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exam pressure

6 Tips for the Students to Overcome Exam Pressure

01 Nov 2016


Tips to overcome exam stress

Most of the students feel stressed during the exam days primarily due to the pressure of completing the assignments. However, there are some effective ways through which you can tackle this problem. Read this blog to know more about the ways through which you can put your exam tension at ease. Take a read:

Don't leave the lessons for the last moment

The last day before the exam is for taking a quick glance at your lessons and things you have left out. Be a consistent learner to avoid the last minute crisis as you will only remember half of the things which wouldn't be beneficial to you in any sense. Go through the class notes and important topics before stepping up for the exam.

Study from the previous year's question papers

Previous years question papers can help you a lot. Check out the pattern, and the questions that have been repeated over the course of time. Moreover, figure out the topics that carry more weightage and make sure you have covered all the aspects related to them. Create an answering strategy, so as to know how much time and content you should write for a question with a certain marking.

Make revision a part of your schedule

Revisions are important so that you don't forget what you read the other day. Divide a chapter into smaller segments and study and revise daily as this would help you to remember things for a longer time. And subsequently, you'll be done with studying before the exam which will relieve you from the unnecessary stress.

Study difficult subjects first

Topics that you find difficult usually take up your time. Thus, it is recommended to study those topics first that you find lengthy and difficult. If that subject is Mathematics, practising numerical of a particular topic on a regular basis will make you adept at it. Make sure practising is a part of your everyday timetable. Separate the topics that you find difficult and study them in depth first.

Study from the class notes

Sometimes, the professors directly ask out a question from what they have taught during the class, and thus it is necessary for you to prepare from the notes as well. Be up-to-date on what has been going on in the lectures and complete the notes with the help of your classmates in case you lagged behind in them.

Sleep well before the exam day

Taking a sound sleep will keep you fresh and filled up with ideas during the exam day. Sleeping is necessary to keep the mind relaxed and thus it is imperative for you to stay calm and in the right mood before giving the exam.

Hope you got an insight into the ways to keep the exam stress at the backseat and head in the direction of giving your level best in the examinations!

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