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Studying Abroad Benefits

10 Benefits of Studying in a Different City from Your Homeland

23 Aug 2023


Table of Content

“Variety is the spice of life”, everyone knows it well. Monotony in life is preferred by none and hence, steps must be taken to bring some light and an air of freshness in one's life.

Most of us tend to move to new places to spice up life. For some, it is their personal choice, while others have to do it as a result of the current situations. It is very common to spot the students moving to different cities from their homeland to pursue their higher education.

To settle in a new city is not an easy task. But, this can be a life lesson for many scholars. It is considered to be a wise decision to pursue higher education from a different city owing to the following reasons:

1.It Makes an Individual Independent:

One of the biggest advantages of living in a completely new place is that one learns to be an independent soul in life. One is solely responsible for one's actions. To be independent is a dream come true for many scholars of today's era.

2.Responsible Beings:

When you are alone, you have to take decisions for yourself. This instils a sense of responsibility in a pupil. You do not have your parents around to take care of you. Hence, it is your duty to cater your personal needs. An individual becomes emotionally as well as financially responsible and learns to maintain a balance in life.

3.Boost In Confidence:

When you live on your own, you become self-sufficient to stay strong during the tough phases of life. This empowers you and you start believing in yourself. This boosts the confidence of an individual and he/she becomes ready to face any kind of situations in life.

4.Friends for Life:

College life is the time when you make great friends who last a lifetime. You come across people of the same or varied age groups from different places and family backgrounds. During the college life and their stay in the city, they become close and become friends for life.

5.Adaption to New Situations:

The city is new and so are the people and the surroundings. You learn to cope with the brand new lifestyle by adjusting to the situations of life. You adapt to the place, your roommate, your college life, the eating schedule; these all make you strong enough to accommodate well to any condition of life.

6.Value of Self-Time:

It is not always necessary that you catch up with your friends. There are moments when you might be alone. Through such times, you get to know yourself better and pay attention to your strengths and weaknesses. Insignificant things don't matter much and you become more focused towards the important aspects of life.

7.Your Heart Grows Tender:

Being alone makes an individual realize the importance of love and care towards others. The siblings you once repelled from, now you wish them to prank on you. You hated listening to your parents advise, and now, you have started respecting them and always want to go back home. Thus, by being away from home, an individual learns to become more generous at heart.

8.The Adventurous Zeal:

When you are thousands of miles away from your home, your friends become your source of respite. You plan an outing with them. Thus, an individual becomes adventurous and faces new experiences and sights with an attitude of fun. By exploring different places, the mental horizon also gets broadened.

9.Memories Forever:

Indeed, college life is the best phase of one's life. During this time, we create memories which last a lifetime. Be it an outing with friends, the birthday bash or the tough times; we all find reasons to reminisce about the time spent away from home. This is an unforgettable experience which will remain embedded in one's heart forever.

10.Personality Development:

When a student learns to survive through the hardships of the college life being all alone, he/she experiences a myriad of changes in the overall personality. One learns the important traits of life including discipline, punctuality, gratitude, love and care towards others. These traits will help an individual throughout the life course.

To study in a different city away from home might be one of the best decisions of a student's life. By looking at the above-mentioned benefits of the same, the students can consider making an affirmative change in their life to achieve personal excellence.

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