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Destructive Lies

Lies that you should stop telling yourself right Now

04 Jul 2023


It is seen that student entrepreneurs are touching new skies these days, on the other hand, many scholars struggle to complete their assignment writing task. The experts providing assignment help to the college-goers enrolled in various universities have claimed that some negative and toxic thoughts should be eliminated as they hold back the students from achieving the real happiness and academic success.

If you too are an aspiring entrepreneur, then read this blog to the end and get enlightened of the lies that you should stop telling yourself right away!

Let’s get started!

My co-workers might try to undermine me

One of the most common fears and lies that a scholar believes is the one stated above. On the contrary, the fact is that the other people are least interested in what you are up to, they only care about themselves, and thus, you should concentrate more on yourself rather than thinking what other people might say.

I have not completed my schooling from a reputed educational institute, and I’ll never be able to grab my dream job

If you too feel the same, either go back and complete your schooling from a renowned institute or get over with this lie. The opportunities and jobs never actually see where you have graduated from, you just need to be skilful enough for the profile.

I do not live in the right city to make my dreams come true

With the introduction of the modern day technologies, the whole world is connected, and it can be termed as ‘Global village’. Many great opportunities may present themselves, but not before you start working on anything. If you still feel that the city has nothing to do with your dreams, then pack your bags and move to a city offering you a promising career rather than complaining.

I’m too old/young for that

Dreams have nothing to do with the age. If you have a dream, then make plans, implement them and achieve your goals. If you spend time thinking about the age, you will gain nothing. Moreover, you should keep in mind that good work trumps age each time.

I don’t have time for this

This is the silliest excuse/lie students throw. Every action that is out of your league needs time. Losers find excuses while the achievers are stealing time for accomplishing something that they have planned. And, when you stop binge watching the TV shows, you get all the time you need.

Hope this blog guided you enough and you’ll now stop basing your life on the lies that were holding you back. We hope that the blog has inspired you to achieve all that you dream of.

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