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TOP8001 Unit 20 Employee Relations - Tesco

University: Regent College London

  • Unit No: Unit 20
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 14 / Words 3503
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: TOP8001
  • Downloads: 1201
Question :
  • Explain different employee relation in the company.
  • Provide appropriate right, duties and all the obligation in the general employment relationship of Tesco.
  • Explain the role of stakeholders in all the employment relationships.
  • Give the positive and negative impact of the relationship with Tesco.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Tesco


Employee relations plays a very role in an organisation. It can be defined as relationship between employer and employees of the company. Thus, employee relations plays a major role in smooth running of operations and delivering quality services to the customers. This report will help in having a better understanding about the employee relations in Tesco company. Addition to this, this report will also discuss various employee laws that are been followed by the respective company. Also, there are various alteration been made in employee relations of respective company which are adapted in order to improve the productivity and revenue of respective organisation (Bach and Kessler, 2011). Furthermore, there are numerous positive and negative impact of employee relations on the stakeholder of Tesco which will be discussed in the respective organisation. Tesco is a multinational retail company which deals in groceries and other retail products. The respective company has been operating in various countries including UK, Thailand, India and many others.

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P1. Explain the value and importance of employee relations in application to specific organisational examples.

Employee relations are a very important part of work culture and environment of Tesco. There are various reasons which states the importance and value of employee relations in respective company. These are discussed below:

  • Work becomes easy- An adequate and healthy relationship between the employees and employers of tesco can result in easing out the work stress and load of the employees. This is done with the help of proper distribution of job roles and responsibilities. In return, the staff members help each other to complete the work which enhance the relation ship of employees with each other and promote team working skills.
  • Helps in Decision making- It is one of the most important element in Tesco as there are various decision that needs to be taken by managers, leaders and other staff member of Tesco. Hence, in order to take correct decisions it is important for the employees to have discussions and provide suggestions which results in more accurate decision making by the senior employees (Bach and Kessler, 2011). Also, the junior staff members get adequate directions which helps them in performing the tasks in more correct manner.
  • Healthy work environment- It is very important element which plays a major role in retaining the employees as well providing good working environment and culture to the respective staff members. As the average time that is been spent at workplace of Tesco is 10 hours. Thus, with the help of employee relations, workplace of Tesco becomes more comfortable and positive relation. With the help of such relationship between employees, Tesco is tend to have less employee turn over which helps in lowering down the cost of appointing and training of the new employees.
  • Promote team work- Teamwork is a very important factor for Tesco as it helps in accomplishing the company's goals and objectives more efficiently (George, 2015). Therefore, it can be enhanced with the help of effective employee relationships. Thus, it results in enhancing the capabilities and personal skills of the employees and provide them more strong base for their career growth. Addition to this, employee relations also helps in promoting active involvement of staff members in their work profile and other concerns of respective company. Team work and effective employee relation helps in managing the harmony in work culture of Tesco.
  • Avoid conflicts- Employee relations help in building more appropriate work environment and culture for the employers to work in. Thus, these relations between the employees leads them to adjust with each other. Addition to this, employees of respective company look forward to ignore the faults of each other and focus on putting their energy in right direction. Employers of Tesco do not pay much attention towards fighting with each other, rather they believe in working together in order to attain common goal of respective organisation.

P2. Explain the fundamentals of employment law that apply to specific organisational examples.

Employment law is refereed to the interrelation of government with employees and the employer or the company. The prime focus of these laws are to help the employees to avoid any kind of exploitation and other issues with the company. Similarly, these laws provide a work frame for employers which needs to be followed by them in order to benefit Tesco and the employees. Thus, some of the employment laws are mentioned below:

  • National Minimum Wage Act 1998- The prime focus of this act is on the wage rate that employers are providing to their employees (Tansel and GazîoÄŸlu, 2014). Hence, the respective law states that minimum wages that needs to be given to the employees of Tesco are £7.83 per hour for the staff members which are more than the age of 25 years old. The respective company needs to follow this law in order to provide minimum wage rate to their employees and helps the company in avoiding any legal issues.
  • The Employment Rights Act 1996- Under this act, employers are provided flexible working hours in order to manage their Children and personal life. Addition to this, employees have the right to leave their children in Child care centres which helps the employees to work more efficiently (Zheng and et. al., 2015). This results in improving the productivity as well as reputation of Tesco.
  • Working Time Regulation 1998- The respective law states that employees have the right to take 28 days of paid leaves. Addition to this, time regulation law helps in managing the working hours of employees of Tesco. Thus, the respective company needs to follow this law in order to provide sufficient holidays to the employees which further helps in motivating the staff members to work with company for long run.
  • Pension Act 2008- As per this act, the employees get an automatic enrolment in occupational pension system. This is because of the belief that every individual requires finance which needs to be managed and protected. Hence, Tesco can promote the favour of its employees by helping them enrol in this scheme in order to assure their future financial security and benefits after retirement. Also, these schemes helps in attracting more capable employees for the respective organisation which results in increasing the productivity as well as quality of products and services.
  • Equity Act 2010- This law states that employees should be treated equally apart from their differences in many aspects such as beliefs, gender, race, etc. Hence, Tesco should follow this law in order to promote equality among the employees which will help in more stable relationships among employees as well as the employers. Addition to this, there are various other benefits which can enhance the work culture and employee relation among the staff members of Tesco (Cooper and Baird, 2015). There will be less discrimination among the employees which will help in maintaining a positive environment as well as provide equal opportunities for the employees to grow apart from there differences. Also, Equity Act works in favour for employees with disabilities.


