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Variable In Math by Instant Assignment Help

Variable In Math: Know Its Types and Uses

28 Aug 2023

9 minutes


Which is the one subject that gives every other student a nightmare? So, the answer to this question for most students will be the same: math. Some scholars like this subject, but they are rare. Well, the reason is pretty much the same for everyone, which is why they hate it. If you are also one of the pupils who does not like it and faces several difficulties, then you do not need to take the stress. In this article, we will shed light on a fundamental topic related to math every student must know from their initial days. Now, you must be wondering what it is, right? So, the answer is variable in math. It is one thing scholars study from their school days but often get stuck on. Therefore, let's move on with the blog and understand it well.

What Is a Variable in Math?

If we define a variable in most easy words, it would be when any number is define with the alphabetic character. It is basically an unknown quantity that is not fix. The variable is denoted by any alphabet between a and z. Its concepts are mostly related to algebra, which mainly deals with operations and relationships involving variables. If we put it in an example, the variable would be define as this X + 9 = 12. 

Initially, students find it hard because they are not familiar with it. Hence, to write their paper, they search for math homework help. If this is also the case with you, you can also contact our website, instantassignmenthelp.com. Now, we will help you understand different types of variables in our next section.

Types of Variables in Math

Variables in math are broadly categorised into two parts, which include independent and dependent. Now, let’s discuss these two in detail.

Dependent Variable: 

As the name says "dependent", this variable depends upon another variable situation. If you are confused, let's understand it by taking an example: y = 6x + 12. In this situation, the value of the 'y' variable will change according to any change in the 'x' variable. So, in this condition, the y' variable is considered dependent. While using this in assignments, scholars often get confused and make several mistakes. For this reason, they look for an assignment service online to resolve their doubts. Thus, you can also search for this if there is any query about your subject.

Independent Variable: 

In math, this variable type value is independent of changes. Let's take an example: if there are x and y, then the value of x is related to any other value of y. So, in this case, the value of y is considered a function of x. Thus, x is independent, and y is the dependent variable.

The above are two parts of variables a student must know to grasp their basics. Apart from these two, there are other types of variables available, namely:

Categorical and Continuous Variables: 

This type of variable have a finite number of distinct groups, so it is considered a categorical variable. In continuous variables there is an infinite value between two values.

Extraneous Variables: 

These variables are not independent and can affect a dependent variable. Since, they tend to change the condition of another variable, one must know how to control them.

Random Variables:

It is a variable type whose value is unknown. It can often be classify as discrete, and its values are specific.

Intervening Variables: 

Intervening variables often affect the relationship between independent and dependent variables.

Control Variables: 

A constant variable value is constant because it can influence the result. For example, holding a room temperature while performing an experiment

Bound Variables: 

This is a type of variable whose value is restrict to some specific range. Also, it can be change with another variable.

These are some variable in math aside from dependent and independent. By reading the next section, you can understand some of its uses.

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Different Uses of Variable in Math

By reading through the above sections, you have learned a few things about variables and their types. Now, is the time to understand a few of its uses, so let's begin. Variables are used in three areas of math, which are


Variables in math are mostly used in algebraic equations, which symbolise their unknown value. Apart from this, it determines algebraic equations, identities, and expressions.


Like algebraic variables, variables in geometry also symbolise unknown values. In this case, variables are used to solve issues related to area, perimeter, and volume. It assists in getting precise measurements of the perimeter.


In arithmetic, it represents unknown values and describes the distributive property and the commutative property.

Well, knowing this usage might help the student find their values in their assignments. So, if you are facing problem-solving math equations and looking for an assignment service,  then we are here. Our second and last section will define some easy examples to help you understand variables.

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Examples of Variable in Math

Solving math equations and delivering perfect homework is hard at times. The easiest way to resolve this issue is to get math homework help from experts. But, students must understand a few basic things clearly. So talking about variables, let's see a few examples in different contexts to understand them better.


In this, suppose we have to sum up two numbers that it would represent as x + y.


In the equation 7x² + 3y - 4, x and y are variables. Its values will be different, and the result will come out accordingly.


In the equation 2x + 8 = 10, we want to find the value of x. So when we solve the entire equation, the value of x can be determine.


In this, let's assume we have to find the area of a rectangle. Then, to represent its dimensions, take l as length and w as width. Now the expression would be A = L* W. 

These are a few examples of variables, and we hope they have helped you understand them a bit better.

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In this blog, we tried to explain to students what a variable in math is, its types, and its usage. It is one of the most basic topics in math that every student must be clear on. However, if there is still something that is making you stressed, then contact instanassignmenthelp.com. We have a pool of intelligent and creative writers who can help you at every step. So, feel free to share your concerns with us at any time. We try our best to come up with the best solution for student queries.

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