chapter of introduction whereby research ensures that what methodologies and procedures will be use for collection of the information and analysis of the same. In addition to this, information related to specific case study is added through which it becomes easy to understand the case scenario. The thesis under consideration provides the detail of Bestway which is acquired by Co-op pharmacy. This is followed by the rationale that why the investigation on particular topic is being conducted by taking a specific example. In this manner, chapter of introduction is considered as the first and foremost for detail overview about the study to be conducted or being carried out.

Chapter 2: Literature review-The completion of introduction chapter give initiations to next one which is of literature review. It is based on specific research aim and objectives and accordingly varied studies are referred. It proves to be effective to create strong base of the study and accordingly extract valid outcome so as to accomplish the research aim and objectives. In the current investigation, chapter of literature review will be completed on the basis of themes which are constructed as per the research aim and objectives. However, the main purpose of researcher to access varied sources of information is to develop in-depth understanding fro present the outcome in a right manner. Apart from this, conceptual framework and other related studies are incorporated in the completion of the chapter literature review.

Chapter 3: Research methodology-The chapter of research methodology begins at the completion of literature review. This provides the general discussion regarding the methods which can be used in the study. This enables researcher to select the methods used for collection of information and analysis of the same. It covers different topics or aspect selected for the study such as type of investigation, research design, methods and techniques implement the for the purpose of data analysis. However, all these procedures and tools are presented in broad manner so that readers can come to know about available of varied options. Furthermore, selected method will be explained along with its appropriate justification in the file. It would be effective for scholar to carry out entire study in accordance with provided guidelines. In addition to this, varied studies are referred by the scholars in order to develop the in-depth study effectively.

Chapter 4: Data analysis-It is the fourth and foremost chapter of dissertation where collected information is analysed in the line of aim and objectives. At this stage, scholar ensure to carry out the analysis part in accordance with secondary information. It proves to be effective to present the outcome effectively along with its detail discussion. Furthermore, chapter of data analysis is presented in a clear manner whereby readers can come to know about the findings and its direct impact on the business. In addition to this, suitable methodology is applied for conducting the investigation in an effectual manner whereby it becomes easy to propose the suggestions just in the next chapter of the thesis. In this manner, data analysis chapter is more focused and detail for accomplishing the stated aim and objectives. Therefore, data analysis chapter is presented with the help of necessary information and evidence and analysed properly for accomplishing the aim of the study. In this manner, data analysis part is conducted with extensive case with devotion of proper time.

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Chapter 5: Conclusion & recommendation-The chapter of conclusion and recommendation is the last which is started just after the completion of first initial four chapters. This chapter of thesis done in accordance with framed research aim and objectives. However, this chapter remains connected with the data analysis so as to make it possible to highlight the findings of the investigation in an effectual manner. Apart from this, recommendations is provided according to the collected information. This enables researcher to propose the valid outcome and accordingly accomplish the aim and objectives in a right manner. However, the last chapter of the study also provide the recommendation related to potential areas of the research in order to explore more.

1.7 Potential significance and scope of the of the study

The current study on analysing the effectiveness on integration of Pakistani businesses in UK is considered to be the most significant for the business which are being acquired or acquired. This is because many of the organization get failed in implementing their merger and acquisition strategies effectively. Such kind of issues are faced due to lack of information related to factors affecting business performance. For this purpose, current study will be covering the issues which are being faced by firm along with recommendations of the best possible solution to ensure to success of the corporation in the marketplace. Apart from this, study covers the findings related to success factors and strategies which contribute towards peaceful merger or acquisition of the business by focusing upon cultural or other related barriers. This makes it possible to businesses targeting to expand their venture.

On the other hand, study under investigation will also be helpful for consultants dealing with acquisition and merger related aspects. They will come to know that how business with cultural issues and different operation can be merged by focusing on common goals and objectives. Moreover, outcome of the current thesis will provide theoretical knowledge to constants that how companies of different countries can ensure success story of merger and acquisition. At the same time, stakeholders associated with business can also be refer the findings of the study for the purpose of meeting their expectations effectively to invest in the particular organization.

The thesis under investigation is also helpful for students who conducting the research in the same field. They will get the detail analysis and discussion over the businesses which are planning or planned to merge in the UK companies. It would be effective to shed light on success stories or failure of the companies of the Pakistan. However, outcome of the current investigation proves to be the most effective for students to write literature review in their studies. In addition to this, they will also get help to select the most appropriate research methodology in conducting their dissertation along with suitable justification of the same.

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