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Everything You Need to Know About Time Travel

All the necessary information related to time travel

Time Travel

Traveling through time is a big question that hasn’t been able to find a compelling answer yet. Even after centuries of research, scientists have not been able to untangle this knot of mystery. But in recent times, by the synergy of modern-day technologies and an even more extensive scientific approach, researchers have able to reach closer to the conclusion.

The concept of time travel seems to be an enigma as most of the people don’t have enough knowledge about it, but not anymore. Our team of experts bring you all the necessary information that you need to know for comprehending the idea behind time travel.

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An Overview of Time Travel

There are thousands of theories governing the present understanding of time travel, but the concept relates to the fact that an entity can travel through a timeline that consists of various frames or zones in history or in the past. The closest explanation came from one of the greatest minds in the history, Albert Einstein, who introduced the space time continuum and showed how time travel could have a strong possibility.

Theories related to time travel

Have a look at the following theories that define about time through multiple dimensions:

Black Holes: The Black hole theory is a complex study. It explains that a natural magnetic whirl called Black Hole can be referred as a portal to time in travel. The area surrounding the Black Hole seems to experience a faster time shift as compared to the others.

The Infinity Cylinder: The theory explains how a celestial object bigger than the Sun can create a space-time curve through its revolution. The time frame in the curve moves faster than the other bodies in space.

Cosmic Loops: According to this theory, an infinite tube of energy stretched over the entire universe leaves a trail of cosmic waves at the either ends that has the potential to tilt the space and time, and thus making time travel a possibility.

Proposed Ways to Travel Through Time

There have been a never-ending debate on the concept of time-travel amid scholars all around the world. Time machine seems to be a fictitious device that allows you to travel through the timeline, but that’s just an exaggeration by the entertainment media. Although, scientists believe that one of the ways to achieve transition from present to the future, or the past is by traveling with the speed of light.

On the other hand, there has been this concept called the ‘Wormhole.’ Apparently it’s a helical pool of energy that can send you through various time zones without much hassle. But the question still reamains, can we travel through time? The answer to this is still not clear but the intensity of research shows that it can be possibility in the near future.

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