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Report On Safe Space

University: Barony College

  • Unit No: 2
  • Level: Diploma
  • Pages: 3 / Words 729
  • Paper Type: Assignment
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  • Downloads: 6231

1. Introduction

1.1 Background

Cultural intelligence and capability is very important in the present era. In the pastime people were not aware about the meaning of culture. In the present time, by effective knowledge, intelligence and capability about the culture, they living standards and mental ability has been improved. In a simple word it can be said that cultural capability is a skill, ability, intelligence and knowledge which assists in delivering services and dealing with people. Thus, it can be said that cultural capability aid to individual in making their safe space as physically and mentally. In addition to this, due to this aspect, people can not discriminate and harmed by other as they can keep secure themselves.

1.2 Summary and observation

The video is all about cultural disparities that any country can face. It describes that there is a need to change the mind set of people and make a safer place to live. Earlier, cultural disparities was not an issue in the society. People with diverse culture from different geographical region tend to create a safer space to live by dismaying other cultures and showing their incapability in humorous tone

1.3 Scope

The report focus on the issues that a person faces due to different culture or belonging to different geographical region. Various challenges are faced by people belonging to different geographical region such as communication barriers and knowledge barriers. The episode describes lack of understanding of people and focussed on cultural incapabilities based on their colour, nationality etc.

2. Summary And Observations 300

2.1 Summary of video clip

The episode has the main character named Jerry who bring a mannequin for his girlfriend named Winona in the first scene. Because the mannequin was black it was denoted as native American It shows that black colour was denoted those of native Americans. Further, it is shown that a man belonging to China who was repairing his scooter was asked for the nearby Chinese restaurant who gets angry by saying that because he is from China does not mean that he will be aware of every Chinese restaurant available in the city. It was the second incident where the person was segregated based on its nationality. The character has been considered as racist in the episode who comments on colour and nationality of people. He has been shown commenting on Native American based on the colour, Chinese based on the nationality and Indians based on the habits one carries.

2.2 Observations

Based on the episode it can be observed that the main character of the clip that is Jerry is a racist who comments on people based on their colour, nationality and habits. It is required to provide safe place to live for all the people ignoring their caste, creed, sex, religion, colour etc. Denoting someone as native American due to his colour makes it awful as he was commenting on the colour of that mannequin. Lack of knowledge and skills are the main observation that can be made about the central character Jerry. It is disrespectful to call someone by his colour or nationality. It shows lack of cultural intelligence. His girlfriend Winona also reacted in the same manner which was rude to Native Americans. The instant impact is observed in the form of body language and tone of that person who was repairing the scooter when he was asked for the Chinese restaurant just because he was different in looks from others. It shows that the person was not happy when he was asked this question. A comment was made referring to the habits of Indian as well which was rude to the Indian commenting and making fun of them.

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3. Analysis

The particular video is related with unsafe space in which Jerry demonstrates this by creating discomfort for a Native American women. Elaine tries to create safe space by the means of showing her culture intelligence. Further she tries to make it safe space when dealing with Native American women while she was moving out as a reason of gesture made by Jerry. Cultural intelligence is considered as the ability of a person to perform in an effective manner in a condition that is characterized by diversity among the cultures.

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