P3: Explain the different types of rights, duties and obligations an employer and employee has within the workplace.

There are various rights, duties and obligations of employees of Tesco. These rights are also known as statutory rights. Thus, in order to have a better understanding, these are discussed below:


Right for Safety- It is important for Tesco to assure the safety of employees of company. Hence, in order to do that, Tesco follows Occupational Safety and Health Standards which studies that employees are provided a safe working environment. This law is need to be followed by the respective company in order to avoid any legal issues and concerns such as heavy fines, etc. Thus, Right of safety states that safety instruments should be provided for the employees working under hazardous or danger work environment such as Gloves, Goggles, Boots, sound Mufflers, etc. (Poon, 2013) This helps in avoiding any further physical damage to the employees and helps in providing safe working environment for the staff member of Tesco.

Similarly, the employees of Tesco have the right to ask for such safety instruments to assure their safety and avoid any misshapenness. This allows them to work up to their full potential and deliver quality services to the company.


Fair Remuneration- It is one of the important duty of Tesco to provide fair remuneration to its employees which is £7.83 per hour as per the Act of Fair Labour. Employees of Tesco should get extra pay per hour for working overtime. Addition to this, Fair Labour act states that employer does not have any right to withhold the salary of employees of respective organisation.

Similarly, it is the duty of employees to work up to their full potential and provide services that are equal to their pay roles.


Justified Treatment- Tesco is obliged treat all the employees equally in order to decrease the impact discrimination among the workplace. It is important to look into this matter as exploitation and inequality among the employees leads to demotivate them and results in lowering down the productivity and profit levels of Tesco (Katou, 2015). Thus, respective organisation needs to adapt Fair Labour standard to oblige the employees in order to enhance the reputation of company as well as productivity of Tesco.

Addition to this employees also oblige Tesco by giving fair treatment to each other work up to their maximum potential in order to achieve the goals of respective organisation.

P4: Determine appropriate advice relating to rights, duties and obligations of the employment relationship for a range of given organisational examples.

The right, duties and obligations are very important for the organization Tesco as well as for the employees of respective firm. The parliament of United Kingdom issued various law and regulation through which employees didn't get exploited and it assure and fulfil the general requirement of the employees in an organization (Devonish, 2013.). These laws and duties help Tesco to maintaining the harmony in organization and assure cooperation from the employees of firm. There rules and regulation binds relationship of employers and employees which help both of them in many aspects and it is also beneficial for the respective organisation. For example- guideline of fair remuneration helps Tesco to provide appropriate wages to their employees. In this situation the employees cannot ask or claim for more wages which leads to maintaining the budget and harmony of respective firm. Also the employees of Tesco didn't get discriminate and exploit on the basis of less wages and other benefits. This help respective organisation in building trust and maintaining healthy employees relationship and working environment.

There are numerous of expectations of employees and workers in respect to their work culture, values and ethics which they expected from their employers t0o understand and favour. The employers of Tesco should oblige to their employees by respecting their differences in prospective of belief and culture value, it will help Tesco to retain their workers for long term. In respect to oblige to employer, employees do their work effectively and efficiently which help respective company in achieving the goal and objective with full dedication.


P5: Conduct and complete a stakeholder analysis for a given organisation.

Stakeholder are person or group of persons who have interest in operations of an organization. There are various stakeholders of Tesco some of them are- employees, customers, suppliers, etc. All stakeholders have different type of interest in the respective workplace, so the impact of shareholder can be measured by stakeholder analysis.

