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Natural Engineering

5 Jaw-Dropping Marvels of Natural Engineering You Must See

23 Aug 2023


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It's no shocking news if somebody calls nature the greatest scientist or an engineer. Its innovations are too complex and perplexing that humans spend their whole life in the quest for their explanations. Engineering is all about creativity and innovation. The former is thinking up new things, whereas the latter is creating them. Albert Einstein once said that look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. Many inventors tasted success only after apprehending the basic nature's engineering. So if you want to know more about some marvels of natural engineering, then read this blog.

1.) Aerodynamics of Cheetah

The cheetah is the fastest animal on Earth with a top speed of about 113 kph. But, where does this power come from? Do you know that this implausible speed comes with a huge price as it can kill this animal. This fast pace is a result of cheetah's special physical attributes such as small head, slender body, flattened rib cage, and thin legs that reduce air resistance. In addition to this, its weight (i.e., on an average 125 pounds) also plays a crucial role in achieving such a high speed as its muscles don't have that much pressure to carry. The chase is short-lived, typically lasting about 30 seconds.

2.) Impact Resistance Head of Woodpecker

Calling someone thick-skulled might offend him/her, but for a woodpecker, it's nothing less than a blessing. Such a robust skull protects it from fatal brain injury. Pecking against trees or electric poles leads to an enormous impact. The shocking fact to know here is that it applies a force which is 1000 times that of gravity easily to slam its bill against a wood. In contrast to this, the force bearing capacity of humans is around 46 times that of gravity. Researchers had figured out that woodpecker's thick neck muscles absorb the blow, and a third inner eyelid restrains its eyeballs from popping out.

3.) Night Vision Feature of an Owl

Being a nocturnal creature, an owl is known as the legend night hunter. If you think bats should be given this title, then first understand that bats use echolocation to fly around in the dark, whereas owls use their superior vision to see at night. But, how do they do it? Well, it's just a stunning feature which owls are blessed with. They have millions of rod cells in their eyes, but a few cones as compared to humans. Rods help in improving the reception of light in an owl which enables it to see better in the dark. Moreover, owls have incredibly large pupil; therefore, more light strikes its retina.

4.) Air Conditioning Beak of a Toucan

In one of a studies of toco toucans, it was revealed that these birds can control their body temperature by regulating the blood flow to the beak. The toucan's bill has always been a topic of discussion for researchers, but its purpose is still an open question. It can reduce its temperature up to 27oC using their beaks as a radiator to release heat from their blood.

5.) The Hovering of Humming Bird

We all have seen bees hovering in front of a flower, but do you know a bird does that too? Only a few of you might have noticed this phenomenal action. As it flutters in front of a feeder, a hummingbird gets its lift from both up and downstrokes simultaneously. Many people claim that these flying creatures are actually bugs with feathers, but a new research has revealed that hummers are not merely a bug. This unique ability of hummingbirds was earlier attributed to an insect-like waving- despite the fact that the wing structure of birds is entirely different. The mind-boggling point is that the downstroke supports its 75 percent weight, while the remaining 25 percent is lifted upward by the upstroke.

They say that a scientist can discover a star, but nature can create one. That's why people call nature the best engineer. Hope you liked reading the blog.

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