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Nightmare plants

Three Plants That You Thought Only Existed in Worst of Your Nightmares

26 Dec 2017


Horrible Plants that Exist

So far, till 2017, we've witnessed wars and riots, droughts and famines, and false prophets, etc., so it's quite usual for one to think that we've seen it all. We clearly haven't, for we are very much used to living in the comfort of an urban lifestyle. Had it been forests where we lived, we would have learnt about the magical flora and fauna that grow on mother earth. People from the cities are unaware of the variety of plants that the forests are full of. There are 750 different species of carnivorous plants only which help in significantly increasing the chances of finding one whenever we see ourselves lost in a rainforest.

However, here are a few plants you wish you won't see ever:

1. Titan Arum


A plant that smells like a rotting corpse, Titan Arum can grow up to 3 m in height. Judging by the looks, it resembles a cuckoo pint or calla lily, for it has the same spadix and spathe. Spadix generates odour which attracts the insects that feed or lay eggs on animal carcasses. It's interesting how the smell gradually increases from late noon to midnight before it starts decreasing and almost wholly vanishes by the morning.

It's a massive plant with a large flower, and if you don't have a problem with the fragrance of dead carcasses in your backyard, you can also plant one. Botany scholars across the world farm it and read its various characteristics.

2. Tropical Pitcher Plants (Nepenthes)

These are the kind of plants that feed on flesh. Their growth requirements are such that the protein that they get from the soil is not enough, so they equip themselves with a fruit that kills. The shape of the fruit resembles to that of a jar, and has a lid of its own. It is filled up with fluid which is made of viscoelastic polymers that restrict living organisms from escaping the digestion. Yes, the fluid starts digesting the organisms (usually small insects, sometimes a rat or a lizard) as soon as they fall in it. It doesn't really help the prey if they have chosen a rainy day to get eaten by a sticky fruit, for the stickiness remains intact regardless of how stormy the showers are.

3. Dragon's Blood Tree

Dragons Blood Tree

If you found this tree while wandering in a dark forest, you'll feel the chills like there's a bad omen around. It has got nothing to do with the supernatural powers, but the sheer appearance of this tree. The tree looks so creepy that even if you screamed, nobody would make fun of you as they'll be busy screaming too. Apart from its vicious looks, the fruit also contains a red resin which resembles blood. We call it the Dragon's Blood. It generally becomes food for the birds, so guess there are no toxic or otherworldly effects.

These were a few plants that look like they are from an alien movie. You can also learn more about the plants that live on this planet by looking them up on Wikipedia. Different plants secrete chemicals that affect human body in various ways. Few of them are proven healthy to us, a few proven poisonous, and there are a few we don't really find in our day-to-day life. As you read more, you'll know more about the mechanisms through which different types of plants produce energy.

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