Stakeholder analysis is an important technique or tool for identification and analysing the stake holder's needs. It is basically use to identify all primary and secondary stakeholders who have interest in issues on which the project is concerned. The stakeholder analysis conducted by Tesco is describe below:-

Stakeholder:- The Tesco have various stakeholders inside and outside of the company which impact them in numerous manner. The labour union, employees and suppliers directly influence on Tesco management of day to day smooth and productive business. Whereas the shareholder, investors and bankers impact on management of money for future growth and funds of respective organization (Becchetti and et. al., 2012). Decision making of Tesco also influence by the government of respective country as they impose rules, regulations and restrictions which act as a hurdle for Tesco.

Attitude:- It is important to make healthy relation with the stakeholder of the company for that it is necessary to understand the interest and attitude of stakeholders. Hence, Tesco should assess various mode of communication with their customers on a huge level such as newspaper, radio, social media, etc. These can help the respective firm in analysing attitude and interest of stakeholder towards them, then Tesco can compare the respective attitude of stakeholder to desired they want.

Influence:- This stakeholder analysis factor helps in understanding stakeholder's importance and impact on different aspects of an organisation. So, Tesco should analysis all the factors that they need to improve and take necessary action accordingly. Like if Tesco is planning to expanding its business in new market, it is necessary for them to analysis various regulations set by government of that respective country. In this situation the government is stakeholders of Tesco and rules and regulation are factor which influences but the respective company needs to follow that to assure smooth functioning of the business.

Matrix:- This helps Tesco in analysing different stakeholders which influence them. This matrix consist of four sectors, based on different type of stakeholders. These matrix are high interest and high power; high power and low interest; high interest and less power and high interest and zero power (Marginson, 2015). So, Tesco places and maintain its stakeholders in appropriate matrix which help them in managing relationship and communication with the stakeholder who have great power and interest in respective firm such as customers, shareholders etc.

Review:- The interest and impact level of stakeholder of Tesco will result in communication program and employee engagement activities. By analysing closely the change in attitude of stakeholder Tesco can plan and take measures accordingly to enhance the communication and set up priorities of the respective firm.


P6: Analyse the impact of both positive and negative employee relations on different stakeholders.

Employees relationship in an organization is consider as an internal factor of Tesco. In respect of an organisation it has both positive and negative impact on shareholder, these impact are mentioned below:-

Customer:- The customers of Tesco are consider as the end user of products and services produce and manufacture by them (Kelly, 2012). Customers are consider as the stakeholder of the respective firm as they focus on quality of products and services. However these can be affected by employees relationship are as under.

  • Positive:- The effective relation between the employees in Tesco help them to maintain proper communication and work division. By this respective company can provide better services to their customers, which result in maximum satisfaction and repetitive business.
  • Negative:- If in Tesco employees relation are not good and there is lack of communication and other errors due to this the respective firm will not able to provide quality products and services to their customers. This leads to decrease in customers ratio of Tesco.

Employees:- The employees are consider as those person that work in Tesco and carry responsibility according to different work profile and in respect to earn income.

  • Positive:- To increase productivity in Tesco the management should make affective relationship among employees which motivate them to do work. The respective company should maintain harmony in firm to enhance work experience of workers.
  • Negative:- If there is no harmony in Tesco it will leads to conflict and discrimination due to which quality of product and services get affect that impact negatively on the name and image of Tesco. It will also leads to following issues- low productivity, more communication gap, less discipline and many other issues.

Government:- This is one of the most impactful stakeholder of Tesco because it influences highly on respective firm in term of decision making, rules and regulations and many other factors. Government is consider as Tesco's stakeholder as they collects taxes from company such as corporate tax, GDP, etc. Moreover, the government also earn from the employees or workers of Tesco in form of charging payroll taxes.

  • Positive:- The productivity of Tesco will increase with efficient employees relationship, it will help them in achieving good reputation in the market by this respective company will able to provide more benefits to country economy (Leat, 2012). Due to the brand image and name of Tesco more people get attracted towards their products and more people want to work with Tesco. This will help the government to collect more payroll taxes which leads to more earning through taxes from employees of respective workplace.
  • Negative:- If there is poor relation among employers and employees, this leads situation in which employees tend to neglect regulation imposed by the government such as minimum payroll, taxation etc. This will result in loss for the government and respective company can get in trouble due to the negligence of the employees and the employers.


From the above report it can be analysed that there employee relationship plays a major role in growth of organisation. Addition to this, there are many laws and regulations which are been introduced by the governing bodies in order to assure the benefit of employees and employers such as employment act, minimum wages act, etc. However, there are various right, duties and obligations of the employment relation for Tesco. It can also be concluded that there are many stakeholders which have a huge impact on decision making of respective company such as customers, shareholders, employees, etc. However, employee relation can have a positive as well as a negative impact on these respective stakeholders of the firm. Are you worried about assignment help with chat support? Contact our experts.

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