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All about PEEL Paragraph Writing!

PEEL Paragraph Writing & How it Can Be Beneficial for Your Grades

20 Jul 2022


Academic writing, such as essays, has often become the reason for giving students a hard time getting the grades they want. However, it is not because they lack the knowledge but because the presentation and structure of their essays are not what their professors expect from them. In such situations,  PEEL paragraph writing is a technique that can be of great help.

Students from around the UK understand essays' crucial role in academics. The way their curriculum is designed, essays turn out to be of high value, and hence they can surely impact the essays negatively and positively. To avoid losing grades in these submissions and ensure that the work is up to the mark, knowing how to write a PEEL paragraph can be of great value.

In this blog, we will be going through everything about PEEL paragraph writing; what is it about? How to write PEEL paragraphs? What are the best practices? And a lot more! Make sure you stick around till the end, as we also have the ultimate essay help solution for all your worries.

What is PEEL Paragraph Writing? Unraveling the Basics of PEEL

For those trying to understand what is a PEEL paragraph?PEEL is an abbreviation for Point, Evidence, Explain, Link. You might wonder if these 4 words relate to writing a paragraph or an essay. Yes, they have everything to do with writing a paragraph!

You see, every time you write an essay, there is a  Point that you have in your mind. Next, you need a few Evidence to support that point and explain how the evidence proves your idea. And lastly, Linkit with the topic as per your liking.

Let's take a detailed look at each of the elements involved in PEEL paragraph writing


It is the first part of your paragraph, which means it is the first two lines that you start writing. What it means is in the first two lines, you must place the point of your essay. For instance, if you are writing about a topic in psychology, the first two lines must clear this intention of yours. The same goes for other paragraphs of the essay. Think of your essay paragraphs as an independent entity where you have to sum up a thought. The first and foremost thing to achieve that is to clear the point.


The next two lines in the  PEEL paragraph writing technique are dedicated to presenting the supporting details for the point. If you have an opinion that you are sharing, there must be data to back it up. You can never simply go ahead and place thoughts without proper evidence to back them up. Also, a professor always looks for plausible explanations behind everything you write. Giving evidence as soon as you have mentioned the point helps you create a strong foundation for discussions.


The next two lines explain your evidence. It doesn't need to be limited to two lines as it can be a detailed explanation. Till now, you have only placed your opinion and evidence to support it. It's time to mix it well with an explanation of why you feel that way and what the evidence suggests. The more you can explain, the easier it is for you to score well in your essay.


Now, when you present so many things in a single paragraph, your reader is bound to lose track of some of the other crucial points you have mentioned. This may affect your standing as a writer.  PEEL paragraph examples are a good way to understand linking as it gives you a solution to that as well. You must create a link between the point and the entire paragraph and present it in the final lines of the paragraph. This way, you will be able to make things work in a better way and leave an impact on your professor.

With that, we get an idea about the elements of PEEL and how to write a PEEL paragraph. Being a student, you ought to miss out on some crucial things while writing which is completed understandable as you have multiple things to take care of. You no longer have to worry about those issues if you implement the PEEL essay structure and writing technique, as it covers every aspect well. Still, there are a few mistakes that students make while implementing the essay writing task. Take a look at the next section to know what to avoid.

PEEL Paragraph Writing: Things You Should Avoid Doing

Now that you know what you have to practice to implement  PEEL paragraph writing, you should also know what to avoid while curating a paragraph for your essays. Usually, knowing what to do is less important when you know what not to do in an essay. Academic essays have always been a tricky task to finish. Students make a lot of mistakes. However, they do not realize that they are making them because they have been conditioned to do those things. What are those things? Well, here is a list you should keep in mind.

  1. Do not go with basic titles or the ones that seem easy to explain as they do not have a lot of things to be explained.
  2. Never write things the way they appear in your head. You should always think analytically before mentioning any point.
  3. Refrain from using slang in your academic essays as it reduces the effectiveness of your words.
  4. The more you insist on following the PEEL, the less room for mistakes you have. Therefore you should always try to follow a structure.
  5. Never make assumptions if you do not have evidence because every claim in your essay without proof can be discarded during corrections.
  6. Always avoid submitting the documents before you have proofread and edited them for the best form you can achieve.
  7. Never use personal pronouns in the essay, as it may reduce the academic touch you need in an essay.

Always try to scan the final essay for authenticity before handing it in. You can find the#1 free plagiarism checker in our tools section for the same.

Other than these things, the only thing that matters in the PEEL paragraph writing is to ensure that you follow the technique well. You should also make efforts to create the essays more explanatory to ensure that your professor does not find them vague. Avoiding these things can be difficult as there are so many of them to keep in mind, and if you have been writing the way you are not supposed to for a while, changing the habit can be difficult. So what to do in such cases? Well, there are PEEL paragraph generator tools that can assist you with your things; however, if you do not have enough time or certain issues are stopping you from achieving the best results, we might have the best option for you in the next section!

Don't Worry about PEEL Paragraph Structure; the Experts Are Here!

Students often start writing the document based on PEEL structure however fail to finish the document along the same lines as they often miss out on the pointers mentioned in the above section. You should always be ready to accept that it is not happening the way it should be. Students always try to think that whatever they are writing is good enough to get them the best grades, while they are not aware of things that are required to get the best results.

If you have also faced similar issues or you have realized that you are not on the right track, Instant Assignment Help has the best essay writing experts to assist you with the best grades as we have the best assignment help UK services. Simply reach out to our roaster of professional writers, and you will surely get the best results. This also brings us to the end of this blog. We hope you find it helpful and get motivated to try out the PEEL paragraph writers to smoothen your essays. Check out our blogs sections for more such blogs, Good Luck!

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