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University: Bloomsbury Institute London

  • Unit No: 9
  • Level: High school
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Question :

Some of the important questions being drawn in the assessment are like:

  1. Argument about Economics and Trade.
  2. What are the Employment Opportunities?
Answer :
Organization Selected : Heathrow Airport


Economics And Trade

Regarding the concern for a third runway at Heathrow Airport, it is argued that developing a third runway would result in enhancement in the economic facet of the UK. Due to its location, it could be a prime location to enhance the trade as well as international business investment in the country. The airport is situated in London's outskirts, which makes it a definite contributor in enhancement of economic factors of the country. With another runway, it would be very easy to for the country to increase its export and enhance the revenue. According to Carolyn Fairbairn, 2018; Post-Brexit, it is necessary for the country to open itself for international trade and business. It is of vital importance for the country to develop another runway at Heathrow. Another aspect which denotes the importance and urgency of another runway is that reportedly, the airport has more than 95% occupancy which results in delay of flights as well as becoming an unnecessary roadblock for smooth running of operations. This is causing the airlines to opt other airports at Frankfurt and Paris to enhance their business. It is thus, imperative that a new runway in the country is constructed to enhance the economics and trade.

Counter Argument 1

Constructing another runway at Heathrow Airport would be major unnecessary expense for the country. An estimated expense to construct this runway would be more than £10bn, which is very costly seeing the situation of the current economy of the country. With another runway and more flights, the general public would be encouraged to travel abroad rather than visiting various holiday places in the country itself. This would enhance tourism deficit which could be dangerous for the economic conditions of the United Kingdom. Moreover, there are many officials who consider this construction inefficient as this has serious impact on both the financial institutions as well as the environment. There are more than 700 homes near the airport and a village by the name of Sipson. All these localities would be cleared if the country goes with the construction of the Airport. In addition to this, the runway construction would hamper the objective of climate change introduced by the UK.

Rebuttal 1

It is quite necessary that the firm goes in with the construction of the runway as it would generate economic growth of more than £180bn in the country. This would help the country in providing new international and domestic routes for the passengers within the nation. Moreover, to facilitate the trade relationships as well as aviation capacity, it is required for the country to go ahead with the construction of the new runway. There are efforts made by the government as well as the R&D departments of aviation business to control the pollution levels incurred by the flights. An example would be aircraft like Airbus A380 which is an example that flights could be quieter and less polluting.

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Evidence 1


Heathrow Airport expansion – the arguments for and against as MPs vote on major development. 2018. [Online].


Employment Opportunities

Another prominent argument regarding the construction of a third runway at Heathrow Airport is that it would provide various job opportunities for the people of the United Kingdom. Post-Brexit there has been enhancements in unemployment in the country due to closure of many large Multinational companies that were a source of employment for majority of skilled talent of the country. This expansion in Heathrow Airport would create wider departments in aviation with a scope for new jobs. Furthermore, expansion in the airport would provide long term stability and sustainability of the job profiles which would help the people increase their standard of living. It is argued, that the expansion would create job opportunities a near about 40,000 for local communities. In addition, there will me around 5,000 additional apprenticeships which is likely to be doubled by the end of 2030. Apart from the local communities it is expected that at least 100,000 jobs would be created beyond London and the South Eastern region as there would be construction taking place off site.

Counter Argument 2

Building up of a new runway at Heathrow would affect more than 2 million people. One of the major factors that is unfavourable towards this expansion is the level of noise pollution generated after its completion. With such high range of customers exposed to its effects, the construction is very much opposed and is deemed unnecessary. After freedom of information request, Civil Aviation Authority has released certain documents of Department for Transport which denotes an estimate of more than 970,000 households constructed around the airport to be affected due to noises from the airport by 2050. Such counter arguments are being treated with utmost certainty and causing a negative outlook towards the construction of new runway at Heathrow. Alternate strategies are being introduced that could be implemented instead of constructing a new runway at Heathrow Airport. For instance, it is advised that airports at Stansted or Gatwick be expanded or they could be submerged to build a hub airport that would be equally profitable for the country. Another alternate strategies that are being suggested is that the government must enhance the capacity of existing local airports. With such force against the expansion, it is less likely that the government would opt the construction of a new runway.Get best online assignment help.

Rebuttal 2

It is expected that more than 180,000 job opportunities are being created across the country which include creation of regional hubs that would result in recruitment and selection of engineers with skills required to enhance the productivity of the runway. These job opportunities would be created for a variety of individuals such as civil engineers, architects, MEP engineers, etc. In addition to this more sub-projects are also being used that would create more opportunities for the skilled yet unemployed personnels of the United Kingdom. This would satisfy the agenda of government to bring enhancements in the employment levels of the country that is critical for its growth and sustainability.

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Evidences 2


Heathrow Building for the future. 2018. [Online]. 
Heathrow expansion promises job opportunities for engineers. 2018. [Online]. 

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